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  1. They tell me the size of the material they are going to buy. Then they buy something completely different forcing me to redo my program.
  2. So I need to take a 12" hifeed tool with 2.5" hub diameter (shell mill style) and cut a circle ramp feature 31" inside a weldment. I currently do this with a machine that has a quill with enough travel to get there without putting an extended holder on it. The new machine I would need make like a 10-12" extension holder to hit my mark now. Would I gain any rigidity using a capto style holder for this? Don't worry about the quill rigidity and all that for now (because it is a mess) I am only concerned about making a rigid and stable holder.
  3. This is no where near what I wanted for ram but ddr5 is just a PITA to get and get anything with decent timings/chips.
  4. Another i9 12900kf build for you to check out. This one I built uses the A5000 quadro though.
  5. It did. I was just hoping I didn't have to wait the 7 days to get it back,
  6. Some of the dimension schemes in metric config just will not change under any circumstance. I can change it, save it, exit out of the config then go right back in and its reset back to default. It's been this way since 2019.
  7. They automatically release after the 7 day window right? I might just grin and bear it for 7 days, its already been 3 with no help yet.
  8. I checked out a license on a computer using the license borrow utility on a computer that had to be wiped. Unfortunately they didn't release the license before having to wipe the computer and now I have no way to release the license back to the pool of licenses available to check out. Is there a way to force release that license back to the pool if I got admin on the license server?
  9. I may be a little late to this party but I use Doosan 1250's and those codes wont work on my machine. I would change this: N50 G65 P9810 X20. Y17.5423 Z70. F600. to this: N50 M165 P9810 X20. Y17.5423 Z70. F600. You use M165 on every line but that one. Our Doosan's require M165 instead of G65 on probing. I also don't need to use P9833/P9832 in my probing, its automatic.
  10. That is what I deal with now. They buy whatever holder is the cheapest or the flavor of the day. So I have parlec, teckniks, erickson, yg, briney, etc..... They all have similar or the same gauge length so I go with generic. In my pic above that is 1/2 end mill holder (EM), 9" projection (9PJ), and a cat 50 holder (CT50).
  11. I used to be specific in labeling holders when I made my library but I removed the part numbers and now use a generic labeling system like you see in my post above. If you are going to specific the best way to go is to make your own numbering system and mark /barcode them all. You won't be able to handle this holder company getting bought by that company and they change everything from EDP to part names. I prefer the generic name system myself.
  12. I do tons of oddball tools that mastercam doesn't handle on a daily basis. When I make my tool list i will note with details on how to pickup tools if needed.
  13. I never ever use arcs to drive threadmill (or circle mill for that matter) as it has scrapped parts in the past and I have lost all faith in it. I only use points and I set the diameter myself in the toolpath to what I want. I have helped so many programmers with this when they select a solid edge for 40 holes then select that one arc thats .01" bigger and wonder why its blown out.
  14. gms1

    ERP Systems

    Garbage in, garbage out. In the end I am sure all these systems are fine but none of them will be if you don't use and maintain the system. We used E2 at a place I worked and it just turned into a time clock that looked like it came straight out of microsoft database circa 1994.
  15. Does anyone use transform mirror on surface rough pocket/project? 2022 crashes every time without an error. Im glad they finally fixed the fact it was ignoring stock to leave settings but it still crashes every time. edit: I did manage to get it to work, I added each surface toolpath to the transform one at a time and regen'd and it worked.

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