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  1. gms1

    Setup Sheet

    You have 2 different systems making the posted code and the reports so they don't go together. What I do is put a manual entry at the top of programs formatted for what I need. And btw, LOL outhouse solutions!
  2. gms1

    2021 Font Change

    Ive been doing serial numbers for far to long. Found the letters command many years ago and it has been on my right click menu ever since.
  3. gms1

    Drilling without using a cycle

    There are ways to do that. You can do a point to point toolpath, You can have your post output long hand code so its all g1/g0. You can also use advanced drill and that would get you g1.
  4. If I could figure where it's doing the rounding/truncate I can plan for it but this was a 4 place and a 3 place decimal it was doing math against and I am just not good with math games.
  5. I have my excel formulas worked out. For the trig stuff you just need to use RADIANS to get the correct answer. If I change this one value my excel spreadsheet (and my calculator lol) works out correctly. I can't understand why the control solves this macro as 12.5325. If I do #111=[-35.4335]-[-47.968] it solves as 12.5345.
  6. I have checked this so many times I have lost count. I have rerun the program many times and still get the same results. I have the macro expression calculator and it solves to 12.5345. For whatever reason the 12.5325 number works out correctly when I draw the points in mastercam and rotate about center.
  7. I have this macro that will calculate the work offset numbers from any angle to any angle with any given point(It is mike lynch's macro). And I am trying to prove the numbers using excel/calculator and they just do not jive and it is driving me nuts. The problem boils down to how the controller is doing the math. #108=-35.4335 #531=-47.9680 #111=#108-#531 On my calculator/excel #111=12.5345. On the control (Fanuc 30i A btw) it is 12.5325. I can draw this point in mastercam and the control is correct. I have a compound angle app that also gives me the number in the control yet my calculator/excel does not solve this the same way. WTF am I missing??
  8. gms1

    Do we need multiple forums?

    Yeah this is the latest version (LOL) of the forum. There was one before this one
  9. gms1

    FANUC Custom MACRO B Cheats

    I worked at a place that had 2 5 axis mazak machines that had fanuc controls on them. So much fun trying to get help I was going to buy a stone and try and squeeze blood out of it... I thought my chances would be better.
  10. Did he try the seco performax insert drills in his test as well? I routinely drill holes in the 1.5"-3" range with seco, sumitomo and kennametal stuff and these performax drills seems to last the longest and gives me a better quality hole. The problem is I don't really have a large test range to compare it to.
  11. I have the same issue and when I make changes to the metric config it pretty much never saves some of the settings. Now I am just stuck with it cause i am tired of reloading that config.
  12. I prefer walter and mitsubishi. There is a pretty large price difference in the walter tools just so you know. The DC150 line is cheaper than the DC160/170 lines and they all last a long time.
  13. gms1

    Probing Workflow

    One way you could do it if it won't post out after the m30 is to add a manual comment at the top of your program like GOTO4444 Then at the end of your program add your manual comments/probing routines in the toolpath manager, but preface it with a manual comment N4444 Now your program will jump to the bottom to do your stuff then you can give it a GOTO1 to have it jump back to the top of your program to an N1 line to run the rest of your code. This way you avoid the whole posting after m30. I am not a fan of having operators do the "search for this" stuff. It just always leads to bad places and the invention of new ways to blame you for what went wrong. All of my probing and macro math is at the top of each program with error checking codes put at the end of my programs and use goto's to get it done.
  14. My own blood sweat and tears to make that active reports template. I'm working at Worldtek where are you?
  15. Not all tools are filled in yet but the vast majority of them are. I came up with my own holder naming scheme based on what I have to work with at my current place (which is practically every holder manufacturer under the sun here, so its generic). Order numbers, stickouts yada yada.

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