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  1. tryon

    write protect of common #variable

    Not sure but maybe another solution; N100 #510=0 #3000=1(change drill, 13) N200 #512=0 #3000=2(Change drill, 21) Etc
  2. tryon

    macros / subprogram resources

    Try M98<2682082B> or M99<2682082B> Or some combination with those brackets.
  3. I think I've seen that when the chip conveyor gets jammed up. Check the breakers for one that's tripped.
  4. You folks with horizontal Mills. How often do you dechipe the index tables? Every day, every load, every shift, etc. Are chips between the pallet and table an issue normally? Thanks
  5. How are you guys finding these p-code macro variables? I have found a few thru trial and error but is there another place to find them? Seems like they are a well kept secret
  6. tryon

    Spindle warm up Fanuc 30-I

    The time will be expressed in 24 hour format. Also 5:00 am will be something like 500. To find out the macro time format type in #100=#3012
  7. I haven't seen that on our nty3's, but wouldn't normally end the cycle with the X move at N1001. I would end it at N1001G01Z-1.013.
  8. tryon


    I think You need the Q value on every line you want to peck. lathes dont usually have G81 so G83 no Q no peck.
  9. tryon

    Mazak local subroutines?

    for some reason on mazak lathe controls a local sub call is with a Q and not an H. same format and rules though. M98Q9901 I usually number my local subs starting at N9901. My operations use N100,N200,N300 etc. That way i never worry about having a double.
  10. tryon

    Lathe Setup

    Hose clamp a surface indicator to the stock. Hose Clamps are cheap, have lots of range, and hold the indicator tight.
  11. tryon

    IPM orIPR

    i could never figure out why mills are typically IPM. I have never got an answer besides "Thats how mills are programmed". I think it only makes sense if thats how you learned, otherwise it doesnt make sense. Usually we are trying to eliminate extra calculations. Has anyone ever seen manufacturers recommended feed and speeds expressed as IPM?
  12. tryon

    Multi-tasking Lathes

    NTY3= Great for small complicated bar work, Ø40mm max. Lower turret comes from the left side so you want to do most of your lower turning on the left spindle, Otherwise Chips will destroy the lower turret wipers over and over again. This might be common with all lower turret style machines, i dont know. Pretty much unlimited capabilities and the most user friendly Canned cycles ever. The NT Nurse side of the Fanuc control is fantastic. The Y axis interlocks are annoying when not in milling mode. 4"ish max stickout on drills and boring bars before you hit the way covers. I would purchase another one for the right work.
  13. tryon

    MAZAK G53Z0,G30X0Y0

    What i do is put some retracts in every now and than and call another toolchange. if you set up the redundant tooling on the mazak it will change to the next tool in the group if the life of the current tool is over. i usually use it on tombstone work and when i retract on the tombstone rotation i will call up the tool again. if the life is over then it will grab the new tool. I dont know how to have mcam do it but i dont need it to often. i just hand code it in. ex; M6T1B0(T1 AND T2 ARE IN GROUP 1) CUT; CUT; G0G91G30Z0 B90 M6T1(IF THE TOOL LIFE CAME UP DURING B0 FACE THIS WILL ACTUALLY CALL THE NEXT TOOL IN THE GROUP) CUT; CUT; M1 Kind of hard to explain but hopfully you get the idea. If your machine takes itself to the toolchange position on an M6 it might just be a matter of calling a toolchange every so often during long roughing. On our PFH-4800 fusion if you call a tool change and the tool is already in the spindle then it wont go home. test it out.
  14. tryon

    Northfield chucks

    i would say its 50-50. We run around 1000 pcs a week thru it. We change jaws once or twice a month at most. Its held up very well and our chuck is probably 10 years old. Its been a production chuck for 3 years or so. Before that it was our prototype hard turning chuck. We are happy with it. hth
  15. tryon

    Northfield chucks

    We use the air actuated 6" chuck. We use it with aluminum pie jaws on some parts that have .0002" roundness callouts on them. We do skim the jaws everytime we replace them. I have never ran steel jaws on them though.

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