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  1. Joey King

    HSK Turning Libary

    just to make sure Im clear. yall are drawing custom tool and insert and defining as 100% complete custom tool. not just a custom holder.
  2. Joey King

    Intergrex Programming

    Good afternoon forum members. my company has recently purchased to Mazak intergrexs. An I630 and I200S. I have not programmed this style machines before. I am famillar with turning and milling. I program standard turret style lathes with milling and 4X horizontal and vertical mills almost daily. so I am famillar with rotating planes and features like that. a couple of questions I have is placing part inside mastercam. should I orient just like I do a lathe so that my turning will work with my milling starting from back plane which is c0. or do I orientate completely different. also several turning holders require tilting the head to operate. how is the posting getting the data to tilt the turning tool
  3. Joey King

    HSK Turning Libary

    thank you for you imput. im basically just looking for a 2D profile library of the holder if that makes since
  4. Joey King

    HSK Turning Libary

    I am looking for a turning holder library for HSK holders. would anybody happen to have 1. the only default library I have found is for milling holders
  5. Joey King

    X7 Verify Issues

    I am having an issue wit X7 verify. on some parts I save my stock from running the verify so I can use it on my next operation to verify. I have had no issues until just a few weeks ago and now every time I try and use the exported stl stock file it tells me one or more issues has occurred. any ideas?
  6. Joey King

    X+ Set-Up Sheets & Tool List

    Me and my fellow co-worker have downloaded X+ in order to get better set-up sheets. We would like to use the excel option as the out-put but are clueless at how to modify it. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Joey King

    Canned Threading

    I'm cutting a custom wave form thread. the thread angle is 45 degress. I have had custom inserts ground for this but was curious on the set up of my operations manager as far as infeed angles and stuff goes since a G76 cycle does not have a 45 or 90 options. I imagine I will need to use a thread angle of 0. for a direct infeed but would just like some input
  8. Joey King

    x+ set-up sheets

    I have considered using x+ for my setup sheets but I'm curious about what it actually does. if anybody has some screen shot examples of the x+ that would be awesome
  9. Joey King

    X7 Lathe Library Issue!!!

    Ill give it a shot thank you
  10. Joey King

    X7 Lathe Library Issue!!!

    I'm building my lathe tool library as I go and as different tools are needed. The issue I'm having is that the stuff I define for the tool is not sticking ( mainly the insert ie. if I select a VNMG 331 it will keep setting itself back to a VNMG 332 and so on ) if I go back and change it to correct insert it will delete the tool from the library. Next issue is that I can no longer create a tool in tool library. I will get no errors defining it no errors saving it. tool just refuses to show up in library. and the last thing there is a random turning tool icon in library that has nothing defined. try to edit it tool not found. try to delete it can not delete tools. Scratching my head here
  11. Joey King

    X7 Lathe Tool Manager Problem

    is there a limit on the number of tools the lathe library can hold?
  12. Joey King

    X7 Lathe Tool Manager Problem

    I am having a similar issue to this as well. have just recently started off lining the lathes with mastercam so I am having to build my tool library as I go. If I need a 1.25" x 35. deg bar w/ .032 nr insert I will create it in the tool manager. I look u the bar in kennemetal book and select the correct bar and insert for it VNME 332. this being said while im there I go ahead and copy that bar and change it to the other common nr inserts I would run in that bar ( .015 , .008 ) I go into each tool and chane insert to vnmg 331 and a vnmg 3305 change the name and it looks fine right insert right nr and right name. I can close and come back to tool library and some of the bar will default back to another insert and nose rad. if I go back and edit the tool by changing the insert back sometimes it will just delete the tool entirely. this issue has not been isolated to this bar it has happened with other bars and turning tools as well

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