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  1. Sumac Andy


    As JParis says, filter. When I do any surfacing my goto settings are... this also makes the program smaller! (metric settings)
  2. Sumac Andy

    Smoothing Tolerance

    My 'goto' values of choice for a smoooooooth surface (metric settings BTW)
  3. Sumac Andy

    Machining inclined groove with T slot

    Probably you will need to try and produce the slot 'normal' to the Z axis, then incline the part and face to produce the helix, even this way will cause the form to be incorrect. If an undercutting tool starts at the highest point (right side) and moves around and down to the left, the cutter will cut in front of it and behind it to produce a bad form. A 5 axis move to get at the undercuts, but that would require a weak tool I feel?
  4. Sumac Andy

    Threadmilling problem

    A bit late to the party, but..... I'm with the tapping guys here - we use WNT and tap 316etc... with this tap - Blind hole – Machine taps, right hand | CERATIZIT | WNT | KOMET - and it works with a decent oil. Unsure if you can get these tools in th US though?
  5. Sumac Andy

    'Use Stock'???

    3000 reasons per year!
  6. Sumac Andy

    'Use Stock'???

    Updated! My reseller has supplied an updated post with lots of magical bits in that now can utilise the stock This will be so much easier and quicker to get the holes etc.. done. Ta all. Andy.
  7. Sumac Andy

    'Use Stock'???

    Hi and thanks for the reply. I have set my stock as a 3D bounding box to the part I have, then checked the Use Stock box, set the perameters to 'Stock Setup' and 'Both', this in turn sets my linking to Incremental, but all the posted figures are then incorrect. We have two milling controllers I have to deal with here, Heidenhain (various models) and Fanuc, I get good code from the Fanuc, but bad from the Heidenhain and have been told that the Heidenhain post hasn't and isn't set up for this feature? Cheers. Andy.
  8. Sumac Andy

    'Use Stock'???

    Thanks for the reply. So typically when using the Stock Model? Cheers. Andy.
  9. Sumac Andy

    'Use Stock'???

    Can any one (I'm sure someone can) shed some light on this, the 'Use Stock' option please? As in, where, when and how to use it - if at all!? TIA. Andy.
  10. Sumac Andy


    I think I made these a while ago, maybe in the days of X6/X7???? They are the same I use now in 2020. Same output as in the beginning. The only problem I have is that I get a second blank sheet. I have no idea what you are saying! I use this regularly and have for many years/versions. When you go to the setup sheet and the 'F2' to change the report, use the first file 't(allaxfile).rpx', this cascades through to generate the report that I get, on one sheet. Let me know how you get on. Andy.
  11. Sumac Andy


    what i use.... t(allaxfile).rpx -t(allaxtool).rpx -t(allaxtools).rpx -t(allaxfile).rpx
  12. Sumac Andy

    TSC rusting in spindles

    Hi. A problem we had here along time ago..... high magnesium content aluminiums made our coolant split, sometimes the only way we knew was through oversized tapped or reamed holes. The strength of the coolant was often shown as 'normal' or high also, we had a new (same) coolant with additives to cover this machine). Our aluminium was a tooling plate issue (5000 series, I think?), worth investigating? I wonder if the pressure of the water/oil 'mix' is blasting through the tubes as normal, removing oil as it jets through, leaving a very week mixture inside? Interested to see the outcome of this. Andy.
  13. Sumac Andy

    Restoring NCI file

    I'm also wondering if this is an engraving issue? The file I am working on currently has this issue, and there is / are / were some issues with getting the engraving to work! My chain selection didn't get anything from solids, so I had to create wire frame and use that. This had to be selected by individual selection, as 'windowing' didn't select anything either. Then when all chains showed as selected, only some verification happened, then all!????? Very odd. Andy.
  14. Sumac Andy

    Restoring NCI file

    Yes! I've been getting this quite a lot! To turn of 'logging' .... First - double click the Mastercam event log icon in the lower right system tray. Second - if you are seeing what I see, the event log screen will be flashing all sorts of information. Mine is mainly 'bnci_write_to_disc()-invalid operation ID in NCI line'. In this screen, right click then click on 'stop logging'. This should (as mine does) allow your program to load. I run from a server so I'm not sure if this is a server issue or not? HTH Andy.
  15. Sumac Andy

    Arc Filter Advanced Multiaxis Toolpaths

    Not sure if this helps? This is the setting I use to make the file size smaller. HTH Andy.

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