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  1. TimW

    Nesting Defaults?

    Where? I am looking for the same solution
  2. TimW

    Jump over bolt

    These are already pretty small, 6-32. Considered flat head screws, but that would need an extra step to countersink before machining.
  3. TimW

    Jump over bolt

    The radial text around the bolt head requires chaining each line in the text manually, and with hundreds of variations of this part that isn't practical. Window selecting just the upper or lower text doesn't work, as it wants to jump back across the bolt head to finish up missing lines. Seems to me that since the model of the bolt is there, Mastercam should somehow be able to see it and route around it?
  4. TimW

    Jump over bolt

    I'm really surprised there isn't a very simple function to do this. Seems like a common requirement.... As the part is used in nests, programming it manually isn't practical. I'll keep hunting for a solution.
  5. TimW

    Jump over bolt

    I suspect this is a fundamental function of Mastercam, but it's something I've not had to do before, so I'm hoping it's possible. I have a fixture that holds several small parts in place with a button head screw. Very close to the head of the screw is some lettering engraved with a small ball nose endmill. I'd like to keep the retract as small as possible to speed up cycle time, around .015" or so. The solid file I'm working from (a Parasolid saved from SolidWorks) has the bolts in place. My question is whether it's possible to keep the retract down, but have Mastercam identify the bolt head when it's in the way and only then retract enough to jump over it?
  6. This works great! It's also the most Mastercamy method possible....
  7. I can sort of, kinda make it work, but it has to be done in a very specific way. Curious about "creating routers". Not sure I follow?
  8. Is it possible to re-post a single operation in a nested part file? We have 7 operations in two different parts nested. We need to re-run only one of those operations (after a tool size adjustment). It seems that only the entire program can be run, which means running the entire thing again to re-cut one portion. Any suggestions?
  9. Wow, this is very useful! I'll give it a try. Thanks for the detailed response!
  10. Hi, Is it possible to program with mastercam a 10 second pause after a tool change to ensure that the coolant is sufficiently flowing before starting to cut a toolpath?
  11. TimW

    Word spacing in text

    The text box modifications in Mastercam 19 are a step in the right direction, still leaves a lot to be desired. Does anyone know how to set the kerning (space between words) in text? There is a "spacing" setting, but it doesn't effect the spacing between words in a string of text. I find I have to create the text and manually translate it tighter to where it used to be.
  12. TimW

    Complex trim challenge

    Thanks. We just select the centerline by it's color and delete it, that step is easy. It's removing all the intersecting lines that is very time consuming. Can't help but think there should be a quicker way to achieve what we want. Either in the offset creating step, or trimming.
  13. TimW

    Complex trim challenge

    Here is the same file in DWG format. Example.dwg
  14. TimW

    Complex trim challenge

    Hi, I've created a sample of a typical file we are working with. In the sample the top drawing in green is the original centerlines we start with. This is what we have 1500 variations of as in the past we slot machined straight down the centerline to create what we needed. We now wish to create an outline of the finished slot and contour mill the shape. (long story why...) In the sample drawing the center drawing in yellow has had an offset added to the centerlines and the centerline removed. We need to remove everything in the middle of the slot to create the contour. The bottom drawing in orange has had this done manually using Divide. The original drawings were created in 2D using SolidEdge. SolidEdge actually has an offset tool that will create just the outline contour like we need, however it's quite buggy and unpredictable making it useless. We've experimented using SolidEdge, SolidWorks and Mastercam to create the process, none of which have an efficient method of doing what we need. Suggestions? Example.mcam
  15. TimW

    Slot cut in both directions.

    Hi, Looks like ramping does the magic! Thanks for the feedback. -T

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