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  1. rchipper

    Force spring passes

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking to do but what I do in 2d Contour is, select the Enter on first depth cut only and the Exit on last depth cut in the Lead in Lead out page. Then on the Multi pass page check Multi Passes, in the Rough, enter 1 in the number box and 0.0 in the Spacing box. Do the same in the Finishing and I get a spring pass. This does appear to work in Ramp as well. Sorry again if I am mistaken on what you are looking for.
  2. rchipper

    Mastercam U Multi Axis certificate

    That makes sense. Thanks again for the words of wisdom.
  3. Greetings, I paid for and completed the Mastercam University Multi Axis Course recently. Upon completion there was no "Graded" exam like the previous 4 courses that I paid for and completed. I know during the ugly things that are happening in the world Mastercam is offering their MastercamU courses for free, which I think is amazing. These courses, I believe, offer a "Certificate of Completion" when you finish not a "Graded" certificate. Does anyone know if this is the reason why I was not offered the graded exam at the end of my Multi Axis Course? Or, does the Multi Axis course not offer the graded exam? My employer looks at the graded exams as a measure of learning, 80% or better on a exam is sometimes rewarded. I would like to be able explain why I don't have a graded certificate as proof of my accomplishment. Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. rchipper

    GPO-3 Fiberglass

    Greetings, Anyone out there have experience machining GPO-3 Fiberglass? The owner is quoting a job and I'm curious about machinability and any human hazards.
  5. rchipper

    Popups Lagging

    I remember declining that when I started running 2021. Could it have been turned on in the background?
  6. rchipper

    Popups Lagging

    Well I tried turning off the event logging and that didn't help. I don't know where or what the Share Experiences is so I have not tried that. I will try moving the network folder to the local machine and see if that helps. Hey, thanks for the help!!
  7. rchipper

    Popups Lagging

    Thanks for looking. I just opened a new file drew a single line and analyzed the distance. Same thing. I selected the 1st end, lag 2-3 seconds then the window pops up allowing me to select the 2nd end point. I am working on the host machine with a network license
  8. rchipper

    Popups Lagging

    Hi, I am noticing that when I click on a item to open/activate it, example being Analyze Distance or something that needs to be chained, it takes several seconds for that window to pop up. It seems slow and very annoying. I never noticed this before and am wondering if it could be a computer issue. I don't know much about computer speeds and settings so if anyone has any ideas of what may be happening here I would welcome any support. Here is what I found on my system: I have no idea what a lot of this means, Windows 10 Pro Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 [email protected] 1.70GHz Memory: 32.0GB (31.7 GB usable) 64-bit Operating System, x64 based processor Nvidia K5000 graphics
  9. rchipper

    Sign in

    Nice. Thanks again.
  10. rchipper

    Sign in

    Is there a way to remain logged in for a longer period of time? I like leaving the site open and going back to it on occasion to check it out. It gets old logging back in over and over again.
  11. rchipper

    mpsubrep .pst

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
  12. I'm still a bit new so don't beat me up if I am asking a silly question. mpsubrep .pst Is this still around? I see it is very old so I'm guessing it is outdated and dead. Just curious to see how it worked. I am familiar programming and using sub programs but am always looking to learn something new and exciting that may make my life a bit easier.
  13. rchipper

    2021 Optirest

    My apologies for the late reply. Yes, your guidance was very helpful. The 1st setup part cut just fine. Thank you for the education. Respectfully, rchipper
  14. rchipper

    2021 Optirest

    I did in fact reach out to my dealer and they are going to work on it and forward it to CNC if they can not find a solution.
  15. rchipper

    2021 Optirest

    I do and I can do that. It may be a while as I am pretty busy today.

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