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  1. The important thing is the effective chip load. The calculated chip load will likely be too light due to chip thinning. It is sometimes a little scary how fast you need to go. As JP says, more info will get a more accurate response.
  2. Yes, you can have custom entries in x coolant. And you can get rid of some of the choices. Not sure about Before, With and After. It's been a while, I will review my x coolant code this weekend and do a post if you still haven't had any help. I am not using my posts at this job. All 5 ax with DWO at the moment.
  3. Offset (enlarge) your boundary until it cleans up.
  4. So, you have numbers but no labels? What happens if you remove the numbers? Make a copy of the operation and change that one and see what difference if any is in the output. Sounds like a half-baked post edit. You will need to post a Z2G to get useful help.
  5. And it is impossible to help anyone....who knows everything already. By definition.
  6. It's a handy work around. Just brings in what you need.
  7. Get your design team to send you a parasolid (.x_t or .x_b). This is the most reliable transfer protocol between systems. SW assemblies are often difficult, this should solve the problem.
  8. To be fair I interpolate holes to =/- .0001- .0002, so they are just being a bit economical with the truth. Re-probing and re-touching critical tools, might help, but I might be tempted to run Productivity+. Then you can probe for stock. This might also require re-calibrating the probe. Contact Renishaw for the straight skinny on this, I have always found them to be very straight forward. Monitoring your spindle growth through the process might just do the trick as well. Once the spindle grows, does it stay there for the rest of the shift? As long as you don't shut it down too long before starting the unattended work you might get away with it.
  9. I have it from a reliable source that the main problem is that Haas has multiple parts sources. When you by a Mori or Matsura or other primo machines they have one type of widget, which has been selected specially to work well with all the other widgets. Haas sources the same widget from multiple companies and throws them in a big box in assembly, so the system is not as tightly regulated and also not as "tight".
  10. Haas Z axis are notoriously unstable. I am running an UMC 750 and the spindle often grows 0.002 through the day.
  11. I am completely shocked by this omission
  12. If you look in the what's new section of the 2018 MP docs, you will find a list of updated parameters for the tool page. Not all the fields have associated parameters so you might have to use a different field to get the result you want.
  13. Went with the minimum work method, I thought I remembered that you could now do this (select from Metric Tools). Thanks Ron, piece of pie (or cake depending on your national origin)

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