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  1. It looks like the A output is being forced, that's normally not the default condition for Mpmaster. The OFF is a coolant conflict. We will probably need a Zip2go or at least a post file.
  2. As Cementhead points out, yes, it is possible. Be aware however that threads add a lot of relative weight to the solid. Fine if you have one or 2 but a bunch might slow you down.
  3. Sorry Ron but I am going to blatantly crib that one, nice.
  4. I have modified several posts for single spindle/single turret Y axis full 4 axis, and for twin spindle. All machines were post and go. Once you add a turret it gets more complicated. There are experienced lathe guys out there who run twin turrets with MP posts, but I am really a mill guy, so I would probably go with the new "machining environment" system if I had to handle one of these. I noticed you other post referring to your frustration with your post provider. This is not unusual and is what prompted me to learn post editing.
  5. Hence the need to do a cost analysis. Any hard metal part bigger than 9 or 12 inches would almost certainly be more cost effective than solid carbide. And yes, using all the flute length in solid carbide can get you some easily bough MMR, But I have machined Titanium with inserts at .013 chipload and 16-18 cubes (45 HP dual winding spindle motor). Good luck with solid carbide.
  6. True, but if you crash a solid carbide tool you are out a big chunk of carbide. Inserts are generally used for larger sizes, with good quality 3/4 inch (probably in the lower diameter range for insert substitution) standard length carbide tools running $250 - 300, it might not be as lopsided as you might think. Always best to do a quick cost analysis. Not forgetting the cost of the regrinds of course.
  7. All things being equal, inserts are cheaper. Even if you pull solid carbide before you get any chipping there is a limit to the number of regrinds you will get. Then you throw away a sizeable (relative) chunk of carbide. With inserts you don't throw away so much, and you get several (at least) new edges before you throw it away.
  8. The only 2 cents worth of advice that I can give, as I have no direct hands on experience with CMM programming, is that all the best CMM programmers I know up here in airplane country use pc-dimus.
  9. Yep, I learned programming on an APT system. Unbounded geometry, you just can't beat it. 3 plane lock, for a long time (if not still) this was the most accurate way to machine a surface. If I had my druthers, I would run NCL. But I would never advise anybody to install it in their shop. NOT user friendly and good NCL programmers command very high salaries and are as rare as rocking horse manure. As Pete says, all the so called "multiaxis kernels" are simply a GUI interpretation of the original APT vector matrix.
  10. That was our observation concerning the two parameters we didn't end up using, including the one that was loaded in the machine when we started. I couldn't imagine what they might be used for, but then again, I was concerned about the job in hand. It was the first time Multi-axis paths had been tried on any 4 axis machine in the shop.
  11. The only time I've seen this it was a machine parameter on an Hitachi Seiki horizontal. The machine would break the motion rotate 360ish and pick up again. There were 3 options in the machine parameters, all indecipherable in translation, so we just tried each one and found the one that gave us what we wanted.
  12. There is a switch in the CD and also in the post at the top (not all posts).
  13. My only 2 cents addition would be that Mastercam is RAM (and cache) hungry. I got more or less the same system on my HP lappy with 128G of RAM. RAM is pretty cheap these days. I actually got the latest gen i7 as this allowed 4 x 32G DIMS for heat control. It's a great tool.
  14. 2 hours ago, tsdunen71 said: Nowhere near enough information. Which Generic post? 3,4 or 5 axis? Give an example of what you have and what you want in code. A copy of the post if you have made any changes would also help. I assume when you say Text you mean comments, which ones do you want to modify: tool comments (?), operation comments?
  15. If you notice on spot and center drills there is no back relief, hence the heat buildup. You can get good quality cobalt drills with a split 135 degree point which don't require spotting. We do short run stuff here too; however, I will often use them just to capture the tip of a long drill (small spot) where I can't pilot drill for one reason or another
  16. I have always liked the old school Sandvik facemills with the 4 cornered inserts for hard(er) metals. Not the 8 cornered (using both sides).
  17. There are a few books out there which cover developing custom Macros, but you still need to understand how Productivity + processes everything. There just is no substitute for training from people who really understand the system.
  18. I recently bought a couple of HP Z books. 1: Latest gen i9 64G RAM A2000 card Win 10 Pro It runs MC surprisingly well, even on toolpaths with lots of processing. 2: Latest gen i7 128G RAM A4000 card Win Pro 10 I don't need to get a stopwatch out to tell which is more powerful, just goes to show, MC is RAM and Cache hungry.
  19. One of the great features of blend is the ability to project from a different construction plane from the tool plane. I don't use it often, but this is a situation where I might try it.
  20. The important thing is the effective chip load. The calculated chip load will likely be too light due to chip thinning. It is sometimes a little scary how fast you need to go. As JP says, more info will get a more accurate response.
  21. Yes, you can have custom entries in x coolant. And you can get rid of some of the choices. Not sure about Before, With and After. It's been a while, I will review my x coolant code this weekend and do a post if you still haven't had any help. I am not using my posts at this job. All 5 ax with DWO at the moment.
  22. Offset (enlarge) your boundary until it cleans up.

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