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  1. JoshC

    Hardware recommendation

    I would also suggest ensuring mastercam is using the right Graphics card because this is a pretty common problem to have is to be running the wrong graphics card. I have even seen connections from the external monitor to the pc cause issues if the monitor is only plugged into the motherboard and not the graphics card properly. For more info on how to ensure you are using the right graphics card you can do a search in mastercams knowledge base for GPU and it should be like the first article for enabling dedicated graphics.
  2. JoshC

    mastercam background

    actually after taking another look there i dont see the default mcamx.config file, but i am certain this file will automatically rebuild itself it you delete or rename or move it out of the folder so just shut down mastercam, rename that file, then restart mastercam and itll rebuilt the mcamx.config file in a default state. I reset our mastercam training pc's often back to defaults and all i do is shut mastercam down and delete the entire "My Mastercam 2020" folder and start mastercam back up and it does a great job of resetting config, toolbar settings, verify settings, etc. back to defaults so i am pretty confident this will work pretty easily for you.
  3. JoshC

    mastercam background

    no need, all of the default settings for your user data folder can be found here C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\common\UserDefaults In fact, if you close mastercam 2020 and delete your entire user data folder (AKA: "my mastercam2020" Folder), it will rebuild the entire folder the next time you start mastercam using the defaults from the location i mentioned above. So if you want the default settings, just shut down mastercam, rename the file or folder, then start mastercam, and like magic the file gets rebuilt in a default state.
  4. whats your reasoning for this request? Maybe there is a better way to accomplish what you are after is you can describe to us what you are looking for or the reason you want to change them. I cant understand why you would even want to see them in the first place let alone why you would want to re-number them so if you can elaborate maybe we can point you in another direction for a solution.
  5. you dont have to use art on this, art is very powerful and can produce really intricate cool looking toolpaths but in this case since you already have geometry i would just use the engrave toolpath, see example attached. sample file results the final depth, stepover, etc. can be adjusted to fit your needs but i think this engrave path will look good.
  6. JoshC

    Custom tool failure

    Keep in mind there is more than one way to make a custom tool in mastercam. Note: im talking mill custom tools only, not lathe custom tools 1. The DXF method, (requiring us to follow ISO 13399 standards - like the cut/nocut levels people above described) most difficult method in my opinion 2. a solid model of the tool (tool must be a closed solid body, aligned with The Z-axis of top plane, Saved as a Step file) second easiest method in my opinion 3. A 2d tool (All geometry same attributes and level, no splines supported, Aligned with the Y axis from top Plane, No centerline, saved as a mastercam file) easiest method in my opinion
  7. JoshC

    mastercam 2020 on mac book pro?

    if your able to run the HLE without trouble i would think you'll be able to run the full version without trouble, the requirements for the HLE is the same as the full version as far as i know so i expect you wont have any trouble with the full version if you didnt have any trouble with the HLE on that pc.
  8. JoshC


    after, unless you have a really slow coolant pump where there is some delay from the time its turned on to the time it starts flooding coolant, might need to start it before the tool change so your not cutting dry for the first couple of seconds if you are dealing with a delay or slow coolant pump. Not a one size fits all question.
  9. JoshC

    Solids highlight color

    that looks like the Stipple high-lite, to turn off the setting, go to File --> config --> screen, then uncheck the "use Stipple on solids" check box. There is also a setting called use glow highlighting that may be effecting it too depending on if its turned on or off and its on the same page.
  10. JoshC


    try changing chaining options sync mode to none sync, or synchronize the chains if you have not either with branches or by entity. it will be in your chaining options, the "!"
  11. JoshC

    Strange move on flowline toolpath

    you could try a tighter arc filter tolerance, maybe change the default .001" total tolerance to .0001 and see if it eliminates it.
  12. JoshC

    Best way to machine feature

    if it dont fit in the hole with all 4 teeth, you could grind 3 teeth off the tool, so its a single tooth tool, that would allow you to move off centerline of the hole and it might fit then. if you dont know what i am referring to, look at the image below, i removed 3 teeth on that right side tool and it will fit into a smaller hole now you can see in this example image below so basically we could move the tool off centerline of the hole, plunge into the hole, then move back to centerline and do the toolpath, then move back off center before retracting out. note: if you do this you might need to add something like an M19 to orientate the spindle prior to entry/exit of the hole, and the tool itself in the holder would need to be orientated properly to ensure its going to align with the hole on entry since your pic shows little clearance for the size of that radii.
  13. JoshC

    2019 linking settings

    maybe just a display issue? You should see a G98 or G99 in the g-code, if you are seeing a G98 then your machine should retract to the first Z value prior to the drill cycle, my guess is it will still post correct and perhaps its just a problem with the way backplot is showing?
  14. JoshC

    bent stock

    Great topic, i love reading responses from the experts that do this type of work on a regular. Sometimes things that we think are so easy can be much more complex than meets the eye.
  15. JoshC

    Restmill not going to full depth

    If you use Opti-rough with the stock pages active for rest machining then activate the "stepup" check box then it will be able to alter the depth of cut due to stepup and will manager to make a smaller depth of cut at the bottom to avoid missing any material, or you can use the 3d area roughing with the stock page, that toolpath would require the "add cuts" button turned on with a minimum stepdown set (sett for lets say .01" for minimum step down). both of these toolpaths will finish the bottom floor properly with rest material as long as you use the "stepup" setting for optirough or the "add cuts" setting for area rough, without those settings active it will produce an exact stepdown which could in turn end up leaving extra stock on the floor if there isn't enough room to fit an entire pass in. I find those paths are much more modern and better than that old rest toolpath anyways in my opinion.

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