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  1. JoshC

    Nehasp issue

    There would probably need to be more info given in order for us to assist, like sim type, etc. so my suggestion to keep this info confidential and also to get this resolved quickly i would suggest you give your local re-seller a call and ask for support or send them an email asking for support. They can probably get you an answer and assist pretty quickly,
  2. JoshC


    here is where i go to look at what file types my mastercam is capable of opening. Note the "**" next to them mean a purchasable translator would be required.
  3. JoshC

    Cimco Font size

    you can also zoom like you do in Internet browsers / microsoft products with a CTRL+Roll Mouse wheel
  4. JoshC

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    Many 3rd Party developers like In-house solutions ( or Postability ( to name just a few developers do an awesome job of setting the Pickoff pull cutoff feature up to match your machine. from my experience they both do a nice job and postability even has a detailed vid on their website here on how to use their posts with POCO operations if you wanted to check it out so you can get an idea of what to expect
  5. JoshC

    Mastercam post problems with y axis lathe

    you chose the Cross Contour Toolpath and have the Tool axis control set to Y-axis correct?
  6. JoshC

    2019 Finish Pencil Toolpath

    yea unfortunately i am not having any luck with the pencil on that part file either but i see what you are saying. For the project toolpath i am not sure how you find the curve position but the video below is how i found the center of the ball endmill position with a fillet 2 surfaces, flowline curve, then Close arc which gave me center of cutter position easily so that may be another work around unless someone else has any ideas on getting this pencil toolpath to work.
  7. JoshC

    2019 Finish Pencil Toolpath

    for that part i would use a Project toolpath, the project toolpath will work with ease for that application.
  8. JoshC

    4th axis verify with chuck model

    heres the generic clamps, vices and chucks that i use often if you want these
  9. JoshC

    4th axis verify with chuck model

    if you go to the chuck manufacturers website they may have your chuck available for download. If not check or and you will probably find lots to choose from on one of those free cad file share websites
  10. JoshC

    standardizing metric taps

    when i select a tap my feeds and speeds automatically update. Make sure you have the drill cycle set to tap, also make sure you are selecting a tap. You may either need to right click and choose reload speeds and feeds or go to File --> Config --> toolpaths and turn off the Lock Feed rates
  11. JoshC

    Rotating toolpaths and offsets

    do you want each part to have its own offset, like G54 and G55, or are they going to be perfectly spaced and using 1 offset?
  12. JoshC

    standardizing metric taps

    its pretty easy, ill elaborate on this process. Equation I use A=pitch in millimeters 1/(A/25.4)=TPI Lets start with M6x1 This pitch is all we care about, the diameter does not influence the feed rate. We just basically are trying to convert the pitch of the thread into how many threads per inch that would equate to. So we take the pitch of 1mm and convert that number to metric with the equations below 1/25.4 gives us .03937 Now all we need to do is take 1inch and divide it by the inch equivalent of that pitch, which gives us Threads per inch. So lets do that 1/.03937 which = 25.4 TPI Lets try another, Maybe this time a M6X1.5mm A=pitch 1/(A/25.4)=TPI So with that being said a 1.5mm pitch equates to 19.933 threads per inch. So to define the m6x1.5mm tap I would use .2362 dia and 19.933 Threads per inch. There is another way to do this even easier by using the Metric Check box, this allows you to insert actual metric data into the tap info but if you like all inch data the above methods work nicely.
  13. JoshC

    Mastecam does not open

    I agree with justin, check to see if you have a dedicated graphics card, dedicated graphics cards are a required per the system requirements on but as smit mentioned you may be able to disable hardware acceleration found under the advanced configuration utility and may be able to limp by.
  14. JoshC

    Hiding Stock Model

    before i learned about the way to do this through stock models i always would make my stocks as solids and connect them with a really thin solid, like what i show in the old file i had done below. that connection piece would always be in the table or vice in simulation so it never hurt anything and because it was technically just one solid it could be used in the regular stock setup. certainly easier with the stock model but i thought this old method that i used to use was interesting. Not saying this is a good method, but it actually worked pretty well despite being out of the box thinking and more difficult than other methods.
  15. JoshC

    Copy Toolpath group

    I personally do this through the Drag and drop method, its faster for me at least

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