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  1. JoshC


    "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\documentation\en-US\Transition_Guide.pdf" page 6
  2. JoshC


    once you install mastercam 2020 go into your start menu, then click on the mastercam 2020 folder and look in there for the Transition Guide.pdf Page 6 of the transition Guide PDF will show step by step on using the migration wizard to update resource files to 2020 (posts, tool libs, etc.)
  3. JoshC

    Mastercam/Verisurf 2018 4K monitor

    if you search 4k in the mastercam knowledge base they have an article there with settings, the KB article labeled "Buttons, text, and images in dialogs appear truncated or shifted on high resolution monitors" has some recommendations on settings that may help with your problem.
  4. JoshC

    Beginner and student has many resources for new users learning mastercam, once you login you can access tutorials, whats new videos, sample parts, etc. I would suggest taking a look at some of the various learning materials available there A account is requried to access these places but its easy to create one if you dont have one already.
  5. JoshC

    Double sided chamfer mill issues

    i like to draw it out too, it normally takes me less time to do a quick 2d sketch and gather the info than doing math for me, but then again i am not a math wiz like some people but quick with sketches and models so its just easier for me to see it visually and makes me more confident that the info i have is correct.
  6. here is CNC softwares suggestions on PC requirements, in case you have not seen their suggestions Make note of OpenCL and openGL requirements but most new/modern graphics cards shouldn't have trouble meeting those requirements.
  7. you probably would get a cheaper and more powerful computer today. computer technology ages in dog years so you got to multiply those 3.5 years by 7 lol. just kidding, but its crazy to me how quickly a computer can get outdated in todays world
  8. JoshC

    Plunge Milling cycle or c-hook

    I did a video on this a long time ago in x9, i tracked down the video on our dropbox here there is other ways to plunge milling but the methods shown in the video above is my favorite way to use it. its not a very impressive video, was back from my earier days with making videos but should demo how to use it.
  9. JoshC

    Double sided chamfer mill issues

    i posted how i do it recently here
  10. JoshC

    How do I include a probing routine?

    I have been diving more and more into probing with mastercams producitivity plus lately on our Haas Vf2 with next gen controller and its working great, its really easy to use. Here is how you use mastercam producitivity+ to probe a y-axis web. there is so much you can do with Prod+ and probes in general, i have been doing a bunch of reporting (DPRNT) lately and that is fun/cool stuff. Another option is if you setup the Y-axis probing cycle on the machine through the controllers built in probing cycles you can output that data to a file or flash drive, then in mastercam you can use that cycle that you pulled from the machine controller by manually pasting the G-code into your mastercam file using the manual entry toolpath. Haas's Tip of the day youtube channel has a video on how to do this and a few other very good probing videos so if you have not watched the haas tip of the day videos on probing i would suggest starting there.
  11. JoshC


    worked fine for me Edit: nvm, that may not be what you were after after all but it was the best i came up with so far.
  12. JoshC

    Reporting Computation Error........

    part was probably already shipped in 2015 lol, this topic has died a long time ago and someone brought it back from the grave so no point to keep making suggestions for him lol
  13. circle mill works nicely for this task, i just window selected without any points.TRIAL-sample.mcam This would be the fastest/easiest way that i can think of doing a finish pass starting on center.
  14. JoshC

    haas 4th axis

    so ultimatley that is the question is if your using a HLE or a Educational license, if it is an educational license then to download a Haas 4axis post please go to mastercams tech exchange website here and you can find the download for this post but again if its the HLE there is no point.
  15. JoshC

    haas 4th axis

    unless you are talking about a Educational license at a school which can post, the file extension is normally .emcam for educational files if you are not sure. But like Jayson said if its the HLE version then having a post wont do any good since it cant post anyways.

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