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  1. JoshC

    A new error

    Hmm yea i am not sure then, are you able to share the file?
  2. JoshC

    A new error

    hmm i have not seen that one before, On the stock page are you using the stock check box and the settings on that stock page or is the Stock button unchecked on the stock page, if its checked you could turn that box off and regen to see if its related to that stock page. From what the error reads my guess is it might be related to the stock page in some way shape or form. *note: i am talking about the stock page inside of that morphs toolpath paramaters, not stock setup...
  3. Did you use the Transform into WCS check box in mach sim settings? If a plane other than top is used you need to be usign transform into wcs check box. And the top plane must be table view, or use a WCS that represents a table view instead of top plane and use transform into wcs, its a check box in mach sim settings.
  4. Seems to me you forgot tool clearances, the Tool center and radii you setup define one half of the insert, but since you say its not compensating for the other side i expect you had missed tool clearances See image below:
  5. JoshC

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    +1 to those recommendations, And practice, practice, then practice some more. Just like anything else the more exposure and time you have with something the better you will be and faster you will be. So if you can practice on sample parts (which can be downloaded on mastercams tech exchange) and review some of those files they might get you started. Its also nice to see other peoples files so that is why i like to download files from the tech exchange since they show proper use of each toolpath on those tech exchange parts. Training always helps, your reseller probably offers some and there are some online resources too, mike with cam instuctor just released a free lesson from one of their courses which you can view here, i think caminstructor has some great training courses and so does as well. But i think the most important thing as mentioned above is to just practice. Maybe purchase some kind of course (many are available for multi-axis work and even courses here on for that type of work and then from there just get a little keyboard time to experiment with the multi-axis paths. So those are my recommendations, Training and practice, as long as you get enough of both you will be just fine. and ask for help when you need it, your local reseller can asssist with questions and so can many of the users on here so if you get stumped or stuck on something don't hesitate to ask for help and i am sure someone will be able to help you through it. One more thing to keep in mind is there is never just 1 way to get something done, so keep an open mind, there might be 10 different toolpaths that can be used for 1 application, its important to understand that there is almost always more than 1 correct answer for mastercam multi-axis, so dont get too hung up on just one way of doing something even if you seen someone else do something similar on another file.
  6. JoshC


    here is a method to accomplish this
  7. JoshC

    Rotary Machining

    -90 is always the right angle to use with unroll. there is also a Knowledge base article that explains this flowing around the knowledge base somewhere. Unfortunately one of the main limitations of Axis substitution is the tool must stay on the substituted axis, like if you are subtitling Y axis the tool will stay at Y0 during the cut and without moving the Y-axis to the needed position he could end up with wall angles that are not correct. It would work fine for the Flatter area but around those radii he isnt going to see exactly the right results in those corners with axis substitution. The best path for a finishing the walls on this part is 5x swarf toolpaths imo.
  8. JoshC

    Lots of good enhancements

    I love it, but its just because i always can find what i need in a microsoft interface, it doesnt matter if i dont use Excel but once a year, when i open it i find what i need in the organized tabbed interface, just like my Microsoft word, my outlook, For me i Love the 2017/2018/2018/2020 mastercam interface, Microsofts outlook/word/excel, etc. because for me even if i am not very used to those softwares i always manage to find what i need because instead of me looking through those softwares million functions, i find the tab that sounds similar to the task i am after and when i go to that tab i only have to look at a handful of functions and all of those functions in some way shape or form relate to the name of the tab selected. need to change a color in Mastercam or microsoft word or excel, go to the home tab, need to change a view setting in mastercam or microsoft word, go to the view tab... etc. From a poweruser standpoint, i do understand what you are saying, but from a user stand point its nice to be able to download something and actually be able to figure out how to use it, and the powerusers can customize things to some degree anyways to make it better for them specifically. thats my $.02 but i already know many of you might not agree.
  9. JoshC

    Tool break test

    Check out these Smart phone apps for Probing, i have them on my Android phone and they are pretty cool and might be useful to you, i am not sure if its on the Apple app store has them or not but these are free and fore sure in the Android app store. GoProbe gives you some probing cycles, i dont see a tool break cycle in there but there is some other cycles for some standard controls. GoProbe Trigger Logic
  10. Yea i agree with Leon, Dynamic Optirough, No Stepups (just set step down to the Depth your tool vendor says their tools can handle, like .04" or something similar probably and if its small DOC you dont really need stepups). Make sure your min toolpath radii is like 10%, smaller you go the more you could hear chatter in the corners but the bigger you on min toolpath radii the more stock you will leave in corners. Both 3d Area Mill and 3d Optirough will work but optirough gives the nice entry/exit moves and also doesn't bury the high feed mill into corners due to min toolpath radii. Also use a Micro lift, just couple thousandths of an inch is all that is needed.
  11. JoshC

    Tool break test

    Do you have this product here:, Mastercams productivity+ software? That's the easy way to do it in my opinion, its done in just a few clicks to apply Tool Breakage detection through Mastercams productivity+probing toolpaths. Edit: if you do have productivity+ let me know what machine your doign it on and i can put together a short video showing how to use Mcam Prod+ to do tool breakage detection.
  12. JoshC

    All commands list from keyboard mapping

    "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\documentation\en-US\Quick_Ref_Card.pdf" theres also a shortcut to it in your Start Menu in the Mastercam Folder
  13. JoshC

    Unroll Surfaces??

    only 1 surface at a time. 1. ALT+C 2. Click FlattenSurf.dll 3. Select surface and click enter
  14. JoshC

    Question about custom tooling

    I do it like The Chipmaker shows too for mill tools, first just find a tool that has similar characteristics to the custom tool you have on hand, set all settings as accurate as you are able on the tool setup page, then save that profile to a level and you can manipulate the geometry on that level and the tool will instantly update based on your changes since the tool is linked to that level. Just make sure the rendered imported tool and rendered mastecam tool profiles align properly because the rendered mastercam tool is what appears in the simulators whereas the rendered mastercam tool is what is used for calculation purposes (which is why its important to initially pick a mastercam tool that has some similar characteristics to your custom tool that you have on hand)
  15. JoshC


    your school forbids you from taking part files home lol.. what kind of school does that??? also your photos you said you took with your phone are pretty good, pics i take with my phone of a screen are always crappy so nice pics they look as good as a screen capture.

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