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  1. I think colin is correct on his assessment and I went ahead and opened ticket 34890 for this.
  2. JoshC

    5X Pocketing

    without seeing a file I think I would suggest making the shoulder dia of the tool .0001" bigger or smaller and regenerate. sometimes i have found with tool errors that making just a very subtitle change to the tool parameters like that will fix issues
  3. JoshC

    Multiple stock bodies in Verify - MC2017 ?

    I unfortunately don't have the video but cimquest had a video on youtube that shows this process below So as long as you make new solids in solidworks, then you can launch the Stock Model toolpath, select all of the stock solids and then use that stock model for verification. It works pretty much the same in Mastercam for solidworks as it does in the full version for this application.
  4. JoshC

    Verificaton Code

    does the hasp light up red when plugged into the pc? if it does not you need to download the latest driver from mastercams website
  5. JoshC

    Mastercam X7 Setup

    as long as he is a valid mastercam customer he can, my guess is he is not valid otherwise I would think he would have already looked there or would have already contacted the local reseller, but hopefully he is and if so its a simple download for him to get.
  6. JoshC

    Lathe WCS

    you can export and import the toolpath Edit: whups you already knew that, I looked right past where you said you already knew you can export/import
  7. my point was just that running a dynamic path in a tight area is not going to ruin your machine if you do that occasionally, running a narrow peel mill type toolpath is not ideal in many circumstances but its not going to blow the machine up if you do it occasionally is all I was getting at with the way an earlier post kind of came off.
  8. nah she will be fine, i'd let 'er rip, they make new ones every day but im the type of person that doesn't wear face masks driving down the highway so maybe im a rebel
  9. well that makes sense then, I didn't think about that or never seen it happen either to me, my guess though is in order for that to happen it would have to be running the same cut day in and day out for years before it would actually happen in my opinion. probably wouldn't be much of a concern for me but I can see how some may worry about stuff like this.
  10. JoshC

    Renishaw Probing Add-on

    Here is my opinion on the two products, both Cimco probing and Productivity+ are excellent and powerful products. Cimco i thought was Super easy to learn, if you want to be able to pick it up and learn it very quickly and easily Cimco may be a better choice since prod+ is a bit more of a learning curve, but on the other hand we can do more with prod+ at this time, quite a bit more in fact. CIMCO probing wins when it comes to ease of use and ease of learning, productivity+ wins IMO for people that want max power and capabilities when it comes to Code output your gonna see some drastic differences as well, mastercam productivity+ code is typically more difficult to read, this is because cimco probing is using the onboard macros where prod+ will make its own. so the code output from Prod+ could be 10-100x larger in size than the code output from cimco probing, so cimco probing wins if your looking for simplicity of code, its going to be easier code for someone to look at and read coming out of cimco probing verses prod+. When it comes to customization, productivity plus wins in this area, with prod+ you get a productivity+ post processor configuration tool, which means you can fine tune your probing cycles, things like adjusting the protected move feedrate, 1 touch or 2 touch measurements, probe backoff distance, etc. can all be edited on the users end right through the productivity+ post processor utility. This is another reason why productivity+ is so powerful and the reason why the code is more extensive because we can control almost every aspect of how your probe moves on the machine and cimco is going to rely mostly on the onboard cycles loaded with the inspection+ macros. Those are my opinions for what they are worth. again they are both great products, its just a matter of what your needs may be and what you may like better.
  11. Crazy^millman shouldn't the machines controller Decelerate/accelerate where needed to prevent the machine from beating itself up, i am not sure if i am understanding what your saying correctly but I was under the impression the machine controller would slow it down to whatever feed the machine can actually handle. Like for example if I peel mill a little tiny slot, lets say .55" wide with a .5" tool so its swinging little arcs at 1000000ipm, my machine here will slow it down to whatever feedrate the machine can handle. I can throw a crazy feed at our haas super mini with next gen control and it will probably cut that peel mill a .55" wide slot with a .5" tool at like 50ipm even if i program it for 5000000ipm because the controller does its thing and decelerates to what its actually able to handle, it doesn't beat the crap out of the machine from my experience. and on other machines i have ran its been the same situation for me in the past so maybe you have seen that on a specific machine but i have not so i am not sure what you mean exactly. on top of that machines even have settings like haas's G187 settings that effect things like this. I am not saying that I typically like to peel mill/dynamic mill with that small of loops but nor do I ever throw a crazy feed like that into the program but just saying i have never seen the machine beat itself silly due to something like this so im having trouble imagining what your describing.
  12. JoshC

    Renishaw Probing Add-on

    The very first toolpath in the sample file included with the probing tutorials shows how to measure Z and update G54 and then measure a Web for xy and update g54, if you download the Mastercam 2019 Productivity plus tutorials from here and look at the sample part/tutorials included and refer to toolpath #1 it will show proper setup of this application
  13. JoshC

    Mastercam HLE 2021 unable start correctly

    I would try installing these again, maybe the arm64 this time as well and if that doesn't fix it I would try windows updates.
  14. JoshC

    Analyze distance setting problem

    I am not sure then, can you post an image of the crosshairs that you are seeing on arc center points? That may help me get a better idea of what it might be.
  15. JoshC

    cast magnesium

    I have never worked with the stuff so I don't have any advice but also have heard of people burning down their machines cutting that stuff so its good that your already aware of the fire hazard so you can get the proper safety measures in place prior to making any chips. Looking forward to hearing what people that have machined the stuff have to say about it.

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