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  1. Some of the model ships that people make are incredible and very impressive, then you have some people out there that decide thats too easy and go out and build one inside a bottle even
  2. yea perhaps that will work for you like the last 2 examples in this vid here show
  3. Since the Tech Exchange has some Mill Turn Machine enviroments avalable for the machine then the Mill Turn environment (post, simulation, etc.) should be proven out already. You would need to work through your Local Reseller to inquire about costs, training, etc. but since im seeing these on our mastercam tech exchange and as shown in the image below it likely has been a proven out machine / simulation otherwise its likely being proven out by a mastercam team somewhere since its already listed.
  4. Yea the help is a bit lacking on this specific topic, back in the X days the help had an entire video about this topic that i thought was really useful, i cant seem to get the video to work on my modern system unfortunately because it will either tell me that internet explorer doesn't support adobe flash anymore or that it cant find an app to play the vid in app store, but that video there i wish i could share or even review myself still because it used to be pretty helpful. If anyone knows if a way to convert that vid to like .mp4 or something a modern pc can actually use please let me know cuz i would love to get a copy of that vid again and think it was awesome when we used to be able to find videos in our help sections in mastercam
  5. i pulled that from a help section of an older version since it had more info and pics, but as far as what is meant by over machining im not sure what whoever wrote this up originally meant by that. Its pretty easy to see the differences between all 3 of them in the file attached though, i setup 3 toolpaths and intentionally made the path retract after each pass, then added an avoidance, and you can see how the retracts are slightly different around the avoidance surface from each toolpath example. Fitting-test.mcam
  6. some info below on this Machine entire pass The path of the tool will match the surface, including vertical surfaces and the corners. An arc will only be inserted at the end of the pass, and then only if it can be done so safely without hitting the part. Fully trim pass In cases where it is important to prevent over-machining, select the Fully trim strategy. The pass is trimmed back so the entire arc fits into it, but no nearer than a full machine pass link would be. Minimize trimming The path of the retract will be as close to the surface as possible, maintaining a minimum distance from the surface to fit the arc. Using the maximum trimming distance Use the Max trimming distance parameter to limit the amount of trimming applied to non-horizontal passes. When a lead arc is added to a horizontal machining pass, the length of pass trimmed off will be at most the radius of the arc. However, when adding an arc to a steep finishing pass, the total length of pass trimmed – that is, the trimming distance – can be much greater, as shown in the picture below. To avoid this, the Max trimming distance limits the trimming distance; if the amount trimmed would exceed this value, then no arc is used. Instead, the whole pass is machined, and a straight vertical motion is added.
  7. Ajmer's method is best but if you don't have 2023 you could try what I show in the video below which seems to work nicely. https://fastechincorporated-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/support_fastechinc_net/ES1YwDAUs7FDqMI1NoXRqpIB_MCmS1rfP4nIFCzt5e4CmQ?e=rggHcU
  8. i replicated the plane changing to top issue after a customer reported it to me and submitted Ticket #56003 on this and am waiting for cnc software to respond, If anyone from cnc software wants to see a video of this happening Ticket #56003 has it shown.
  9. Devi andare qui e registrarti per ottenere una licenza HLE https://signup.mastercam.com/demo-hle inoltre dovresti utilizzare Mastercam 2023 HLE, quel link che ti ho fornito ti invierà via email un download e un numero di licenza HLE una volta che ti iscrivi a HLE
  10. if you IT is not willing to disable one drive you could move your my mastercam folder, you must use mastercam to do it properly but basically you just go to file --> config --> files, then choose a new folder for the "my Mastercam Folder" and once you choose a new location that is not on one drive you simply hit yes to the question on copying the contents of the existing folder over to the new and it will take a few minutes, it will copy the folder over to the new location and it will then properly update the registry for mastercam to utilize this new my mastercam folder location. So its relatively easy, i would just build a new folder on your c drive before you begin and place it right on the c drive or wherever you want to place it where it will be safe or where its not going to get accidently deleted or anything (meaning do not use the desktop for that location)
  11. i also think location makes this question tough because you can have 2x the salary and still have half the buying power depending on your area, 100k a year in CA probably doesn't leave you as much money to work with as making 50K in Ohio, just like you can buy a house for 4x less and all other commodities for less depending on area. Crazy how much changes from one part of the country to the next... but politics and the people that run these states dont always make the best choices... Hope you all get out and Vote!
  12. just spitballing an idea, but does the steps below resolve that problem? i dont have this issue so i cant test it but just a thought source kb article 17631 Right-click on the Mastercam shortcut on your Desktop, or Mastercam.exe in the program folder. Select Properties from the list that appears. Choose the Compatibility tab along the top. Under Settings, check the box for Override high DPI scaling behavior. Choose System from the options in the drop-down box. Do not choose Application or System Enhanced.
  13. if your new heres some free online training courses that may interest you, they are based off a newer version than what your using however most of the info on paths like that contour should be exactly the same. https://signup.mastercam.com/free-mastercam-training just wanted to share this since you may not know that free training is available through mastercam
  14. practice helps get good at a task but not if you keep on practicing something the hard way, Lets say i need to get from point A to point B and all i know how to do is drive a bike, i could practice every day and get really good and fast on that bike, but someone in a car or truck would still beat me to wherever im going no matter how much practice i have. Same concept with using software, you could be very practiced and proficient with somethign but if your doing it the hard way or long way about someone with less practice could beat you. Like for example some users may have learned to create edge curves or wireframe off solids then toolpath off the wireframe, nothing wrong with that and they may be super fast at that but still not as fast as just solid chaining and not even worrying about creating wireframe, not trying to start a wireframe vs solid chaining argument but my point is proper training then practice is far better than just a bunch of practice. Because no matter how much practice you have on your bike your not going to beat someone in a car
  15. i agree, mostly because if someone doesn't know how to do anything on a haas machine, a very simple youtube or google search will yield a ton of info on how to do whatever it might be, and haas's Tip of the day videos are amazing to say the least and with watching a short tip of the day vid from mark terryberry you can learn how to do whatever you might need. Sure you can find videos on other machines, but the info is just so readily available for anything that you might want to do with haas machines. these are all just opinions and to each their own but thats why i think haas machines are great startup machines is because they are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to find information on whatever you want to do.

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