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  1. JoshC

    Desktop lathe

    I was going to purchase a mini lathe for myself but then i watched some videos on them, like this one and decided not to. They seem too crappy from what i seen in this video for anything but hobbyist in my opinion., Edit: but i am sure there are some mini lathe manufacturers that make really accurate and good mini lathes, I am mostly just voicing my opinion on the cheap china brand ones so hopefully i am not shooting down your ideas, some of those lathes the person posted above look like much better quality than the ones i am thinking of anyways.
  2. JoshC

    Lathe tool manager?

    i think he is talking about the stand alone tool manager, not the one in mastercam. The stand alone one does not currently support lathe tools.
  3. JoshC

    C axis milling help.

    Great, i think that toolpath will work well for you on these applications. also in case you didnt see my edit to my post above we also need to turn on the rotary axis setting as shown in the image below. i had forgot to show turning this on in the video so make sure you do that too.
  4. JoshC

    C axis milling help.

    I made a video on how to do these angled cuts in mastercam Lathe, keep in mind a Mill and lathe license would be required. alternatively if your machine has a y-axis we could side mill this feature. Video Edit: i just noticed i forgot one thing in the video, on the tool selection page for the flowline we also need to activate the Rotary Axis check box and choose C-axis cutting.
  5. JoshC

    surface finish blend

    the High Speed Blend path was part of 2020's release so you wont find it in 2019, 2019 only has the legacy version of the blend toolpath
  6. JoshC

    Horizontal milling program

    you have not reviewed Emastercams Free Ebook on Horizontal machining? They make great learning materials, here is a link i would encourage you to review how they use planes for HMC work. I fixed the planes issue with your wcs in the file attached. Horizontal work offset-corrected planes.mcam
  7. the answer above should fix this problem but let us know if it doesn't.
  8. JoshC

    Push -pull Move function

    if you can request the file in another format that would be best, IGES and IGS files always seem to leave you with crappy geometry that doesn't work well with model prep tools but if you can get this file in step format or parasolid or almost anything else it will likely push/pull without problems. Otherwise you will have to repair the file to push pull and that is sometimes not all that easy on some poor quality igs files.
  9. if you go to file-->config-->toolpath manager you can also set your NC file naming to "last operations nc file name" so that way you don't run into this problem again.
  10. if on windows 10 he should already have it. windows 10 includes the windows print to pdf without extra installers but yes in windows 7 and prior a print to pdf application was needed.
  11. JoshC

    backup copies

    I use backups too, if a backup saves you even once then it was worth the time setting up the way i see it. And i normally try to save after every successful tool path. It takes less time to hit save then it does to recover lost work so the better saving habits you develop early on will help you in the future. I probably save too much sometimes, if the save button was an actual key on my keyboard it would be worn out by now lol but i would rather save too often then not enough.
  12. JoshC

    Wiggly surfacing moves

    Tighten arc filter tolerances and they will likely go away. Try .0001in or .0025mm for the Total Tolerance on the arc filter page. Keep in mind the smaller the total tolerance is the longer the processing or regeneration will take.
  13. or on the home tab there is a copy image button, just draw a box over the graphics window and it will copy the image to your clipboard, then you can start up microsoft Paint and CTRL+V or paste it into microsoft paint.
  14. if you dont like the 2 other methods above you can create a PDF file, just do a file print (ctrl+p), then choose print to pdf instead of a printer. This will print the mastercam file to a PDF File instead of sending it to an actual printer.
  15. JoshC

    Help with programming a slot

    The only problem to be aware of with axis substitution is the cutter must point to Y0 or centerline of the part, so if you review this toolpath closely it gouges the walls at the bottom of the slot on each end. its one of the many limitations of axis substitution, a multi-axis type path (like Swarf) would cut this pocket without the gouge on ends.

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