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  1. from what you described with toolpaths showing Top* it should be the setting shown below
  2. JoshC

    CAM help for jet engine part

    I would do it similar to how toolpath 7 and 8 were done in this file here Just out of curiosity is this just a learning exercise because I noticed the drawing was a solidworks training type drawing? If you would like you could even peel mill between the blades using 2d peel with axis substitution.
  3. JoshC

    2D Dynamic entry point

    in regards to returning to center for a T-Slot cutter or woodruff cutter I would agree and would just use circle mill and make it simple just simply use the finishing page with circle mill and turn on leadin/out with like 90 deg entry arc sweep along with start/end at center checked.
  4. JoshC

    Blade Expert

    Thats great! If you machine one and can post a pic of it that would be cool
  5. JoshC

    Mass edit tool numbers in library

    its still a pretty powerful tool and people can still use the internal tool manager if they don't like it, it actually worked perfect for what this original poster was trying to accomplish and look at all of the other common parameters you can edit on milling tools with this, turn on all coolant, etc. I think you guys are ripping on this external tool manager more than it deserves because its actually pretty powerful and I was able to accomplish what the original poster was trying to do without even having my license plugged in. I think it was a great addition to the software, maybe if they would have added an external lathe tool manager it would have been cool but its still a great milling tool manager and can do a lot of powerful things for editing common parameters. Also since it doesn't require a license you can setup an entire library of tools for a job from another part of the shop or from home, etc. all without taking a license which is pretty cool. With a lot more work it could have been a really great tool but its still a pretty good tool for what it is.
  6. JoshC

    Mass edit tool numbers in library

    You can do this in the External Tool manager. 1. Open external tool manager, start menu --> mastercam Tool manager and open your library 2. Double click Cutting tools on the left side 3. CTRL+A to select ALL tools in the library 4. Click tool number in the bottom right, change to tool number 0 then hit enter 5. wait 5-15 minutes (at least that is how long it took my computer to complete the renumbering of all 446 in the library i was testing this on - tool manager goes not responding but eventually did respond and completed the task) i believe other tool settings can be also altered using this strategy and sorry lathe users but the external tool manager is only for milling tools
  7. Only when a toolpath is setup incorrectly
  8. JoshC

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    $SDVKY is just the ADR version, " American Depositary Receipt (ADR) An ADR (American Depositary Receipt) is a receipt for shares of foreign-based companies that entitles the receipt holder to all dividends and capital gains. ADRs allow Americans to buy shares of foreign-based corporations' securities on American exchanges instead of having to go to overseas exchanges. "
  9. JoshC

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    If anyone's curious sandvik trades under the following tickers $SDVKY and $SDVKF. I should have some shares when my order executers tomorrow. I dont normally buy OTC's but if they are acquiring CNC software im interested.
  10. JoshC

    Posting sub programs

    im pretty positive that both Inhouse solutions post team as well as Postabilities post team can both alter a post to accomplish that, so if your looking to have this implemented I would suggest reaching out to them or go through your reseller directly and they can likely make it happen for a small fee. i would just describe to them that your looking to have a drill cycle added that can be used to output another toolpath as a subprogram using the drill point positions as the sub program location or details similar to that. I think both inhouse and Postability offer great posts, support and their pricing is reasonable and competitive.
  11. JoshC

    Turbine Fir tree milling using Form tool

    and peel mill supports axis substitution and that feature would be on a constant dia so peel mill utilizing axis substitution should work great.
  12. JoshC

    Does the HSM speed/feed database still exist?

    i got an old copy here
  13. JoshC

    FTP running

    whatcha lookin for specifically on there? maybe someone will have it
  14. JoshC

    Integrex i400 smooth x

    Mill turn would give you simulation and easier manipulation of wait codes, it also makes all the 2d/3d toolpaths easier to setup since you do not have to deal with planes as much in MT and you have a setup page in each toolpath where you choose orientation of the tool and cut type (like C-axis face milling, or Y-axis cross milling, etc.) so it makes it much easier to program each and every part. But if you already have a working post processor for the machine and already know how to setup planes for 2d and 3d operations and are making good parts with your current post then adding multi-axis might be a better choice if you need those types of toolpaths and simultaneous machining ops for your parts. if you don't already have a working post and if you are not already used to the setup of planes for a MT machine in a lathe environment then MT may be the best choice since you will be able to create the operations more easily as far as planes are concerned and easier to see what's going to happen with things like adding wait codes, turret parks, etc. more easily and then being able to fully simulate. those are my opinions, i hope this helps maybe see if your reseller is able to let you evaluate the two products together if your really not sure and want to be certain on what to move forward with
  15. JoshC

    Need help

    100% agree, personally I don't even download or look over files unless people take the time to describe what they are having trouble with. nothing against the original poster here but if someone cant take the time to provide enough details to ask a proper question then im not going to take any of my own time to make assumptions on what they want. No reason why people need to be so vague all the time on everything, i see it all too often. The more details you provide on forums like these the more answers you get to your problems and also the more specific detailed info you will get, post a vague question normally you get a vague answer if your lucky enough to get an answer at all. I mention this in the nicest way, again just letting you know my thoughts on when it comes to helping people on public forums.

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