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  1. the best option i can think of to accomplish this is using the toolpath editor, create the path exactly the way you want it to be, then use toolpath editor to make that feedrate adjustment by right clicking on the toolpath and choosing toolpath editor and then making the change in the toolpath editor, that should be easy enough.
  2. no its not super great, plus with dynamic motion there is not typically any need to increase or decrease feedrates during a cut nor have i persoanlly ever seen any recommendations of feedrate changes during the cut by any tool vendors with trochoidal or dynamic motion. maybe it has a place with traditional milling processes but with dynamic or trochoidal type motion theres no need for it in my opinion and dynamic is pretty much the standard for high feed milling with solid carbide tools today so i think thats part of the reason the function gets little to no use today by mastercam users those are my opinions edit: i did since find some supporting evidence from a tool vendors site that claims slowing down feeds in corners is still suggested with dynamic type motion, but i doubt there are many out there that actually do that
  3. for mill tools we have 3 methods that can be utilized method 1 = the tool is drawn vertical along the TOP plane, tip of tool located and centered on Origin of TOP plane, file then saved out as a .STEP file and when a new tool is created in mastercam we import tool from file and choose the STEP file method 2 = the tool is created as a 2d profile, layed out in the X+Y+ (or quadrant 1) of top plane, drawn all on same level, all same entity color and attributes, no splines supported, file is then saved out as a standard .mcam file, then a new tool is created and we click the import tool profile from file and select the .mcam file method 3 = file is created in a specific manner with cut and no cut levels, users must abide by iso 13399 standards and this method is the least user friendly method that i wont get into here then for lathe tools we have 2 methods method 1 = the tool is drawn as 2 separate profiles, a silhouette of the insert and a silhouette of the holder, file is saved out as a .mcam file, then imported as a custom tool method 2 = the tool is created or downloaded as a solid model, then we use the 3d tool designer found under the lathe tool manager to create the 3d lathe tool. if you have any questions let us know, there are also tons of vids on youtube on these topics
  4. here is an example with a custom tool that includes a nut at the bottom, just be aware the tool must still be touched off of the cutter portion and not the bottom of the nut from how this example was setup. nut.mcam
  5. its because your driving to a Square or sharp corner tool on the left side, your rendered mastercam tool and rendered imported tool need to match properly, so you need to start with a Slot mill tool not a custom tool, here is a video i found after a quick search that shows how we need the parametric values to match the imported tool
  6. maybe upgrade one of the licensees to a network software license so that way you cna use mastercam launcher to make custom shortcuts for the launcher, one set to Nethaps license type and the other set to network software license type (which is the choice selectable in the bottom left of the mastercam launcher)
  7. for how simple that shape is you can even use this path shown here to get it done, assuming you fix the custom tool like mentioned above and re-define it as a slot mill https://blog.caminstructor.com/cutting-3d-forms-with-2d-toolpaths
  8. i really hope some day mastercam releases a more powerful transform, we don't need stupid changes like changing the name of Inch to US, or we don't need stupid stock setup changes that make the software harder to use and then we all get ignored when we share our opinions on that, we need and want stuff that makes mastercam easier to work with like improvements to transform to make it more powerful, or a transform made specifically for Horizontal machines so we can have more control over a pallet and offsets and order of operations things are ran in. There is just so many users out there that would benefit from a more powerful transform toolpath in mastercam.
  9. for the original poster i would just say in most cases is extremely easy to upgrade to a new version, i would suggest you install mastercam 2023 first then run migration wizard, then install mastercam 2024 and upgrade all your mastercam 2023 to mastercam 2024, so simply run 2 migration wizard processes instead of one. If you don't upgrade to mastercam 2024 then you really should run all of the updates for 2023 and by the time you do all of that you may as well have just installed 2024, its worth it in my opinion and 2024 is in general better than 2023 especially if you use 2023 without all the update patches. just be aware if your posts are outside default "shared" folder locations then those need updated and re-linked, which is typically best to have your reseller assist with, but if posts, tool libraries, etc. are kept in default locations then a basic migration does a really incredible job and the new version should receive all your settings, etc.
  10. one thing everyone can agree on im sure is that you don't use a Touchpad for CAD/CAM unless you would like to handicap yourself. Had a few people over the years reach for that Touchpad on a laptop instead of the mouse and had to give them a punch
  11. oh the scroll wheel for your thumb i dont ever use personally, so idk what the intent behind that second scroll wheel is, i just mean the main middle mouse scroll wheel is nice, personally that extra thumb wheel i never even use but by default it seems like it just scrolls through my browser tabs so doesnt do me much but it can be mapped to other things im sure
  12. after my collegue bought a mouse with a hyper-fast scroll wheel i used it, had to buy one for myself and i would never go back to any other mouse if it didnt have an awesome fast scroll wheel, this specific one here is my fav https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-master-3s-business-wireless-mouse.910-006581.html , logitech makes a few types with a "hyper-scroll wheel" and for zooming in and out in mastercam nothing beats it in my opinion, its like on a bearing so i can barely spin the wheel and it seems like it will spin for hours, so instead of spinning the middle mouse wheel like a mad man to zoom in and out of various things its super smooth and fast with this type of middle mouse wheel. I never would have even considered the importance of a smooth middle mouse wheel until using one of these and now owning one. just my opinion on what i found as my all time favorite mouse for mastercam, its also nice for just web page browsing though cuz of that scroll wheel just scrolling throuhg pages and stuff is faster for me as well
  13. may not be a mastercam issue either, maybe the attached doc could help you outthe_mill_jerks_or_shudders_during_simultaneous_4th-_or_5th-axis_milling.pdf
  14. here is a 5axis example of the type of path i would likely choose5axis undercut example.mcam
  15. flowline works with undercuts surface finish contour works with undercuts about every mult-axis path works with undercuts (in my opinion offering the most power, control, and most supporting 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis tool axis control modes). Edit: i just noticed you specifically are looking for 5axis motion and not 3 axis so maybe these examples dont apply to this question, so i suggest Unified, if you set unified to a Plane and set it to "construction Plane Z" on the cut pattern page i think that would work well, since setting unified to a construction plane Z means the toolpath will cut Top to bottom which i assume is how we would want to cut a feature like that CONTOUR-FINISH-UNDERCUT.mcam
  16. If you struggle to get help with this question then i would suggest looking over this knowledge base article, https://my.mastercam.com/communities/3rd-party-developers/faq/, you could perhaps click the "where can i get help with mastercam c-hook and net-hook programming?" to get some more details on where to find help with those types of questions.
  17. if anyone doesnt know what we are talking about heres an image
  18. yea i guess its all about what your used to, because i just started my solidworks to try perspective views out and dont like it one bit from what im seeing. probs just one of those things that once you get used to something that what you like or are accustomed to. seems like also the settings intended for more of making drawings and things, from a manufacturing a part standpoint i don't see any benefits personally, these are of course just my opinions and to each their own so nothing wrong your suggestions tho and welcome to the forums, glad to have you
  19. in their defense i do see the scale in the bottom right of the software shows inch, so at least they got that scale units reading correctly or they had fixed that from the initial testing when we reported this. just makes no sense but its not a big deal either way. nothing wrong with changing stuff just to change it i guess but the terminology is silly. no worries and more important things going on but it just makes me laugh a bit that this one that i reported fell through and got ignored when its such a silly thing to me. Someone must think much differently than myself and just likes to change stuff for the sake of change even when the change has no benefit and in fact makes less sense
  20. when your installing mastercam your choices listed for units are now "US Units" and "metric", just wanted to make everyone aware because it makes no sense but even though some of us reported it i guess the microsoft gods won and everyone in the US i guess they expect works in inches. Just something to be aware of since im sure others will notice it with the install of 2024. not sure why US units made sense in anyones mind
  21. this is a known issue that a solution for is shown in our knowledge base here https://my.mastercam.com/knowledgebase/tool-manager-communication-error/ cnc software may not have great forums at this time but one thing they do a spectacular job with in my experience is their knowledge base, anytime an issue occurs i always search there and a vast majority of error messages produced my mastercam can be found in the knowledge base articles and the search function works really well also. if you have any trouble accessing that knowledge base article just let me know and ill copy the info over but as long as you have a mastercam.com account you can view that article.
  22. it was easier in previous versions, most of us just accept it as a regression that we just will have to get used to, they likely are not going to change it at this point and no one from their team ever comments on the new stock setup regression, probably because there is no leg to stand on and its so easy to prove how the old one was better in almost every way, its slowly improving and some day may be back to what it once was
  23. yea im done reporting how much people dont like the new stock setup, always falls on deaf ears, most people wouldn't even believe me if i told them how many mastercam instructors and mastercam users i have worked with have have voiced their issues with it directly to me. they have to be ignoring us all because there is no way they dont have these reports edit: i do love mastercam, dont get me wrong tho... but im not going to sugar coat the truth about this matter
  24. the panel interface used in 3d lathe tool designer and Custom thread toolpath and b-axis turning paths is sooooo ugly to me, i really hope panel interface is not going to be the new thing but i think it is... not trying to take this off topic but i dont mind the drop down much its that panel interface that for some reason has recently started being used is what i dislike, surprised i dont hear more about that but maybe its just me on that

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