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  1. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Screenshots of old Mastercam releases

    I started with Version 3.1 on an IBM desktop like G with a 10 Meg hard drive and 5 1/4 then 31/2 floppies. I met Meghan when she was about 16 in Florida at an ACTE educational show. Before I left the company I was with to work for the Ohio reseller, we had 28 copies of Mastercam running within the engineering group.
  2. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Question on MC part properties

    Hey Terry, is Carl still running the IT department there?
  3. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Can't get MC to load on Win10

    Try using the Windows 10 mail client? I have my gmail, my msn, and another e-mail client all running thru it w/o any issues
  4. Todd Tracey from Fastech


    Window select an area that appears to be blank, If it shows you have entities selected, change the color of the selected entities.
  5. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Top Level Programmer

    Good to hear you are growing Troy! I'm doing some part time programming since I retired and like it that way. Best of luck to you. Todd
  6. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Operation Not Posting

    Make sure it doesn't have a different file name for posting
  7. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Microsoft surface

    The tablet Josh mentioned above was a Surface RT. Didn't do very well. My Dell Venue Pro with I5 processor does fine with Mill Level 1 type work. You need to remember it is a tablet I-5 processor and not a desktop. Graphic were fine.
  8. Todd Tracey from Fastech


    Used to have an UNFOLD c-hook back in about Version 8 (not X8)
  9. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Anilam 6000M - Sample Code?

    My profile still mentions Fastech, but I retired the first of the year. I still do some contract programming here and there.
  10. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Anilam 6000M - Sample Code?

    Pretty sharp of you Cathedral.
  11. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Pictures as background

    themachinist, you can access the Raster to Vector process by pressing the Alt-C key combination in Mastercam. Scroll down and select Ras2vec as the C-Hook to run. HTH
  12. Todd Tracey from Fastech


    I had a customer here in NW Ohio with several Roders doing precise machining for intricate injection molds and other work. Programs them all with Mastercam and has for years w/o any issues.
  13. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    MC Config Change

    Good suggestion Tom.
  14. Todd Tracey from Fastech


    Jayson Kramer in Santa Clarita does a lot of training on Mastercam. There are also colleges or high schools that do training in the area.
  15. Todd Tracey from Fastech

    Excessive Computation Time of Remaing Stock

    What are the spec's on your system?

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