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  1. Chris & YoDoug, Chris - spindle is often (but not exclusively) fine , but the feed is moving too fast for the spindle speed. Hence we are ramming tools into vises and stuff. Don't want to sound like we are being over the top here, but that is what is happening. YoDoug - good lead which we will look into. We are doing the right things like meticulously going through the post, talking with MasterCam and the Hardinge folks. Just everyone a little concerned right now. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue with the combination? Seems that it is the first of its combination out. It is probably something we did/didn't do. So we have to pick through the blades of grass to find the shiny penny and make sure everything is running right. YoDoug points out that he hasn't had these problems, so this is probably it. My post as such just to cover all avenues of possible info/solutions so I do appreciate your feedback. Needless-to-say, we will get through this. - Phil
  2. Newby here - first post. We purchased a Hardinge GX1000 with a Okuma OSP200M controller, and MasterCam for Solidworks. Went to training. Wrote some good programs in MasterCam for SW. Posted them to G codes. Speed and feeds are always wrong. Seems that the feed is 10X faster than the spindle speed cutting tool than what MasterCam says. We have broken a few $50 bits, so no one is really happy. Seems we just can't get our speeds and feeds correct from MasterCam. So we purchased the CNC Cookbook calculator for $70. The CNC Cookbook helps us with correct speeds and feeds, but is really addressing the symptoms, but not the root problem. Anyone else have this type of problem? I hear that our Hardinge/Okuma machine is a one of a kind hybrid at this point and this might be part of the problem. Any help if fully appreciated. - Phil

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