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  1. Amish Blacksmith

    Problems with Solid Models

    I have no idea. I went back into Solidworks and saved it as an IGES file, and I am now able to put the wires I need on it. It isn't what I am used to but I can make it work. Thanks for your help.
  2. Amish Blacksmith

    Problems with Solid Models

    Hello All, I have a step file that I cannot create a curve on all edges, or select single entities. I can not analyze a hole diameter. I have opened it up in Solidworks and have saved it as .STL and Parasolid x_t. Same problem. Anyone have a suggestion I can try? TIA
  3. Amish Blacksmith

    3D Pocket

    I am trying to turn this wireframe into a surface, so we can mill it onto a shift knob. I can't figure out how to do it. Please help. Thank you! 3d pocket.emcam
  4. Amish Blacksmith

    X8 Verify

    Hello All, I'm trying to use compare in X8. The boss in the attached file is not finished. In X7 I would just hit refresh to show the where the part deviates. That doesn't work for me in X8. Please help. Thanks! compare.mcx-8

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