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  1. zero_divide

    HSMAdvisor Speed and Feed Calc Hook for MasterCAM

    Project update! HSMAdvisor Hook for MasterCAM 2021 is now available at the usual place: I recommend installing standalone HSMAdvisor before the Hook Regards!
  2. zero_divide

    csharp and python-scripts-for-mastercam

    I think it could be more valuable to create an interface with C-hook instead of net-hook. Net-hook, while easy to use, has big limitations. It also does not seem to be updated with support for all toolpaths.
  3. zero_divide

    HSMAdvisor Speed and Feed Calc Hook for MasterCAM

    Just a heads up. HSMAdvisor Hook for MasterCAM 2020 is now available at the usual place: Regards!
  4. zero_divide

    Hsmadvisor what is 100% tool life?

    Since I created the program I can tell you how 100% is calculated. 100% tool life is assumed when all values are default (green). It is a standard base line and for most tools it corresponds to medium hogging toolpath at about 30% radial engagement and 100% SF overrides. There is no fixed hour value to 100% though. For Aluminum 100% may be 10 days and for D2 steel it may be 60 minutes. Then as you adjust cutting parameters, your expected tool life will change as well. In your case if you are getting 600% tool life and your actual tool life is 6 hours, you can reasonably assume it would last 1 hour when is shows 100% (assuming you are using the same tool)
  5. zero_divide

    Having trouble with speeds and feeds

    There is also http:\\ - the lighter free version with fewer materials for Browser, Android and iOS
  6. Tried to use this one: TpMainMatMgr.GetMainMatList().DatabaseAdd(opEnt) Still no luck
  7. Hello, I am getting a material from the Material Library and then Adding material with the following 2 methods (C++/CLR code): bool COperation::GetMaterial(String ^ mat_name, CMaterial ^%ctp) { bool result = false; ent opEnt; if (TpMainMatMgr.GetMainMatList().DatabaseRetrieve(mat_name, opEnt)) { ctp = gcnew CMaterial(opEnt); result = true; } return result; } bool COperation::AddMaterial(CMaterial ^ctp) { bool result = false; ent opEnt; String2CharA(ctp->name,; String2CharA(ctp->comment, opEnt.u.matl.comment); if (TpMainMatMgr.GetMainMatList().Add( opEnt.u.matl )>0) { result = true; } return result; } I am ONLY setting the name and comment at this point. It works just fine and the new material is in the list. Yet when I re-open MasterCam, the material is gone. I am sure there is something simple i need to do to make it save, but just can't figure out what is. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! You are the man! Btw. I think last time 2018 SDK was released there was a list of breaking changes and workarounds published. Would be cool is this fine tradition could continue;)
  9. Hi, I am trying to adapt my HSMAdvisor c-hook to work with MC2019 and having major issues. I got it to compile, but the following code seems to return invalid operation data: TpMainOpMgr.GetMainOpList().DatabaseRetrieve (opId, opEnt) Mainly does not contain any info about the tool Has this changed? how do we get info about the operation's tool now? Thanks1
  10. zero_divide

    Dynamic Milling Help

    By the time it does that move there is no material there: it is taken off from both sides.
  11. zero_divide

    Dynamic MIll Spreadsheet

    I thought you are also using HSMAdvisor.... If so please upload your cuts to the cloud using the "stars" on Speeds and Feeds panel.
  12. zero_divide

    Titanium spd/fd for HSM request

    Cool! Thanks for great feedback! I am trying to build an online database for cutting data within HSMAdvisor called Cut Cloud. Would be really great if you guys could contribute to it by rating and uploading cuts. Its really easy to use. Just click on the stars on the Speeds and Feeds panel. Enter some cut info and click Submit. I think having access to real proven data would be a great help for everybody.
  13. HSMAdvisor is not only for HSM machining. Because of a very scientific approach I built into it, it will very accurately tell you what the tool can handle. It especially shines when you need to get proper DOC/WOC for long tools. Obviously for it to work you need to accurately enter as much info about the tool as available. But if tools are "mystery" just use Generic Endmill tool type with whatever coating you think it has. Steer away from "Roughing HP Endmill" if you are not sure.
  14. zero_divide

    HSM Advisor Chook for X8

    Nope. X9 and 2017 only

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