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  1. JSwistak

    Benchmark 3.0

    My time for Benchmark 3_0 was right at 5 minutes. I'm trying out a new machine with a 3.7 Ghz Xeon with 32 Gb ram. I had 4 threads turned on for multi-threading and switched to 8 but the time got slower by a minute. I went back to 4 threads and the time repeated. Fastest machine in the programming room so now I have no excuses.
  2. JSwistak

    Mastercam 2017 graphics issues.

    The Nvidia card can be customized for different cad cam programs such as Mastercam and Autodesk or Siemens software. Right click on your desktop and select NVidia Control Panel. Add Mastercam2017 to the list of programs to customize and change the following settings: CUDA-GPU's -select 'use these GPU's - Quadro K4000 -check it. It will show bold 'all'. The next setting is OpenGL rendering GPU- again select Quadro K4000 and it will stay bold. The last setting is Power Management Mode- Prefer Maximum Performance. I also right click the desktop and modify the nView Desktop Manager by selecting Profile Manager and load 'cad' and select it. These settings were from an earlier Mastercam forum post from a few years ago. We upgrade our Mastercam to 2017 but don't go back and reset our video cards to the new software. Please give these settings to your IT guys or modify at your workstation and it should help your machine's graphic performance. Not sure why NVidia hasn't included Mastercam for preset values like they have for other major softwares.
  3. JSwistak

    Nvidia updated drivers

    I was able to stop the windows from jumping to the single monitor by using the NVidia NView Desktop Manager- under Profile Manager- by setting the current profile to 'cad'. The other choices were 'advanced' 'dcc' 'default' and 'finance'. The window for the Op Manager was sometimes transparent but there is a toggle for that too in the NView Desktop Manager. You can specify certain applications in there too just like in the NVidia Control Panel. There are settings in the NVidia Control panel that help Mastercam and verify work much better. Those settings are in another post online here. Thanks to gcode and GregJ for responding to my question.
  4. JSwistak

    Nvidia updated drivers

    Our IT company just updated the drivers for my NVIDIA Quadro and now whenever I need to do any chaining, everything goes to one screen on my dual screen display. Has anyone experienced this- and had to fix it? It sure is annoying. Thanks, JSwistak Westfield MA
  5. JSwistak

    Which Quadro Driver?

    Our IT company just updated the drivers for my NVIDIA Quadro and now whenever I do any chaining picks everything goes to one screen on my dual screen display. Has anyone experienced this- and had to fix it? It sure is annoying. Thanks, JSwistak Westfield MA
  6. JSwistak

    Chip thinning calculator for HSM here...

    Thank you- we need to use these tools or we won't be competitive. I found the Spreadsheet with results that folks have been posting and I have give this stuff a try.
  7. JSwistak

    Chip thinning calculator for HSM here...

    I still have yet to find the hsm/ dynamic toolpaths that have the switch for chip thinning and the different style end mill such as the VRX from Garr. I it Opti-Rough and Opti- Core? Or just Dynamic 2D toolpaths? I just went to a seminar that showed X8 being used but the instructor said the chip-thinning, and slide bar for dynamic milling is in X7. I was impressed with the feeds and speeds but I can't see how to duplicate the results here. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your post. I'm not sure what 3+2 is. Three axis plus B and C? Our horizontal machines have a full indexing B axis with the 6th axis as on option- Tsudakoma's that we sit on top of the B. I understand the G54.2 is a function of the control but if we can keep our datum close or on the center of the C axis our chances are better that the Dynamic function will be successful. The last job we setup had the datum quite far away from the center of the rotary and we could not get the part to machine correctly. I have setup parts where all we had to adjust for in the Fixture offset page was a Z value and the parts ran quite well, indexing the B and C axis'. Thanks again
  9. Hey folks...Does this group know of any information about guidelines when using Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offsets? We run 6th axis on large horizontal machines with the 2nd rotary sitting on top of the B Axis facing the spindle. We sometimes get the Dynamic Offsets to work and sometimes not... If we had information about the capabilities and limitations of the G54.2 RTDFO we could plan our programs and setups accordingly. I saw a chapter in the book by Karlo Apro "Secrets of Five Axis Machining" about RTDFO but no guidelines were discussed.

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