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  1. TonyThom

    Mastercam 2019 Flow line toolpath 1 st pass gauge

    You are welcome. Glad I could help.
  2. TonyThom

    Mastercam 2019 Flow line toolpath 1 st pass gauge

    I trimmed the surface. Back Radius Finish by Using T_Slot Cutter.mcam
  3. TonyThom

    Help with 5-axis Tool Path

    Your Welcome. The problem you were having with the custom tool was extra geo on that level. MC didn't know what to do with it. These toolpaths always seem to have issues with any WCS other than TOP. I do believe this is a bug. But I don't use them often enough to be 100% that is.
  4. TonyThom

    Help with 5-axis Tool Path

    Try This. help.mcx-8
  5. TonyThom

    Tool Path Suggestions ??

    Is this what you mean? Well I can't seem to attach the file. I just used the entire lower chain with comp off and .1 left on walls.
  6. TonyThom

    Solids need regeneration

    I had this same issue. I discovered that I could delete the tool paths in the solids manager and it would then save with no problem. I haven't notice any problems on actual tool paths.
  7. TonyThom

    isomolded graphite blocks

    Has anyone ever cut isomolded graphite? I have a job coming up that has about 30 tools to be cut from this. I have never cut it. Would appreciate some advice on a start point for feeds and speeds, cutter type. Thanks for any help Tony
  8. TonyThom

    Ball Endmill customization

    Use the Lollipop cutter
  9. TonyThom

    Issue with pocket. Cuts edge.

    You should post your file.
  10. TonyThom

    X6 Verify crashing MC on stock save

    Are you talking about the .stl tolerance in the verify option page? If so what type of tolerance is recommended? I will play around with it some. Thanks
  11. When I run verify if it makes it to the end of all cuts when I try to save the stock file to stl. it completely crashes MC. It does this almost every time. What could be causing this? Memory is 8gb. Windows 7 64bit install. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. TonyThom

    Anyone using Esprit?

    I used Esprit mill for 5 years. Loved it! Then had to go back to MC. Hated that! You will hate Esprit at first because it is very different in how you do things but, Once you get familiar with it you can program circles around MC. I'm sure I will get slammed bad for that statement. Especially being on the MC site. But just giving my honest opinion. MC is what I use these days and I would be just as happy with it if I could get a stable setup. Both systems have there strengths and weaknesses so if you keep access to both you will learn which parts will be best and quickest in which system. Give Esprit a fair chance I think you will like it.
  13. TonyThom

    Importing toolpaths to a revisioned part

    When I get revisions I import the new model into my old mcx file. Put it into correct orientation make any changes necessary for the new model then blank the old. Cuts that did not change will still be associated with old model.
  14. TonyThom

    Rotating a rotary Toolpath

    I have a similar issue. I need to simply rotate my c axis so that the knuckle will not interfere with stock. I have tried using different planes rotated but the gcode is always the same. How or where do I make this happen.
  15. TonyThom

    F agor 8055 POST HELP

    My Apologies to everyone! Thanks again Albert.

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