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  1. Perfect! - Thank you Peter! What you did in a day would've taken me months. -This forum rocks.
  2. Thanks for the help! So it looks like I'm going to have to create a buffer...that's something I've never done. - The sample you provided looks pretty creative. I'll have to start researching how buffers work & then start from there.
  3. I have been trying to use the tooltable output to let our setup guys and operators know what type of comp is used. We use either "control" or "wear" depending on the machine (I know, I'm trying to get everyone to use wear, but it's going to take some time) - The problem I've noticed is that the post will only catch the comp value from the first operation of each tool. This becomes a problem when the first op might not use any comp. For example; using a drill cycle with an endmill to peck the center of a feature & then follow with a contour toolpath. It would also be useful to scan all the toolpaths and give an error if the same tool is using different comp types in multiple ops. Can anyone tell me how to go about this? My post modifying skills are pretty decent; I've added a few misc. ops and tweaked thing here & there. Thank-you. -John

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