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  1. Bronson Jasso

    Did you know Mastercam has "hidden" 5-axis toolpaths?

    that is sweet. I guess I just got in a rut with my tool path selection. I knew triangular mesh could do lots, but I had no idea it was this cool. thanks
  2. Bronson Jasso

    Stock Not Regenerating

    if I use the machine group properties and set the stock up there then go into the backplot/verify options and use the stock setup, I have no problems. but if I only use the backplot/verify options then I seem to loose the stock if I exit verify. I always use the machine group properties and verify program, then save stock as stl. I don't have any problems that way. you can then transform/rotate stl for other operations.
  3. Bronson Jasso

    sfm increase with chip thining

    having him send me a quote now.
  4. Bronson Jasso

    sfm increase with chip thining

    sweet. I downloaded the hsmadvisor with 30 day free trial. exactly what i needed. went from 250sfm to 495sfm. ill see how it works.
  5. Bronson Jasso

    sfm increase with chip thining

    I need to know if the sfm will have an increase as the stepover decreases. i know the feed will increase, just didn't know if i can get more sfm also.
  6. Bronson Jasso

    sfm increase with chip thining

    i know that when the stepover is less than 50% that the feed can increase to keep the same chip thickness(chip thinning). i was hoping someone would have the formula for the sfm increase if you can get any? the seco salesman in my area had a formula, but he has moved. i looked on seco's website but cant find anything. any help will be great.
  7. Bronson Jasso

    x7 verify options

    its on a 5x mill, the icon in mastercam says show/hide lathe stock..., don't know why, it just always has regardless of the machine definition or machine.
  8. Bronson Jasso

    x7 verify options

    it is top view. I opened the stl from op1, translated rotated and saved as op2. when I open the stl it looks good. just not in verify.
  9. Bronson Jasso

    x7 verify options

    I am running x7 sp2. I have multiple operations in one file, and like to flip/translate the .stl file with different operations. I am having trouble with the stl not showing up in verify correctly? I have selected the stl in the stock setup and it shows it properly in mastercam under the show hide lathe stock, but when I launch the verify screen it only shows a solid block with no pockets(I cut pockets in first op, then rotate and translate stl). I have tried to use the file option, and the stock model in the verify options with no success. is this a common problem with x7? it worked in other previous versions of mastercam.
  10. I have had the same problem. only with the optirest tool paths. it looses the cad stock model
  11. Bronson Jasso

    AMD Processors with Mastercam

    I use a AMD V7900 and it works great with mastercam and solidworks. just have to keep an eye on the temp.
  12. Bronson Jasso

    engraving on mazak 730 with mazatrol matrix

    the date xx/xx/xx, the job # xxxxx-xx(totally random) part number ##### (this one will be easey) will change. some i can controll with a counter, but they will need to change the date at midnight and change for each job #. i am going to get them to dot peen the parts. (that machine has true logic for this stuff) thanks for the help
  13. Bronson Jasso

    engraving on mazak 730 with mazatrol matrix

    that is a great macro. we have the ability to do so, and we do often. the problem is that the 18 #'s that will change are not in numerical order. i might have to do some more investigation on how to do this. i can have the operators insert the # in each variable #(#900-#918). the problem is i will need to rely on someone to enter the correct # in each variable. i need to be able to do this with no operator input.(dont look good) we may need to vibropeen offline at a later operation. thanks for the help
  14. i have a part with 47 variables that that need to be engraved on each part. 18 of them will change from part to part. the machine is a mazak 730 5x ii. it has a mazak matrix control on it, and was wondering if i can make variables like a fanuc, or is there some macro call like a haas.
  15. Bronson Jasso


    i have not had any problem with lathe verify other than drill tool paths(positioning from hole to hole is an arcin face drilling?)Jeremy [email protected] Solutions will be able to answer the question.

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