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  1. DUM1

    Force head and table rotation

    went through the same problem not too long ago UMC ROTARY CUT topic , never really did get the effect i wanted from master cam , ended up hand coding for the rotary axis cut.
  2. DUM1

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    I'll second this statement x1000 , having been there before , tried 2 years to get a post right before scrapping it and going back to ONE CNC . the other guy supposed to use esprit on the integrex had to have a tech come in every time he tried to program it .
  3. Surfacing Calculator.xlsx check this surfacing calculator I had made for me . results in an even vertical horizontal finish looks like diamonds finish, for easier fine finishing . step over =sq root of H*8*r H=CUSP r=RADIUS OF CUTTER IPM= f*rpm*CL f=FLUTES CL= CHIP LOAD
  4. DUM1

    3/8-16 NC 5IF thread

    I see that you can buy plug gauges for that but I haven't seen a tap , thread mill? the same description / call out is in the machinist 23 edition hand book ... good luck with that G
  5. DUM1


    WOW ! Great thinking Bob , I would be really appreciative if that were the case where I am employed . I'm sure your guys will come together and make it happen . what's not to like about that DEAL ?
  6. DUM1

    Angled slot on a cylinder.

    that's pretty close thanks for the tip
  7. DUM1

    Angled slot on a cylinder.

    Well seems that Solid Sweep has gone through some changes and not working like it used to when I first started using it 20+ years ago. I would have done it exactly like you did using that print. Part passed inspection and customer is happy then life is good. I can create the solid shape using the start and end chains as shapes drawn in holes at the correct place. I rolled the geometry using splines to give me good sides to work from verse the lines. If you made the toolpath from the splines your toolpath would have been smoother that just using the lines also. Here is a link to my file and I got something that looks okay, but still wonky in my opinion. Link here's another slot slit I cant get my head around , I am not a lathe guy but when they ask me for help I can usually fake my way through .. I have been messing with this for hours , cant seem to get the combo for the rotary dia to the chain to cut on angel , any help would be appreciated as usual 839-A64364-001_A lathee test share copy.mcam
  8. DUM1

    Angled slot on a cylinder.

    thanks for the lesson crazy millman
  9. DUM1

    Angled slot on a cylinder.

    40.7 appears from front view still working top
  10. DUM1

    Angled slot on a cylinder.

    angle slot on dia DONE.mcam BOLEEN COMMON THEN SUBTRACT oh that'sts not correct
  11. DUM1


    pointed this out to another programmer that USED to work here and told him basically the same thing that Mr. crazy mill man said . He doesn't work here anymore so I get to fix the programs that he didn't when the operators come in and ask why so slow ? I personally only use helix for roughing and that's pretty rare.
  12. After the crash o matic boss that opted for esprit was let go I finally talked them into mastercam been all rosy since ...
  13. No longer have the integrex , very cool but it was a troublesome machine had many issues . Some were operator enhanced, had a boss that thought he knew it all , crashed the thing , "catastrophic" crashes three times in the 2 years he was here . Getting a good post from esprit proved impossible , we didn't have mastercam at the time , wish we did I would have probably gotten better faster results. Ended up hand programming most of the time in mazatrol, which I call the liars software , because I always had to lie to it to get it to do what I wanted to do . On the OD and ID I would get about .013" change throughout the day other axis a bit less. Had to set a timer to change comps every hour or so to hold print tolerances. Had some huge runs of large parts , helicopter rotor housings , constant fight to hold tolerances on all features due to thermal movement of the machine. Mazak support was the worst I've ever encountered , one day shortly after warranty time they came in and basically said we don't support these machines anymore , at all . Now its a generic cnc service company which has proven to do a better job then Mazak did back when anyway. We still rock mazak horizontal and vertical machines which I think are great machines . I was pretty glad the day it "the integrex" got sold though , took a huge load off my plate . I wish you the best of luck on the new Machine , they are really cool and very capable of making good parts with the right programmer/machinist running them . I would just leave the whole "operator" scenario off \away from it.

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