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  1. Ben Wood

    Last tool call

    I'm thinking something like the lines below instead of the line you had. At he beginning of the post set test to 0. if test = 0 & next_tool$ = first_tool$, "T2" test = 1
  2. Ben Wood

    live 5 programs

    It is hitting a travel limit on a rotary axis and needs to spin it around to continue. I try to find a way to fix it if possible but I think I've run one a couple of times with that warning. It is likely going to spin the rotary at max speed when it gets to that point. Depending on the machine it might be ok. My machine has the TCP option and I don't think I would want to try it on a machine without it.
  3. Ben Wood

    Benchmark 3.0

    I9-7900X has 10 cores and a base speed of 3.30 GHz and a turbo of 4.30 GHz I7-8086K has 6 cores and a base speed of 4.00 GHz and a turbo of 5.00 GHz The ram in the I9 computer was 64 GB of Ballistix Sport LT - DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) - Timing 16-18-18 - CAS Latency 16 - Voltage 1.2V The ram in the I7 computer was 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX -DDR4 3466 (PC4 27700) - Timing 16-18-18-36 - CAS Latency 16 - Voltage 1.35V If i understand it correctly the faster speed of the ram in the I7 computer would only matter if it was overclocked.
  4. Ben Wood

    Benchmark 3.0

    We recently started having the company that manages our network do custom build for us. I prefer them over the Dell computers we used to buy. Dell will actually do more then what there workstation configuration tool on the website shows. On the last Dell's we ordered we were able to get I7 processors but had to call them.
  5. Ben Wood

    Benchmark 3.0

    Clock speed wins. We recently bought two computers and the cheaper I7 with higher clock speed beat the I9 that had more cores and twice the memory. Times are for Mastercam 2019 and were by subtracting the start time from the end time in the events log. 3:44 - I7-8086K, 32 GB Ram, Quadro P4000, M.2 SSD 4:06 - I9-7900X, 64 GB Ram, Quadro P4000, M.2 SSD
  6. Ben Wood

    Fanuc G68.2 with rigid tapping

    Is it possible its looking for pitch instead of ipm for the feedrate?
  7. Ben Wood

    Why I have stuck with X7sp2

    With Windows its best to avoid every other version. 98 was better then ME XP was better then Vista 7 was better then 8
  8. Ben Wood

    Multiaxes tool paths, and Workshifts

    I thought in the older versions you had to program from top WCS for 5 axis paths. I could be wrong though since I never tried any other way.
  9. If you are going to continue using Mastercam I would recommend going with 2017. If you are just starting out it won't make much difference which interface you learn. If you learn X9 then later update to 2017 or later version it will be frustrating learning were everything is in the new interface.
  10. I used to work at a shop that had a Fanuc wire and Surfcam. Its been at least 8 years. Back then we were told that PC FaptCut was the only software that would output the power settings. I don't know if that was correct or if it has changed. We didn't have the PC FaptCut software. We were able to output the g code path out of Surfcam. On the control we could select the material, thickness, and number of passes and have it create a main program that would call the Surfcam generated code as a subprogram. It worked pretty good but it would have been nice to be able to do it all from the CAM software. I don't run wire machines anymore but the shop I'm at now the wire guys program Agie and Charmilles with Mastercam. Sounds like they are using about the same method. I think Mastercam has the ability but they seem to think what they are doing is easier. Might be because there posts need some work.
  11. Ben Wood

    Xeon E3 or I7?

    I would also recommend turning off adaptive quality. There are a few other ways to increase the precision of verify that seem to work better. First is to check the box in simulation options for always use 5 axis mode. If you have 3 axis programs this will increase the precision. If they are 5 axis programs it is already using it so it won't make a difference. The other option is to open the MastercamSimulatorDefaults.xml file in the my macam2017 folder. Find the line <PrecisionFactor>1</PrecisionFactor> and change the value to a higher number. Both methods work but add time to the verification. Going too high on the PrecisionFactor number really takes a long time.
  12. When I started I had a very limited knowledge of the "Basic" computer programing language and a little graphing calculator programing experience. Between looking for examples in existing posts and reading on this site I was able to get to the point were I can handle most of the edits I need. It can be very frustrating at first. My post editing results in a lot of trial and error. Make sure you have a backup of your post and thoroughly test any changes you make. I have sometimes fixed one problem only to break something somewhere else. Sometime I don't even find the new problem until I use a tool path I don't normally use months later. I now keep a backup and a note with each change I make in case I have a problem later on. Without this site I couldn't have done half of what I have done. Most edits people need have been discussed on here already or something similar that might point you in the right direction. I still have a long way to go to do some of the stuff guys on here talk about. I try to read through most of the topics because I never know when I will learn something new.
  13. Ben Wood

    G10 Line Output

    To the best of my knowledge the following is correct. But I'm no expert either so I could be wrong. A * in front of a variable forces it to output the value. If you have a variable called test and put it on three lines in a row without the * it will only output the value once. If you put a * in front of it ( *test ) it would output it three times. If the variable has a $ on the end it means it is a system variable instead of one created by the post writer. I too would recommend getting the MP_Documentation portfolio from your reseller. I unfortunately didn't have it when I started. Now that I have it I see it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble in the beginning. I learned most of what I know from looking through the post for similar code, trial and error, and searching through emastercam. There is a ton of information on this website. A lot of the post edits I have done I couldn't have done without the information I got from emastercam.
  14. Ben Wood

    issue with dynamic toolpath

    I've never had a problem with it. The feedrate your seeing isn't the back feedrate is it?
  15. I could be wrong but I believe nextdc$ is a system variable and even if you don't currently have it in your post you can use it.

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