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  1. Ben Wood


    Just checked in 2020 and it is not there either.
  2. Have you tried rebooting the computer. I have see a reboot fix some very weird behavior before.
  3. Ben Wood

    Chamfer Solid Question

    I recently had a part were the lead in would work but the lead out would cause it to stop short of the edge. Playing with the sweep angle on the lead out would get it to work in some places and if I tried enough sweep angles it might have worked but simply turning off the lead out gave me what I needed. With lead out off it still did a 90 degree lead out. I'm at home right now so I can't look at your file to see if its the same problem I was having.
  4. I think it looks ok on my verify. If yours doesn't look like mine it must be a setting in verify. In the verify options I have mine set to always use 5 axis engine which makes verify more accurate but a little slower.
  5. The error message says you can't use block delete with cutter comp. Does the code that works without the transform also have a / at the beginning of each line?
  6. Ben Wood

    Coding with Dynamic Fixture Offset

    I'm running a Kitamura 5 axis with a Fanuc 16i-MB control. I use dynamic fixture offsets for all 3 axis toolpaths and TCP for 5 axis paths. I've got the post outputting the correct one based on the toolpath type. Code for 5 axis paths T4 M06 G55 G17 G90 G40 G49 G80 G05.1 Q0 G990 Q0 G0 A0. C0. G0 X-.74992 Y-3.28216 S6000 M03 G43.4 H4 Z6. Code for 3 axis paths T42 M06 G17 G90 G40 G49 G80 G05.1 Q0 G990 Q0 M1154 G54 G54.2 P1 G0 A0. C0. S8000 M03 G0 X9.26378 Y-2.16535 A0. C0. G43 H42 Z2.98819 The M1154 is one of two custom M codes calling a program that does a G10 parameter write. We use one before drilling and the other before milling. It was created before I started running this machine so I don't really know what it is doing or if it has anything to do with dynamic fixture offset. I don't see it outputting in the 5 axis code making me think it has something to do with the dynamic fixture offset. Code for custom M code used before drilling G10 L50 N19600 R00100000 G11 Code for custom M code used before drilling G10 L50 N19600 R00100100 G11
  7. Ben Wood

    Random Problem with Selection?

    Have you tried restarting the computer?
  8. Ben Wood

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    I use Cimco because it is faster to open and has file compare. I also think it is easier to read the code.
  9. Ben Wood

    Rookie Mistake

    You could toggle it with a Misc value or have the post ask if it should continue or stop.
  10. I believe you want to use simplify spline.
  11. Ben Wood

    multi axis Tool path help

    My guess is one is an old Mastercam created path and the other is the newer one made by ModuleWorks. Sometimes one works better and sometimes the other. There are even more surface project toolpaths. I've found three of them.
  12. Ben Wood

    multi axis Tool path help

    I would use the Multiaxis Roughing path to rough it out. I've attached a sample file of a similar feature. For finishing I would probably use a swarf for the side walls and a parallel for the floor. Roughing.mcam
  13. Ben Wood

    Cannot create custom tool from this geometry

    Another option to convert it to arcs would be to create a 2d contour with comp off and arc filtering on. Then use the save as geometry button in back plot.
  14. Ben Wood

    Last tool call

    I'm thinking something like the lines below instead of the line you had. At he beginning of the post set test to 0. if test = 0 & next_tool$ = first_tool$, "T2" test = 1
  15. Ben Wood

    live 5 programs

    It is hitting a travel limit on a rotary axis and needs to spin it around to continue. I try to find a way to fix it if possible but I think I've run one a couple of times with that warning. It is likely going to spin the rotary at max speed when it gets to that point. Depending on the machine it might be ok. My machine has the TCP option and I don't think I would want to try it on a machine without it.

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