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  1. We have the same problem. As a partial solution I have it set up to kick all users off in the middle of the night so each day there are licenses available in the morning. Directions below to stop then restart the nethasp in the middle of the night to close any open Mastercam seats Save the following as a .bat file on the computer with the Nethasp NET STOP "HASP Loader" ping -n 30 NET START "HASP Loader" exit Then go to the task scheduler start/all programs/accessories/system tools/task scheduler Create a basic task and for action select start a program and then select the .bat file you saved Once the task is created it needs to be edited to run as administrator Find the task you created in the task scheduler library and right click and select properties Check the box for "Run with the highest privileges"
  2. What is the benefit of using the c-hook instead of the migration wizard?
  3. Do you have to bring it into Coral or could you send the DXF file directly to the machine?
  4. Unfortunately Roger passed away last year. Eric at Prototek and Mick from Mastercam teamed up to update his file for Mastercam 2021 though. It can be found here I've been using the Prototek tool for a few years but before that I did it without. I can't remember all the details but I think you can just move the shared folder to the network and then change the configuration file on each computer to its location. The Prototek tool is probably the safest way though.
  5. Ben Wood

    DNC to Old Machine using New Computer

    Our DNC computer still has a serial port so we haven't run into this yet. You can get PCI to serial port add on cards. I'd probably try one or two and see if that works. There might be issues getting some to work. Years ago I had trouble with a PCI to parallel card not working with Surfcams hardware key. Changed to a different brand and it worked.
  6. Ben Wood


    I run a Kitamura with a Fanuc 16i control using G54.2 and can probe the part in X,Y,Z, and C axis. G54 is set to the machine center of rotation. I probe the part position into another offset and I have a macro program that does the math and transfers the correct values into the dynamic fixture offset. I have my post setup to call the macro program at each toolchange. On my machine I need to use G54.2 for 2 and 3 axis toolpaths but for full 5 axis I need to use TCP (G43.4). For G43.4 I can simply probe the value into a offset. I have my post setup to post out G54.2 or G43.4 depending on the toolpath being used. The way I'm setup I can probe the part position into any offset between G55 and G58 and run the program as posted out of Mastercam.
  7. Ben Wood

    Mastercam Maintenance Codes

    A number of years ago with our nethasp we could not use Mastercam after it expired. Before we switched to the nethasp it didn't seem to matter. Maybe it has changed now.
  8. Ben Wood

    Importing Solids

    If it is not the update you might have to register the SwDocumentMgr.dll file. I have to do this once or twice a year. Instructions on how to do it are in the knowledgebase area of Mastercam's website.
  9. Ben Wood

    Gerber EIA RS274-D

    Are you trying to eliminate all lines that have a "D2"? If so I think it should be fairly easy.
  10. Ben Wood

    generic 5x post giving crazy A numbers

    It all depends on the post writer. One of our posts came with the drill section encrypted and one did not. I told our reseller I wanted to do some edits to the drilling and they were able to get the drilling section removed from the .psb file for me.
  11. Ben Wood


    Just checked in 2020 and it is not there either.
  12. Have you tried rebooting the computer. I have see a reboot fix some very weird behavior before.
  13. Ben Wood

    Chamfer Solid Question

    I recently had a part were the lead in would work but the lead out would cause it to stop short of the edge. Playing with the sweep angle on the lead out would get it to work in some places and if I tried enough sweep angles it might have worked but simply turning off the lead out gave me what I needed. With lead out off it still did a 90 degree lead out. I'm at home right now so I can't look at your file to see if its the same problem I was having.
  14. I think it looks ok on my verify. If yours doesn't look like mine it must be a setting in verify. In the verify options I have mine set to always use 5 axis engine which makes verify more accurate but a little slower.
  15. The error message says you can't use block delete with cutter comp. Does the code that works without the transform also have a / at the beginning of each line?

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