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    Pop Quiz

    Can any one name the very first edition of Mastercam available to purcahse???
  2. stevep80

    Some Hotkeys not working

    Yeah tried that also tried reinstalling the software!!
  3. stevep80

    Some Hotkeys not working

    Thats the one thats not working
  4. stevep80

    Some Hotkeys not working

    Using X6 its been installed for a while but just seems to have given up the ghost. Tried using the settings and nothing works Most likely just keep using the ribbon bar to toggle the shading.
  5. stevep80

    Some Hotkeys not working

    Hi Guys. Small problem with either PC or mastercam software. Has this happened to anyone else. Most of the hotkeys work on keboard apart from alt+t (toolpaths) and alt+s(shade model). Can anyone help or advise how to fix?? Hotkeys are enabled on auto curser. Thanks in advance.

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