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  1. mayday

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    JOINED January 12, 2001
  2. they will tell you it plays nice together
  3. mayday

    Drilling without drilling?

    thats called G81
  4. mayday

    Keeping level manager always visible?

    yes, they will go to the background if you click on another app
  5. mayday


    Everyone using Lathe Cries. Just thing if you have to alter a path for some reason. Do you want to deal with editing the solid model our just edit a few lines and arcs. Whats easier?
  6. mayday


    Your better off creating a turn profile and using standard geometry for tool paths
  7. mayday

    Toolholder models

    one thing I dont like about machine sim on a hrz is it dont respect full Z retract at index. It blows the tool thru the part. not sure why
  8. mayday

    Toolholder models

    we use mostly Technics holders and they can be download as a solid. one thing you need to do is edit the solid and cut the taper off at the gage line.other wise it will display the the taper hanging out of the spindle
  9. mayday

    Expedited experience

    fissed for our reality
  10. mayday

    Fixture design. Not MC related

    just remember dowel pins are for position, not lateral holding force, use keys for that
  11. mayday

    moldplus 10.8

    Tom, your a light year ahead of us
  12. wow, just wow I'm effing old
  13. mayday

    MC2020 Update 1

    I just cant afford to move to 2020. I cant chance my 1 to 2 gig files in 2019 with deadlines and do dates
  14. mayday

    License "borrowing"

    easiest fix, don't take work home with you
  15. mayday

    Lag issues

    mine are between 1 an d 2 gig. one thing I found was if at all possible DO NOT use solid geometry in your tool paths, it will kill the regen time I always create curves and surfaces and drive the path from that

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