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  1. mayday

    Taper Lock thread

    I believe it's a C.A.T. design the studs have a taper at the end to seat into the bottom of the thread can't find much info on the web about it. We are still waiting on final prints to better define the internal thread
  2. any experts out there on this? I'ts a blind 3/4-10 in 30rc steel. we originally planned on threadmilling but now the customer want's to change to a taper lock is there a special tap for this?
  3. mayday

    Lots of good enhancements

    thats what ver. 2020 should have been called
  4. mayday

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    backplot is a must ideally at least 4 axis but ill take 3 otherwise its just another notepad
  5. mayday


    create a surface from the solid, offset the edge curves and trim the surface where you want it and create new edge curves then use the standard tool settings in morph . Dont always try and use the solid as a drive that will get you in trouble almost every time
  6. mayday


    cant use comp in 5 axis on an Integrex
  7. mayday


    here you go Son use Morph and or use margins at start and end
  8. mayday


    C40 Vision
  9. mayday


    has anyone toyed with the Gen Fanuc 5x post to work with one of these?
  10. mayday

    Endless C-Axis Swiveling

    have you tried morph or parallel between 2 curves or just 1 curve with a 90 degree tool axis I'm not a fan of swarf
  11. mayday

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Don't feel bad, I have 500 meg cylinder heads that take up to a half an hour to load
  12. mayday

    multiaxis toolpaths locked to 3 axis on HMC?

    set tool axis revolve about Z
  13. If I switch to a top tool plane it works but see how it comes in 90 degrees off somthing needs rotated I guess
  14. getting this error, simple drill cycle using top,front,front

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