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  1. mayday

    Feed from chain to chain in contour

    turn the rapid down to 5% at the machine, as most operators do anyway
  2. mayday

    Forum neighborhood

    ^ yup, a lot of long losts guys from here I joined in Jan. of 2001
  3. mayday

    Forum neighborhood

    15 yrs old Tom Jack started it in 03 we be gettin old
  4. mayday

    Forum neighborhood

    to bad most pics are gone, where have all you guys been?
  5. mayday

    Tsudakoma rotary axis

    you'll need a drive to run it.
  6. mayday

    2019 Copy and paste

    more so in dynamic Often-Gouge demo of NX today looking to standardize the company software
  7. mayday

    2019 Copy and paste

    ok, the features in this software are becoming dangerous, er.... I mean liberal
  8. mayday

    2019 Copy and paste

    yes watch out for that bug changing a tool in an operation will do the same thing
  9. here is another way stuff all the code on the hard drive as sub programs and call with a main program in memory (MAIN PROGRAM) G28G40G80G91Z0 (#500 SEQUENCE NUMBER) (SET #500 TO 100 TO START) GOTO#500 N500 (T1 3/8 BALL DIJET) G91 G28 Z0. G30 Y0. G30 X0. M220T1 G65P500 #500=501 G91 G28 Z0. G30 Y0. G30 X0. M01 N501 (T2 11/64 BALL ENDMILL) G91 G28 Z0. G30 Y0. G30 X0. M220T2 G65P501 #500=502 G91 G28 Z0. G30 Y0. G30 X0. M01
  10. mayday

    toolpath smoothing

    if your using the edge curves check the integrity of them, if their wavy so is your tool path
  11. why not program 1 spoke with HS tool paths, output in incremental and call as a sub between rotations
  12. mayday

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    i just ran the windows update, working now
  13. mayday

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    setup sheet etc. work fine, just the tool list is crashing
  14. mayday

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    anyone seeing a crash issue launching X+ tool list? 2018 and 2019 mine started today, worked fine last week. nothing was updated

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