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  1. Lines normal on a surface edge

    Is there a trick to manipulating jenjacs? they are not normal at all
  2. I used MA Ford. They would make me anything I wanted in a tapperd end mill and at a very good price.
  3. Udimet 720?

    Iv'e turned it and milled it many times usually in a mild heat treated state again, very close to cutting Inconell. keep the tool moving through it or it will work harden
  4. Udimet 720?

    .05 depth of cut 200 sfm, always used CNMG 432 to rough VNMG to finish
  5. Udimet 720?

    Treat it like Inco 718 good coated carbide, 5-7 flute 200 sfm .002-.003 per tooth or ceramic
  6. Triangular mesh failure

    you can use a parallel path. draw a point in the middle of the slot a few inches above it. then on tool axis control use tilt from point and select the point you made. adjusting that point up or down will change the amount of tilt the tool has
  7. Triangular mesh failure

    I've only had triangular mesh work for me a couple of times. mostly in a pocket type shape with a floor in it. why not just run a rest mill path in the pocket your cutting? Or are you trying to use a tool tilt to avoid the tool shank?
  8. have you tried this yet?
  9. Morph path is jagged

    Take a look at your edge curves if thats what your using. If the splines are a little rough it will cause the tool path to do the same
  10. Deburring paths

    sometimes you need to run the part and see where the burrs show up, turning and milling based on tool path selection create different burrs in different areas. I also use 3M coated brushes to run over the part to help deburr in a very fast manner
  11. Tool length question

    From an I machine N23(CUT BAR FLATS) G20 G10.9 X0 G91 G30 P4 X0. G30 P4 Y0. Z0. G0 G90 G53 B0. M901 T23 M06 M200 G97 S2037 M03 M108 M212 G0 G90 G53 B90. M107 G54 G68 X0. Y0. Z0. I0. J1. K0. R90. G17 C90. G90 G43 H23 X.4213 Z1.5 X.4213 Y.9003 M08 Z.66 G94 G1 Z.56 F30. G3 Y.8497 J-.0253 G1 X.7106 G3 Y.9003 J.0253 X.7093 J-.0253 G1 X.42 Y.8855 F100. G3 X.4213 Y.8348 I.0013 J-.0253 F30. G1 X.7106 G3 Y.8855 J.0253 X.7093 J-.0253 G1 X.42 Y.8706 F100. G3 X.4213 Y.82 I.0013 J-.0253 F30. G1 X.7106 G3 Y.8707 J.0253 X.7093 Y.8706 J-.0253 G1 X.42 Y.8558 F100. G3 X.4213 Y.8052 I.0013 J-.0253 F30. G1 X.7106
  12. Tool length question

    ya these machines get lost without G68 at any angle but B0.
  13. Tool length question

    Not sure on a J, but on our I machines G43 P1 is only for turning. All 5 axis paths use G43.4, tool tip comp 3 axis milling we need to active G68 rotation unless your at B0. our post outputs the correct values based on the toolpath selected
  14. looks like leaded stock. I'd like to try that with Inco.
  15. set up parts on the left, tool axis allowed to follow surface ISO on the right same tool path with locked C and B

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