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  1. mayday

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Don't feel bad, I have 500 meg cylinder heads that take up to a half an hour to load
  2. mayday

    multiaxis toolpaths locked to 3 axis on HMC?

    set tool axis revolve about Z
  3. If I switch to a top tool plane it works but see how it comes in 90 degrees off somthing needs rotated I guess
  4. getting this error, simple drill cycle using top,front,front
  5. no do I need that? if so what is it for?
  6. I'll start over and see what happens, thats exactly how I have mine Thanks
  7. thanks so the base table face should point to Z positive for a horizontal like this one?
  8. at the very bottom of your last photo what is cc1?
  9. no I think its the position you start with. Should Z point through the back of the spindle even tho it's a Horizontal?
  10. weird alright if I switch to a top toolplane this is what I get Tombstone is wrong and if I rotate it with workpiece transform i get the error again
  11. Tried both, I copied the default Horz4Front and added my stl's then removed the originals when i try and load it I get an error using a front toolplane
  12. I did Ron, pic was from the manufacture. base, column, spindle, table and b axis is all i have, it just crashes on load. I've tried about everything
  13. Is there a trick to doing this I followed a you tube video on it and also mimicked the one that comes with MC. neither worked. I'm able to assemble the machine and get the movement correct but MC hangs and crashes when i try to use it
  14. mayday

    2019 tool manager DXF files

    While your at it, have them fix the stp. import seems silly it works within MC but not Tool Manager

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