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  1. I got this to work without having to edit the program or enter data on the offset page, simply entering data to #101,#102,#103. I'm setting this up for a green operator to run. now to crash proof it. If they dont enter anything the offsets stay at zero and tool wont cut any material. Now if they enter to large of a negative value it will scrap the part. So I need to figure out a GT statement for a max negative value.
  2. simple example a single line cut using Ccomp. I need to weigh balance this part so I want to use one program. can I use a macro to make a change to tool 1 Dia. offset at the top of the program to auto change the D value and run the same program over and over using different amounts of stock removal using dia. comp?
  3. Bump to top, I don't have time to search this old good thread I need a while do statement, 60 radial slots on a HMC machine, B axis table index a guess while #100 is LT or = to 60 DO1 #100=1 cut,cut,cut #100= #100+1 END 1
  4. Family Farm I grew up there, well I'm almost grown up
  5. this is a test, only a test
  6. I won 7 days, where is my vacation check?
  7. I got a one year badge, a year of what? been here since 2001
  8. why not just turn then verses milling? I've always used gcode never mazatrol post a file or a pic and I'll help
  9. I always used morph between 2 curves. If your on the sub you have to sync the spindles. Mazaks cant run 5 axis on the sub alone, it needs the main active too
  10. right click on your toolpath and export your toolpath and import to a new part. all your settings stay, just move your X line to your new depth and regen
  11. "I generally create offset drive surfaces when I want to leave extra material" Bob wins the internet
  12. I didn't tweak it, just a quick example of what 5 axis paths can do for you. Adjust and play with settings and lie a little on contour selection, that will change the complete path results but you will not get slivers, (until you clean your table)
  13. I use morph between 2 curves, ya 5x path. outside contour and a .005 circle in the middle. Modualworks has it figured out.
  14. Not sure for your area, in my area a lot of shops use the MSC style vending machine. Every tool pulled is tracked to what shop order along with who pulled it and quantity still in the system. Also a return option to also track tools for regrind. Some will stock it for you and you only pay when it's pulled. Another form of inventory for the vendor. At a price of course.

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