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  1. oneyankfan1


    Getting a bad link message for 2020 tools.
  2. oneyankfan1

    New to mastercam pls help

    You will be a great fit. Sounds alot like my journey to where Im at today. Good luck with your endeavors.
  3. oneyankfan1

    New to mastercam pls help

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Truest words ever.
  4. Could not agree more. Colin is a great teacher.
  5. The website lists the start time as 7:30-9:30 eastern time is this correct?
  6. It can but it wont call the program like that. My apps guy said it had to be .ssb or .sub he wasnt sure which. I had time to try .ssb but havent had spindle time to try the other one.
  7. I have a situation related to this. I have a handful of programs that wont load into the from the fastems due to an buffer issue. I have to run these programs in "b method" as well due to their size. I have a Fastems hooked to 2ea. MB 5000H with osp 300. I want the fastems to deliver the program to the machine as follows: % TLFON CALL O9999 TLFOFF M02 % The actual part program (O9999.SSB is what I have it currently named) would be on the control as follows: % CALL OPRBE RUN SOME OF PART CALL OSETZ RUN REST OF PART RTS % OPRBE DO PROBING RTS OSETZ VZOFX[1]= WHATEVER VZOFY[1]= WHATEVER VZOFZ[1]= WHATEVER VZOFB[1]= WHATEVER AND MORE PROBING RTS But I keep getting an alarm when the fastems is trying to load the program. Do i need to register O9999.ssb? Do I need to name it O9999.sub? It looks right to me as it sits but maybe Im missing something. Thanks.
  8. oneyankfan1

    Mastercam Active Reports

    This is a great video on how to configure the active report to what you want I have mine dialed in pretty good, its annoying but once its done.... BINGO.
  9. oneyankfan1

    Tapping Titanium

    Walter has some ba tm's.
  10. oneyankfan1

    M20 Threadmills

    Emuge and Walter both very good i use them on small holes alot. But recently we did a PIP with sandvik and they brought a NPT 1-11.5 threadmill that has absolutely killed everything so far, but it is $1009.00. I asked my rep if it had a comet dust substrate.
  11. oneyankfan1

    Update Problem

    Thanks J
  12. oneyankfan1

    Update Problem fixes it.

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