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  1. Mgrenier

    Anybody using Wintool?

    Hello Collin, Off course we want to manage our tooling and we already know that implementation is going to be a long process that needs to be done carefully by the right employees. But in addition to tool management, we want the ability to have Wintool push the tools geometry to mastercam and Vericut. Upper management does not like having one tool library for Mastercam , one for Vericut and one for our tooling department. This is where the need came from. We are now in a trial period with Wintool and it looks good but I was asked to see if I could gather some informations from users not only Wintool company. Regards,
  2. Mgrenier

    Anybody using Wintool?

    Hello Mike, I did send a message to Daniel a few days ago but I did not get any answer from him yet. I will try to contact GuessWho
  3. Mgrenier

    Anybody using Wintool?

    Hello Mike, I know that, we talked on the phone a few months back about that subject. But upper management decided to not go with Zoller.
  4. Mgrenier

    Anybody using Wintool?

    Hello, As the title says, does anybody use wintool to get the their tools from? We are now in the process of looking for a tool managing software and would like to know if anybody out threre uses this software. Is it good, what do you like/dislike about this software. Any comment will be appreciated. Regards,
  5. Hello, As the tiltle states, we are looking for the Korloy distributor in Canada. I can't seem to find it. Anyboby cans help me? Regards,
  6. Mgrenier

    VTL Noob Needs Help

    it's in the post processor. look for the .pst file that your control definition points to.
  7. Mgrenier

    VTL Noob Needs Help

    Hello, It can be done. We have done it. We started with the mplmaster post of this site and worked from there. You need to define your machine as a VTL in the control definition. We have the part on screen as the operator sees it on the machine. Part is vertical and the tools are at the right. The tricky part is to have the post posting the proper X sign (+ or -). For this, you need to play with this section of the post processor: Hope that helps,
  8. Mgrenier

    Surface Rough Contour - How to Choose Side?

    Like Murlin said, Create a surface at the top of the funnel and add this surface to your toolpath either as a drive or a check surface. That should do the trick. HTH
  9. Mgrenier

    Impellers without Blade Expert

    We have it and what Collin Says is totally true. We saved a lot of time programming these parts. And the price dropped off drastically when we bough the software this spring... Regards,
  10. Mgrenier

    Dynamic milling database link is dead

    Thanks JParis! I also thought that it was lost. Very usefull tool! Regards,
  11. Hello, The dynamic milling database in the important topics is dead Does anybody know if the link still exists? Regards,
  12. Mgrenier

    Change "I" to "Q" for G73 cycle

    Yes it is good, just don't forget to bring back the proper address for other canned cycles. If I read properly, your G83 will need peck1$ to be assigned letter I. Regards,
  13. I don't know which post you are using, but in my posts it is all in the parc post block. Here is what 1 of mine looks like: parc #Select the arc output if (plane$ = zero & (arctype$ = one | arctype$ = four)) | #XY Plane (plane$ = one & (arctypeyz$ = one | arctypeyz$ = four)) | #YZ Plane (plane$ = two & (arctypexz$ = one | arctypexz$ = four)), #XZ Plane [ result = newfs(two, iout) result = newfs(two, jout) result = newfs(two, kout) ] else, [ result = newfs(three, iout) result = newfs(three, jout) result = newfs(three, kout) ] if (plane$ = 0 & arctype$ < five) | (plane$ = 1 & arctypeyz$ < five) | (plane$ = 2 & arctypexz$ < five) | full_arc_flg$, [ #Arc output for IJK # If you do NOT want to force out the I,J,K values, # remove the "*" asterisks on the *i, *j, *k 's below... if plane$ = zero, *iout, *jout, kout #XY plane code - G17 if plane$ = one, iout, *jout, *kout #YZ plane code - G19 if plane$ = two, *iout, jout, *kout #XZ plane code - G18 !i$, !j$, !k$ ] else, [ #Arc output for R if abs(sweep$)<=180 | (plane$ = 0 & arctype$ = five) | (plane$ = 1 & arctypeyz$ = five) | (plane$ = 2 & arctypexz$ = five), result = nwadrs(srad, arcrad$) else, result = nwadrs(srminus, arcrad$) *arcrad$ ] HTH

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