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  1. Mgrenier

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    Old_Bear, I understand what you are saying but our machines do support it. we only have 1 machine that doesn't and when we need it we just disable arc output in G19 ou G18. I would still really like to have that option. And I am sure many people would love to have it too.
  2. Mgrenier

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    Hello All, I just want to add my 2 cents here, We also would love to get wear compensation on 3D toolpaths. Very often we need to add the entry and exit motion manually to get it done. I know what Jayson is saying but if you look at it, changing the 2D comp will have a very very small effect on the 3D point of contact of the tool on the surface. This would be very helpful for us when machining large cone shape chamfers or machining angled walls. The abillity to have or not wear comp would be a huge plus for us. Let us have the option please!
  3. Mgrenier

    Get tplane name

    Thanks Jeff, I will try that.
  4. Mgrenier

    Scan NCI for mi3$ value

    Hello nickbe10, I found my information in the other forum. The parameter is 15192. Regards,
  5. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to scan the NCI file to know if the value of mi3$ for each toolpath. I want to scan because if the value is <> 0 in at least 1 toolpath, I need to output something in the psof section of the post processor. Regards,
  6. Mgrenier

    Get tplane name

    Hello Jeff, What we want to do is to get the offset number related to a plane where this plane contains a certain string (MASTER WCS for example). Like in the image bellow, I want to get into a post variable the value of the plane named MASTER WCS. Of course the plane name that we are going to look for is always going to be MASTER WCS In that case the value of the variable in the post would be 59. Regards,
  7. Mgrenier

    Get tplane name

    Hello Colin, I know I can find the tool plane name using parameter 20012 in the pparameter$ and pwrttparam$ post blocks. But I think this parameter will only output the plane name and not the offset number used. Also, is the post reading all the planes of mastercam of just the ones used? I am quite good at the Mp Language. I did some pretty cool stuff.
  8. Hello, Would it be possible for the post processor to scan the planes name, find if 1 plane contains a certain string and save the number of that plane that contains the wanted string? That plane can also be a plane not used by mastercam any operation in mastercam. I did some searching but could not find anything.
  9. Just as a follow up. It works as expected now. Thanks again Colin!
  10. Thanks Colin, I will take a look at this. Regards,
  11. Thank you sir, I will look into this. Regards,
  12. Old_Bear, Where can I find this post processor?
  13. The Tplane and the WCS are not always at the same place. If the WCS is at the center of the rotary table and we need to machine a face 10" in front of the table centre, we define a plane 10" from the WCS. We then need the post processor to know the distance from that Tplane to the WCS.
  14. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way in mastercam to know the distance between the WCS position and the Tplane position in a given Tplane. I have been asked if I could modify our post processors to find distance from the WCS to the Tplane and add a shift G52 in the posted operation. Thank you for any information, Martin
  15. Hello, I started reading this post and I am finding it very interresting. If I understand correctly, you can output production plus macros to the Nc program by configuring the RenMF file. Is this correct? Does it work with the productivity+ module? I am very interrested to see what can be done. My boss wants this so badly. Regards, Martin

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