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  1. Now if they DO anything about it is another discussion.
  2. Trunion type machine fiss...
  3. Emuge makes them also. Called Thrillers.
  4. Which was correct. Now, not so much. Kinda has me thinking, if it were a FANUC machine, what would I have to do to make sure the 5-AXis functions would work correctly.
  5. There's several ways to get out multiple programs on the new 30i Series Controls... Just gotta use good file management skills and it's easy-peasy to grab everything you need.
  6. Except for the fact that in the reputable machine tool world A is Parallel to X. I mean, technically, it's just an axis address and if you swap B for A it's of no real life altering consequence... except when you call for support and say " A axis is doing this move..." so someone like myself has a motion in mind and it's 90deg. off from reality and it's doing that other move instead. To a post, it's just a letter and either a primary or secondary rotary axis. But still... XYZ, ABC, IJK, UVW
  7. X, Y, Z A, B, C I, J, K U, V, W A rotates around X B rotates around Y C rotates around Z. I relates to X J relates to Y K relates to Z U relates to X V relates to Y W relates to Z If your machine has anything other than that it is configured/addressed wrong and you're going to have trouble talking to knowledgable people to get information that is vital.
  8. Man... that is diggin DEEP!. A few of us are still around too. 17 years later.
  9. A Axis is around Y? Who decided on that?
  10. Thanks. Good to know.
  11. So did any of the models I translated come in good?
  12. That's an undocumented feature I'll bet. AND you have to pay your maintenance.
  13. Anybody with Mastercam care to try these? Changed the STEP version and spec, added an Inventor 2018 file, an SAT file and a Parasolid Binary file. There may come a day when I have to send a file to Mastercam user and I want to know what works. 0001058-1 REV

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