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  1. Just got my wife an LG 27... Not in the same class as yours but I had to make some changes to the settings on the monitor and card in order for her to do her photo editing. Once set though, I must say the images are VERY good.
  2. Haas, without a doubt, has it's place in manufacturing. To deny that is to deny reality. If you live within it's place, they can make you a pile of money. Try to live outside that place and you'll find pain and misery the likes of which are excruciating at best.
  3. DOH... I was waiting a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I want to say probably 4 hour dowload. I did the standalone. My connection was wired and 300 Megabit up AND down so the problem was not on my end. My gosh that was painful. SO painful. I'm hoping to get a project that I can use this on soon. Probably in a few weeks. We'll see. Got a bunch of training to do coming up plus a vacation the 1st week in July.
  4. Monitor plays a role in video performance without a doubt.
  5. The following parameters should be set; #900.0 = 0 (Dataserver Function is Enabled) #900.1 = 0 (0 = O Number of the File Name Takes Priority, 1 = O Number of the NC Program Takes Priority). That's all I can find. If that doesn't work, you're going to need to call FANUC or your Machine Tool Dealer/Builder.
  6. and you have the program Onnnn (the one you're calling) with NO file extension on your Dataserver?
  7. I/O needs to be 5. Run in "MEM" mode NOT REMOTE and NOT DNC or any other mode. Main program below % O0001(MAIN) M01 M198 P1234 M01 M30 % Program In Dataserver; % O1234 (BLAH BLAH BLAH) M99 % A parameter that may need to be changed is #3404.2 = 1 HTH
  8. That is a WEAK design at best. Great idea, just won't work for anything other than light machining. Crash it and Ho Lee you're into a serious service call.
  9. I installed it. You have to have a GOOD internet connection. When it finishes downloading I'll give you the lowdown.
  10. Swarf (old style that has Wear Comp capability) and Swarf Milling (new style, lots of tools that help with collision avoidance). 99% of the time I use Swarf because my machines have 3D Tool Comp so I need wear comp as an option.
  11. You are correct. I mis-spoke.
  12. Some of us LIVE in the realm of single digit microns and more often than not, topology drives strategy. I've saved up a number of Operations Libraries over the years which automate most aspects of the strategy but geometry still needs to be picked. Not ideal but it's a time saver. The real killer IMHO is how solid selection works (or doesn't as the case often is) in Mastercam. CATIA's contour selection is infinitely better in that you select walls and a depth instead of chasing some edge that is never exactly what you need. Solve THAT and you will help a bunch of us that are not particularly fond of creating so much geometry to get good toolpath. I do eagerly look forward to the "easy button" day because then I won't be tied down to the minutiae of that side of the business and I can focus more of my energy in other areas. But until that day comes I've got to toughen up and embrace the suck just like the rest of you CAD/CAM degenerates.
  13. There is a variable in the post to flag metric taps and does the conversion...
  14. At least I didn't bring up the OTHER elephant in the room.

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