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  1. I believe it should be changed to lock the parameters/geometry etc . But not stop from Regen, for when you have rest milling setup the old above will dirty the op. My 10 p Regards Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  2. CNC Software got back to me with - "there is no Toolpath Group Comment in Mastercam" something they thought about doing but didn't.
  3. Thank you Chuck. I cant seem to get that to print on AR but i also believe that is the Machine group comment. Regards Ben
  4. Thanks for the reply but that is the tool_group_name , im after the tool_group_comment. Cheers
  5. I see in the setup sheet designer that i can use the "TOOLPATH-GROUP-COMMENT" Toolpath group comment. So how do i put a comment on a toolpath group within MCam Mill X9. Thank you for any info. Regards BenUK
  6. BM150

    Locking the WCS to Top

    This is correct. Your WCS shouldn't change (in most cases) from op to op. The tool plane should. And the machine will index to the difference between them. Ps. Been the same in x5, x6, x7, x8 and x9. Before x5 I don't know but would guess so. Also why not use transformation op?
  7. BM150

    Push Pull

    I call it sexy...
  8. BM150

    OT: Mastercam and SSD Drives - How to setup

    I have all on ssd for speed, but I also sync all mastercam files with Google drive, even config files. This means I can go from pc to laptop and stays the same. But two ssd in a mirror raid would be perfect setup.
  9. Just my bit. There's one thing people forget is the FSB of the motherboard. Front side bus. This connects the processor to the ram and ssd. If this is slow then it will slow your system down. My rule is. Motherboard, ram, and processor all need to be of the performance. If you try and save on one and you will lose on the rest. Graphics and hds can easily be upgraded, as long as they are compatible...
  10. BM150

    to buy a Spacemouse pro or not to buy

    Space navigator pro for movement and Logitech g700s mouse for selecting and macros (11 buttons of the top of my head). Love them both. Wife brought me my mouse for b-day. Love her lots too.
  11. Thank you. The t_wcs_m1 gave me the ability to analyse where top was to wcs top. Cheers
  12. Im having a problem with the rotation angle. While im working in TOP view ive got it working perfectly. However if i work from the bottom the angle is inverse. I believe this angle is calculated from TOP without caring where you want it to work. The code is rt_cinc = atan2(sub_m2$, sub_m1$) If anyone could tell me what the sub_m values are and what's the best way to solve my issue. Many thanks.
  13. BM150

    Tool Material?

    Reseller tells me it's hard coded and therefore can not be edited.
  14. BM150

    Tool Material?

    Could any be able to tell me how to change the "strings" that control these values. I wish to change one to "diamond" Thanks Ben
  15. BM150


    Lol. No. But does it matter, it's a good app. Google it. And as for install, all my files including config files are synced to a cloud so I can use them on different pcs. I install beta/New versions on a copy of these files to test before switching. I'm not stupid....thanks Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk

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