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  1. MATT Q

    section cut

    Another way is to draw a line where you want the section then project that line on to the surfaces (transform, project) more than one way to get it done. I learned something again from G-code thanks
  2. MATT Q

    Unwind without retract?

    How are you driving the curve 5 path (surfaces, lines, etc...)?
  3. MATT Q

    Toggle Wireframe hotkey

    ALT-S for shading is that what you are referring too?
  4. MATT Q

    reverse post

    Thank you I will check both out.
  5. MATT Q

    reverse post

    Does anybody know of a software that I can import a machine g-code file into for vector and location information that will generate a .dxf file that will run on windows 10? I have an ancient software from northwood designs (grev5) that works on a windows xp machine but this is highly dated and I'm going to upgrade the computer and need this capability for 5 axis work. Basically I'm taking points with a 5axis thermwood and then importing this file to convert to a .dxf file and then doing my alignments to the cad models with these points to be able to write a 3d trimming program from.
  6. MATT Q

    Models not matching prints

    I dimension the model just like the print to find any errors and I find a lot. But most of our customer's prints state model is king so I will take screen shots of the cad and then highlight the print and send them a document (excel) with all the errors. Most of the time they say the drafters messed up.
  7. MATT Q

    Machine Tool Models

    That is cool. I need to measure up our thermwoods and model them.
  8. MATT Q

    Head/Head 5 axis kinematic calibration

    Tram procedures need to be implemented immediately.
  9. MATT Q

    Machine Simulation Is anyone using it?

    I used it as a test and love it. I just have to figure out how to do an accurate machine model for the machines I use. Thermwood model 67 10ft x 10ft x 3 ft head head 5 axis twin table.
  10. MATT Q


    I have my post issue a clearance z move in between cutpaths every time for safety.
  11. MATT Q

    cnc punch turrent software

    Ap100 is what we are using they just want to know what else is out there. Thanks guys!
  12. Hello, I'm being tasked to look at different software for our punch presses. They are all amada punches and we use their software now. I'm just looking for different options that are out there. If you can tell me the pro's and con's of what is being used I would appreciate it. thanks
  13. MATT Q

    5 Axis Router recommendation .

    We are using thermwoods here also and Mastercam I don't have a problem just make sure you keep the thing in tram. We do all kinds of fiberglass, plastic, and mold work here.
  14. MATT Q

    multiaxis router book

    That is what I do

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