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  1. scooke4073

    Coolant Changes

    Oh by the way...I'm not a reseller
  2. scooke4073

    Coolant Changes

    I have no access to that forum...I have a dealer Sim
  3. scooke4073

    Coolant Changes

    Just noticed something. If I change coolant settings (from flood to thru spindle for instance) and repost , the change does not take effect.... I have to regen the operation and then post again. Never had this problem in X7. X8 bug??
  4. This may sound counter-intuitive but put as many flutes into the cut as possible....just leave .001-.002 on the walls and hit it with a 7 fluter. Odd number of flutes tend to have better harmonics. Variable helix is also a good option.
  5. scooke4073


    Are you sure that your stock model is correct? If you accidentally create it in the wrong plane the orientation will be off...I've done that before.
  6. scooke4073

    X8 Tool Manager Error

    Any ideas? I guess I need to install some .NET updates?
  7. scooke4073

    Zig-Zag motion in dynamic toolpaths

    Chip clearance is the only real issue. Select an endmill with a good primary radial relief angle and secondary clearance angle...otherwise you will end up with pretty severe built up edge. I also agree with everyone else, ONLY USE IN ALUMINUM (or other free cutting materials). I wouldn't mind testing it in ferrous material but I can't imagine it adding any great benefit.
  8. scooke4073

    Who is going to IMTS?

    I say we G68 over to the south side.
  9. scooke4073

    Zig-Zag motion in dynamic toolpaths

    Use it. I've used it in aluminum with great results. Be careful with cutting tool geometry
  10. scooke4073

    Smoothing Help update with video

    Yeah. You can't let Youtube automatically filter and correct your upload....otherwise you can see the result.
  11. scooke4073

    Dual Monitors

    Nvidia graphics card?
  12. scooke4073


    Seems pretty standard to me. Almost all the major players have one (Kennametal, Sandvik, Seco, Iscar.......) Talk to your local rep.
  13. scooke4073

    CNC Mill as a poor mans CMM?

    I wouldn't even consider doing it unless you have scales on each axis...and a machine that is straight (laser verified). In addition I would only use a string gauge probe (OMP600 or equivlant) and never cut another chip on the machine. I've done testing and shown better repeatability on the machine (Mazak Variaxis) than an offline Zeiss CMM (using gage R&R study). It is possible to do....the hardest part is convincing a customer that it is an accurate inspection method.
  14. scooke4073

    Pick Programs

    Stock models anyone?
  15. scooke4073

    Annealed Spring Stock

    He is still on the prowl....trollin'

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