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  1. geirsj

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    classic example of pebkac
  2. Hope it will be available some day, for now it seems that the NCI ref guide for 2020 says it is not available. G
  3. geirsj

    Tool Description

    NCI Ref guide for 2020 gives this for information, guess You have to use an available field and tweak the output to suit your needs, I use the chuck field for the information in the description field and use that in my post and get it into the nc code output and setup sheet. G
  4. geirsj

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    Hi! Attached are the pdf files with test for the cnc operator, if anyone is interested. I do not own the copyright, and can not remember where i found it on the net. Remember that the last pages contains the answers, so do not hand out the wrong pages ! Hth G tcpoproficiencytest.pdf mcpoproficiencytest.pdf tcpo proficiency test.pdf
  5. geirsj

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    Hi! Do you think of something like this? This is mostly for the operator i guess, i saw you asked for Mastercam and cam skills after i posted. ----------------------------- Operator Proficiency Test Section One: general CNC Questions 1) the spindle speed for a particular tool in a program is incorrect and you wish to reduce it. The kind of CNC word you must change is: a) an F word b) a G word c) an S word d) a T word 2)You determine that a feedrate for a particular tool must be 5.0 inches per minute (or 5 millimeters per minute in the metric mode). The correct designation in the program would be: a) F0.5 b) S5.0 c) F5.0 d) F0.005 3) You are running a proven program (one run before) for the first time in a new setup. You are cautiously allowing the first tool come into its approach position when you determine that the tool is not going where it is supposed to. It is most likely that. a) the spindle speed is not correct. b) the program zero designation is not correct c) the dry run switch should be turned on d) the programmed coordinates are not correct 4) When coordinates going into a program are specified relative to the program zero point, it is called: a) the incremental mode b) the absolute mode c) the rapid mode d) the canned cycle mode -------------------------- I have 3 pdf files with this tests, I got them some years ago and can not remember where, but if there are any interest here i can publish them, I do not own the copyright on them. the pdf consist of 3 pages with the questions, and one blank page, and after that blank page is the answers!, so if you want them, be sure to hand out right pages!, lol G
  6. geirsj

    My Mastercam Down?

    I got this here once i asked if another site was down, quite useful!
  7. geirsj

    i meed more G54.1 P offsets

    Hi, if you choose offsett #6, it should be G54.1 P1 And from there nr 48 will be 48+6 =offsett nr : 54 in input dialog for G54.1 P48 offsett And then input of I.E. 55 in the dialog box will give you G54.1 P50 input of 55 in the dialog box gave me G54.1 P50 in my program with my post My post is based on IHS MASTER GENERIC MILL G-CODE POST and I have wcstype set to 2 HTH
  8. geirsj

    Deep Hole Drilling

    We got our reseller to make an special cycle for us, and with some modifications we finally got it to work for our use. the code is from the output, we use Fanuc control on this machine. 1. First pilot drill Z-10 in this example. 2. Start of gun drill or long drill Z-5 with spindle rpm S300 and Counterclockwise M4 to make sure the insert is not chipped 3. Waiting code G04 to build up the coolant pressure 4. drilling of hole down to desired depth 5. retract 2mm from bottom of hole and slow the spindle speed to s300 rpm 6. retract to top of hole for either new position or new operation. Contact your reseller is the best advice, In many cases they may already have a solution that you can use. Or use point toolpath or manual entry and insert your code hard coded from a text file you choose with your example. with manual entry or point toolpath you have to edit the outputted nc file i guess, this example from our custom cycle is now post and forget, it works now after some editing for us. Best of luck! G Example of custom cycle 10 - Gundrill cycle % O0001 ( GUNDRILL ) ( GUNDRILL ) (MCX FILE - D:\GUNDRILL EXAMPLE.MCAM) (MATERIAL - ALUMINUM MM - 2024) (PROGRAM - GUNDRILL.NC) (DATE - 06/09/2018) (TIME - 21:05) (T23 - HMB 6.0 10D - H23 - D23 - D6.000mm) (T34 - GDR 6X190 20D - H34 - D34 - D6.000mm) (MAX X - X0.) (MIN X - X0.) (MAX Y - Y0.) (MIN Y - Y0.) (MAX Z - Z50.) (MIN Z - Z-90.) N100 G00 G17 G21 G40 G80 G90 N101 G91 G28 Z0. (HMB 6.0 10D -|T23 -|H23 -|D6.) N102 T23 N103 M06 N104 ( HOLDER LENGTH = 70. ) N105 ( STICKOUT = 90. ) N106 ( TOOL CODE = DH510060 ) N107 ( MAX - Z25. ) N108 ( MIN - Z-10. ) N109 G00 G17 G90 G54 X0. Y0. S4774 M03 N110 G43 H23 Z25. M07 T34 N111 G94 N112 G98 G81 Z-10. R10. F477.4 N113 G80 M09 N114 M05 N115 G91 G28 Z0. N116 M01 (GDR 6X190 20D -|T34 -|H34 -|D6.) N117 T34 N118 M06 N119 ( HOLDER LENGTH = 63. ) N120 ( STICKOUT = 190. ) N121 ( TOOL CODE = 2229466 ) N122 ( MAX - Z50. ) N123 ( MIN - Z-90. ) N124 G00 G17 G90 G54 X0. Y0. N125 G43 H34 Z50. T23 N126 G94 N127 G00 X0. Y0. N128 G00 Z10. N129 S300 M04 N130 M9 N131 G01 Z-5. F300 N132 M5 N133 S4774 M03 N134 M07 N135 G04 P6000 N136 G01 Z-90. F47.7 N137 G01 Z-88. F23.87 N138 S300 M03 N139 M9 N140 G04 P6000 N141 G01 Z-5. F300. N142 G01 Z10. F300. N143 G00 Z50. N144 G80 N145 M05 N146 G91 G28 Z0. N147 G28 Y0. N148 G90 N149 M30 %
  9. geirsj

    shared mcam and my mcam on dropbox...

    Hi. We use google drive for mastercam shared files. We install mastercam and install the shared files in our google drive folder, we do this on our computers, and you can set up individual config files for individual users as long as all shared files is correct set up in your settings.(each user can have their own settings for personal likings) you have to have same user credentials on both computers so you can access your shared files. ( same user or folders shared in google drive) I would think dropbox and onedrive from microsoft work the same way, as long as your settings to the shared folders are correct. i woul like to try those also but google has been stable and ok for us until now G
  10. geirsj

    iscar YNMG-F3P

    Holder ISO: this is the ISO holder, If you want the Capto style you probably is best to start with the insert and search from that. Insert: If you are in 2019 beta you can import the 3d file, or if you are in earlier versiont you can Draw the tool With the Dimensions of the tool. from a search it seems that wich is Vnmg and have the same holder With different seat can be used if you find that in the Libraries, otherwise you will need to either Draw up or import the 3d file, depending on the Version of MC you use. HTH G
  11. Thanks!, fixed the output, and learned some new!
  12. Hi! We want to be able to force the program name for the nc file to be upper case. We tried ucase but that only applies to strings So, is there a way to get the program name to be in upper case letters when you post it to nc codes? this scomm_str, "PROGRAM - ", sprogname$, sextnc$, scomm_end, e$ gives me output: (PROGRAM - test.NC) I would like it to be: (PROGRAM - TEST.NC) If the original imported step file was in lower case letters, and we program and post the codes, the program name in the machine is lower case, and in one machine that is ok, on the other it just drops all and leave an empty comment. Or are there any way to x2018 to always save File name in all caps? G
  13. And in searching in the NCI reference guides no luck of finding other info either, anyway thanks Jeff!, you also learned me something of groupinfo with your guidance by replying too!
  14. Hi! Hi! Jeff pointed out that the info of the combo box was not available for any parameter, as what I too has found out during search this weekend in the nci reference, the only parameter available seems to be 19123. So, the question is why you want that information? As a workaround you could name your Material Name the same as ISO Group if you just want to grab the information. then you could use nr 19123 If you want to be sure the information on material name match up with the iso group for further comparing values it seems you are not being able to do so, since the combo drop down box does not have any parameter available for us to grab.
  15. Hi! Can you use parameter 19123 for your task? see picture G

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