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  1. mike93

    In+ selection dos not work?2018

    Its not grabbing intersecting geometry if you only window a slice.
  2. mike93

    In+ selection dos not work?2018

    No the in+ window for selecting.
  3. in+ dos not work in 2019 is it me or is there a trick???
  4. mike93

    dynamic milling

    From the original question yes in 2d dynamic If you want core milling you need a machining region=(stock size) and a avoidance=(part size) set at out side, If you want cavity milling the machining region (the pocket)is the machining region (set at in side)with a ramp in, or a pre drill= (air chain), And for open pockets they are machining regions (set to from out side) I hope this helps.
  5. mike93

    Changing drill rpm at a point in progress

    otherwise 3d contour with change at point works the trick.
  6. mike93

    Changing drill rpm at a point in progress

    With all the new drilling tech (and not vary new) there should be a better canned cycle to start with. we should be able to control what is going on, master cam and the machine builders should work on this (adding a G383 drill cycle is easy what to put in it is hard).
  7. mike93

    Multiple Zeros Only One Fixture

    I would think a j would be able to do a 5axis move a little faster then a hass??????
  8. mike93

    Multiple Zeros Only One Fixture

    we got the postability post for are mazack vcu 500 and every thing works perfect, when you change a plane, it makes the adjustments in the code for the machine if the wcs is in top and with the plane set properly to the angle it will push out code that will work. same post true 5axis no edits!!!
  9. mike93

    Arc dimension

    maybe he wants to Know how far it is so he can estimate wiring time??
  10. mike93

    Arc dimension

    master cam is for machining,not making prints, program it, and run it!! That arc length that you want to add to the print, What good is it, can some one check it?is it a cam that you need to find the length of? It is 1/2 the circumference of the circle. And please if you are making a print do not put that on it.
  11. mike93

    Benchmark 3.0

    What settings and programs should I change for the nivida P4000? I have added master cam to list, but after 2-3 hours running you lose the classic back plot shading. It is wnd 10 I7700K With nivida P4000.
  12. mike93

    Benchmark 3.0

    we are building two new computers, whats best now, we have 3 I7700k now on Ron's recommendation, but replacing some older I74900?
  13. mike93

    5 Ax positional

    We got are 500 vc-500a/5x this spring, with one tweak are postabilty post, and some parameter changes, has been working great!! the full 5 axis paths and also 3+2 positioning paths work perfect. just pick up part and start cutting it works great. pick up the part center top in machine, have center top wcs in mc. its way better then a 4th axis. All we do is molds and prototypes, i hope you like it. We also bought the simulator and it has also worked vary well, now you can check holder collision on legacy ops also, it seems to be working vary well what you see is what you get. It is worth every penny (i do not Know how much it cost?) But the post and the simulator was less then the cost of the holders and insert cutters to tool up the machine. we already had a 5 axis hasp (from upgrading from v9 to x1) so theirs that. Have fun you will like it. And for us center of rotation dosn't matter, it will if the machine moves (hopefully not).
  14. mike93

    Any tips on Pencil Surfacing appreciated

    if you are using a .125 cutter offset the top chain .0626 and try sf project.

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