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  1. We just got a Makino with a pro 6 The AE is having trouble with networking it. What is the process, He has said there are 2 ways. (FTP ) (windows drive share) we have the data server it is new new
  2. B The coolant is about 1" but 2 are better then the other 2 Braking news, BROKE the window, "Loose" part cased a broken insert in a mits cutter to fly out at 10000 RPM!! We are still getting at least 22-5 a week up time switching parts next week so we will be back to 24-5.5, it likes to run, In my Pure innocent mind the glass goes to low, looking at a few other machines the glass stops about 6-8" above of the table?
  3. this will give you the chance to set up FTP instead of dragging and dropping to usb it will be in machine. the coolant comes out about 1 inch high out of the coupler thing .
  4. We are still not able to over wright programs in the data sever (you still have to delete them and then drag a new prog in) It would be so nice to be able to over right the active prog. Today we were bulding fixtures and proving out parts so sending lots of prog to machine it would be nice to do. (in mazack land you can post a prog over wright it, go to machine and push start and it is running the new prog.) On a side note last week we started the matsura at 6:30 Monday and all but 2 hours it was in cycle in-tell 2:00 Friday night with 2 shifts and a 4 hour gap. THAT'S IMPRESSIVE !!! That was 4.5 days in cycle +1.25 days!!!!!! Should we look into this FANUC program transfer software?
  5. is there a way when you are dragging and dropping to over wright the programs in the data server? one more, how do you zero out the relative? The last fanuc we had was a 0
  6. we have not tried camplete yet, we do have it on the flash drive, but have not installed it yet, but the post and simulator in master cam are working fantastic, we can take programs from are mazak 500 change the post and switch mis integers and it runs in the matsuura, that is switching from BC to AC axis! every thing is looking up just proved out another part today (it takes time to build all the holders) but we are doing it right this time, build all holders before they go into machine, we bought over 100 to get started but some are the same so it should not take to long.
  7. Buying a post from postabilaty is about the cost of 30 cheep tool holders, if you can not invest in 30 holders for a 30 tool magazine machine how are you going to make parts?
  8. Thanks they got every thing working! We can drag and drop to data server or pull programs off the network from the machine and move them to the CNC memory but the data server is the only way to move programs out of the machine to the network. I hope this makes sense. We also got are Mastercam post from Postability all dialed in. We even made 50 parts threw all the interruptions. Pallet changers are cool!!
  9. Machine is on the floor and up and running! But what is the best way to network the data server? Is there a way to bring programs to the machine from the machine that are on the network? We are not able to go to folders that are on the server and bring in programs. Are we missing something? Are IT guy and the application guy have been working on it for 2 half days, what works what does not? Thanks in advance.
  10. The table is still flat, but to busy!!
  11. What are your thoughts on this machine we are probably getting one. We are moving from mazak to matsura the control seems so old ? One of main decisions is what spindle HSK BT40 CAT 40, they are duel contact in both CAT and BT, if we want HSK thay have to build a machine for it,If it is BT or CAT thay can switch it either way and get the machine in a short time line. It will be the 20000k spindle. what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance. http://matsuurausa.com/model/mx-520-pc4/
  12. After I made my own ribbon tab with the functions i yous 90% of the time and added some other things to the existing ribbon tabs and with additional QA icons i do not mind the ribbon interface. And you can map key Board shortcuts.
  13. For what its worth are 5ax programmer will not switch to 2019 for 5x he will program in 2018,he will use 2019 for 3 axis and the rest of the shop is running 2019 and I agree there are some things that just do not work right. ( WE NEED TO FIX SOME OF THE LONG RUN PROBLEMS THAT ARE WRONG IN MASTER CAM) 2019 fixed some of the lost functions, but then brook other things.
  14. It looks like to me they are adding the legacy options to the modern tool paths

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