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  1. Thanks for the compliment. When zig zag got added ( or i noticed) in 2020-21 ish it was a game changer for me . Turn on multi pass and keep tool down with or with out a fin pass (depending on what your trying). I used to make a rectangle just under my cutter diameter, over my centerline so i could utilize facing toolpaths onepass , keep tool down.
  2. By the end of today i realize i had a miss understanding of 3+2 auto. Thought i would be able to grab all 5 sides and bring them in from my stock.
  3. I keep defaulting to this way of squaring up, but I'd like to cut it out. I think I can do all this with one path but unsure. if someone has the time or even a sample file that would help me with this that would be great. Thanks for time and assistance ahead of time PLAY.ZIP sorry for bad labels not all paths are facing rt side
  4. Thanks never played in there before. From what I see when I change initial z value it repositions my spindle head (z axis). I'm going to keep digging.
  5. Good morning, It looks as thoe I need to change my Z zero for my mach. sim. Is this correct or do I need to park it where I'd like it?
  6. love it, know I'm able to see changes when I adjust safety zone settings
  7. Select between the 2 solutions for startup - I switched to solution not closest to zero (from solution closest to zero) and it made the sim match what the machine is doing. Thanks so much
  8. Maybe start here, I have this tube I need to put a bolt circle at each end. Code looks good. when I run mach. sim my A axis will position to A positive even thoe my axis value off to the rt show A-90. deg. In my mach. sim. image the table is facing away from me (A90.)
  9. In your chaining manager for that tool path (geometry) right click on the chain you would like to edit, and you will find the start point option.
  10. Little nevous going in and messing with all these settings being that iv just steered clear of this area of mastercam. Im going to dive in tho. I think before i change any settings id like to play and see what does what first. After running this part today i noticed a couple thing that are making the picture more clear. With the 3 faces its good practice for me. For example i have 4 .25 sf pin holes, 2 on the rt side 2 on lft. So when i tied all 4 holes together when chaining (control shift select id love it) and applying saftey zone my A will use a positive and minus, full 180 swing. But if i use my planes and set lft n rt (or even fnt n bk) my A axis will stay -90 (tables facing me) and rotate my C to the face i am working on. Great day over all. With our powers combined we can get thru this. Thanks again from the 5 axis rookie.
  11. Ow my 3 axis brain hurts, this is quite the adventure. Thanks for all the info I love knowing where to go and get help thanks everyone.
  12. All right great. I'll play with that info in the am thanks. I have noticed that, during machine sim. My trunion (A) will rotate 180 to get front to back but at the machine A will stay -90 while C gets me front to back.
  13. I'd like to come over the top like this still. I have a monster vice in the way not shone in image
  14. Hello all, I'm working on a mu5000v my A axis can go -120 to +90 deg (very cool). It scares me when I can't see what's going on at A90. Am I able to control safety zone in a way where I can rotate and still end up a-90. for the other end of part?
  15. Just fell in love with this and most likely been around for quite some time. When I orient my part for op1 to the top plane (world) with a simple adjustment to genome then clicking world on both origin and axis, bam we are at the origin and oriented correctly.

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