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  1. cncasylum

    1 guide line vs 2 guide lines

    Alright excellent, Thank you. After some trial an error this is what seems to work ok. Even looks pretty cool. I found the utility page also very cool.
  2. Hello all, 5 axis newbie here I'm noticing my toolpath doubling in size when I add another guide curve to my unifies toolpath. I'm wondering if I should use or not use 2 guide curves. I have 2 curve running parallel on each side of my teeth.
  3. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    The more i read these post i think im starting to understand. Time will tell,ill play more in the morning. I just wanted to work off the center of the cylinder but i didnt want to set my offset from the top view. Thanks a bunch
  4. cncasylum


    It seems to work but not sure if its necessary. Looks like i need to call rotation seperatly.
  5. cncasylum

    Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    Ive just recently dicovered this ( 5 axis newbe with a very cool machine) is there a way to update rotary axis?
  6. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    Im wondering if i should be able to leave my offset at A-90 At the machine. And configure my planes correctly at mastercam. I was having difficulty doing so. That led me to learning a little about call oo88 to move my cords to A zero.
  7. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    Thanks again for starters, for hanging in there with me. My program works, but only after i tranfer my offset to A 0.0 (from A -90. were i picked up x y and z) at the machine using call oo88.
  8. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    When my machine is at a-90. my table is facing y-.
  9. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    ok great thanks I am starting another similar part with bolt circles at each end of a shaft. im going to line the centerline up with the x axis and go from there.
  10. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    So I'm a little unclear. id like to get my x y z zero with my table at a-90. In mastercam I think I need to start with my part as if I were at a 0.0. I'm look for the rt way to do this.
  11. cncasylum

    Mu5000v setup

    I think I'm messing around to much. Just getting into the 5axis world. I have cylinder I need to put a bolt circle at each end. I have it oriented on my table parallel to Y axis. I played around with call oo88 and was able to park a at -90. pick up my dia.. and give me the offset for the center of the cylinder at a0. I'm thinking I cant preload my machine offset to a-90. or I'm doing it incorrectly. I keep getting exceed axis alarm at mastercam. sample1.ZIP
  12. cncasylum


    Could i use call oo88 to transfer my off set from A-90 to A 0. picking up this boss? I was dealing with a rotation alarm at mastercam making think i needed my part oriented at A zero
  13. cncasylum

    Im playing with swarf again.

    Great thanks guys. I guess I was try do build without creating a plane and let the 5 axis toolpath take care of it. Live to learn another day
  14. cncasylum

    Im playing with swarf again.

    I have this block that needs 2_ 45's put on the underside. When I post I'm trying to make it park A and C and mill with X. Instead I get XZ or C and X moves. Could some one take a look when you get a second. It works but.. would like to keep it simple. 61345-160R1.mcam
  15. cncasylum

    Simplifing models

    Hay guys I'm laughing , I was reading past content I had created and found advice pertaining to all wireframe getting copied to new level. BINGO.. From there a simple 2d fillet. Sometimes overthinking can be an enemy (for myself any who)

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