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  1. PKMills

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    I guess they were out of butter pecan, because I sent them a Z2G and files a couple days ago and haven't heard back yet. I don't see any switches where I can edit one line and make it work, but then, I'm no expert at modifying posts. I'll just hand edit and wait until they get back to me or until I learn more about the post language to understand how to get the flavor I want.
  2. PKMills

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    That's exactly what I did for the ID toolpaths and I get a return to Z home between them. I suppose that has to be edited in the post, or use multiaxis linking?
  3. PKMills

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    That does seem to be my problem now. After each toolpath it gives me a return to z home position. I have created a plane for each position, but I'm not sure what you mean by individual operations for each toolpath. When I did toolpath translate and rotate I selected "create new operations and geometry" but I still get G91 G28 Z0. between each drill cycle.
  4. PKMills

    Right Angle Head Toolpaths

    After more trial and error it seems like I may have answered my own question. I created the geometry and toolpath in the back tool plane and then toolpath transform/ rotate/ create separate operations and turn posting off for the original back operation. If the features are not equally spaced I would create separate transform operations. If anyone knows a different/ easier way of doing this your input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I'm new to programming for right angle heads. I've searched and can't find an answer to what seems to be a simple question. I have a ring that has features on the ID and OD and we are using an indexer that's rotating about the Z axis on a vmc. I'm using an aggregate post that was supplied by our re-seller for this machine and I'm getting what looks like correct code by modifying the front tool plane and using the top wcs to get the proper rotation. The part I'm not figuring out is when it comes to drilling on the OD. It seems that in backplot it's always starting from the inside of that part unless I switch from the original front plane to the back tool plane. In this case there are only 4 holes on the od that are equally spaced and I'm sure It would be easy to write out by hand but I would like to know how this is done in MasterCam 2019. I'm guessing there is a way to use the back tool plane and rotate, but how would you do that if the holes are not equally spaced? Thank you.
  6. PKMills

    Okuma Probing

    Thanks David, but to be more clear, I'm trying to measure radii and not a complete bore. PMOD7 will attempt to probe 4 points of a bore.
  7. PKMills

    Okuma Probing

    Thanks for the info YoDoug! I may give that a try if I can't find a more simple solution since I'm somewhat of a newbe when it comes to Okumas and part probing in the machine. I wanted to use Okuma language if possible. I know there is a 3 point bore gauging function but I can't find the PMOD and related variables in the manual I have.
  8. PKMills

    Okuma Probing

    Can anyone give an example of how to write a macro to probe a radius for size and location on an Okuma osp-p200m?
  9. PKMills

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Geil! Vielen Dank Günther. Weiter so!
  10. PKMills

    Integrex i100S programming & simulation

    Hi Jaanus Another option you may want to look into is CAMplete. It simulates Gcode and optimizes 5axis toolpaths. I know it differs from Vericut in that it functions as a post using Mastercam's NCI file. I don't know if they have support for Integrex i100s but they do have a TurnMill product.
  11. PKMills

    Thread Mill 2017 Beta3

    I could be wrong but I thought the first field in the tool def for threadmill asked for thread pitch. I changed from pitch to number of threads per inch and it worked. But I also noticed that any tool I had linked to a profile on a level now gives me a warning about "Bad custom tool profile source" "the custom tool's referenced file or level is not valid or cannot be accessed." Is there some way to avoid this? I have a tool library for these parts but I get the same problem when I try re-selecting the tool from the library.
  12. PKMills

    Thread Mill 2017 Beta3

    Is this something that changed from beta 2 to 3? I already had the threadmill defined in this program with geometry from a level and the pitch and number of teeth were set. It seems to have lost the association to the level and won't let me use the geometry with the same parameters in the tool definition that was there.
  13. PKMills

    Thread Mill 2017 Beta3

    I just installed 2017 beta 3 and in the cut parameters for a thread milling op I'm no longer able to enter a value in the number of active teeth field. Can anyone tell me if they are also having this problem?
  14. PKMills

    MultiAxis Help!

    on a Siemens control it won't read what comes after the semicolon.
  15. PKMills


    Harvey Tool provides cad files of their tools.

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