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  1. carryinwood

    Code Error

    All fixed did search of this Site ..someone prior had the same issue Great Site !! Saved my Butt a few times..Thanks
  2. carryinwood

    Code Error

    Its in the other Photo.. a G3 move Im using a 3/16" end mill to cut a 1/4"curved slot
  3. carryinwood

    Code Error

    Im getting this Code error at my machine...Im thinking it has to do with the Wear Comp .D7 is the Tool # Im lost as to what will correct this. Thanks for any help..
  4. carryinwood

    Using a Boring Head on a CNC

    Oh..I shall have a look..Thanks!!
  5. carryinwood

    Using a Boring Head on a CNC

    I have to bore 5 holes,, I prefer to use my Boring Head because of the depth. I'm using the Point Tool Path Method. Is there a where specify what happens at the points? Spindle Stop, Coolant Etc. i prefer to Stop the Spindle at the bottom of the Bore and then retract, Is there better Method to do this, instead of the Point Method. Thanks in Advance.
  6. carryinwood

    Post Processor Change

    Ahh... Thank You
  7. carryinwood

    Post Processor Change

    Awhile back someone posted about changing their Post to show the tool list at the beginning of the post. Sure wish i saved that suggestion, I really like it. Ill do better about saving it this time, hopefully someone out there can help? Thanks In advance, this site is the best. And take Care out there Lots goin on these days. Enclosing a sample.
  8. carryinwood

    Dirty operation on mastercam 2018 Lathe

    How difficult would the Point Tool Path be for an internal groove? Approach and Retract. Thanks
  9. carryinwood

    Drill Bore Comco Tool

    Thank you so much for the Tips..
  10. carryinwood

    Drill Bore Comco Tool

    I bought this Tool hoping to speed up my productivity, Its suppose to Drill and Bore, I know how to drill with it, my issue is how to tell my lathe to Bore with the same Tool. Thanks in Advance, great forum!
  11. carryinwood

    threading tool setup

    Wheres the proper place to setup a threading tool. on the Leading Edge of the Insert or the Point. Thanks in advance
  12. carryinwood

    2D Start Point

    Whats the trick to moving the start point on a 2D Contour Tool Path. Im trying to plunge off the part but Matercam keeps moving the start Point to a spot that Id be plunging on my part. Thanks in Advance
  13. carryinwood


    Is there a way to change the Preview Color of the Tab Placement on your Part? Id like to go with a darker color. Thanks in advance.
  14. carryinwood

    Dimension Preferences

    Ahhh,.. Thank you very much.
  15. carryinwood

    Dimension Preferences

    Is there a way to change the Dimension Preview color when placing them in the drawing. Mine is white and i'd really like to change it to a darker color.

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