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  1. Which direction do you guys set the "Wear Comp" when doing ID Threads? Id like to "Sneek" up on the Fit.. This is for a Lathe Thanks
  2. Fadal developed Software that you could Digitize Surfaces and Shapes. I was just wondering if someone knew more about it. I got a Couple of Macros from Thad for the Probe Routines.
  3. I know not quiet the right place..I have a 90 to 1 Dividing Head and I need to put 28 Divisions on a Shaft all the Calculators I find on the Internet say 28 is not possible with that Ratio. True False? Thanks for any Tips
  4. Found this at a Local Book Store ..back in the DOS Days? There's no date on it tho.
  5. I had a look at the Marcos i received from "Thad" and they have the " M64" in them...Thanks again for the Help Guys.
  6. Easy question for someone that knows..I use Format 2 on my Fadal. Been told that's Fanuc Language..does it matter about Probing? The Manual says to use "M64" To Start the Probe...When i post the Code I'm getting a "G65". Thanks in Advance, Great Site for Info.
  7. Yeah it does what Skyking said...They called it Probing.. The Manual for it is on the Web. You use the Machine as a CMM..
  8. Im still seaching.......it may be fruitless..
  9. I know this is A Long Shot,,but why not try.. Any one here have the DOS "Fadal Digitizing Software"? I have the Manual just not the Software. Thanks in Advance for any help.
  10. Just wondering how many guys Do a Roughing Routine on the OD of the Part, then Cut the Threads, then Finish the OD and then do a Finish "Spring" Pass on the Threads to clean up any burrs? Any merit to doing it that way? Thanks in Advance.

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