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  1. carryinwood

    threading tool setup

    Wheres the proper place to setup a threading tool. on the Leading Edge of the Insert or the Point. Thanks in advance
  2. carryinwood

    2D Start Point

    Whats the trick to moving the start point on a 2D Contour Tool Path. Im trying to plunge off the part but Matercam keeps moving the start Point to a spot that Id be plunging on my part. Thanks in Advance
  3. carryinwood


    Is there a way to change the Preview Color of the Tab Placement on your Part? Id like to go with a darker color. Thanks in advance.
  4. carryinwood

    Dimension Preferences

    Ahhh,.. Thank you very much.
  5. carryinwood

    Dimension Preferences

    Is there a way to change the Dimension Preview color when placing them in the drawing. Mine is white and i'd really like to change it to a darker color.
  6. carryinwood

    Ball Screw Threading

    Just wondering if its possible to cut Ball Screw type threads in Mastercam? Ive seen the program Called Rope Cam, just wondering if its possible. Thanks
  7. carryinwood

    flat bottom pocketing on a my haas lathe lathe

    Thanks again.
  8. Well you guys helped greatly on my last adventure, so i thought id run this by you. What I'm doing is making a flat bottom pocket on a piece of brass. I understand how to plunge my 1" dia. end mill into the center of the part is there a way to offset it to enlarge the pocket to my thread size? Thanks again
  9. carryinwood

    internal grooving

    ok..Thanks !
  10. carryinwood

    internal grooving

    I'm trying to do an internal groove tool path...I'm having an issue with mastercam not giving me an lead in or lead out, it wants to crash my lathe by sending the tool diagonal back home rather than to the face of the part. Thanks for any help.
  11. carryinwood

    cutting threads

    Just wondering if there's a way to cut Rope Profile Threads in Mastercam? Thanks
  12. carryinwood

    ID Grooving

    I'm working a Cap that needs an ID Groove put on it, its near the closed end of the cap so there's not a lot of room. Any tips. greatly appreciated. MastercamX
  13. carryinwood

    Gothic Thread Profile

    thanks for the site
  14. carryinwood

    Gothic Thread Profile

    the print says its a Gothic's used on a Ballscrew....
  15. carryinwood

    Gothic Thread Profile

    I think its more of a Ball Screw thread.

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