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  1. try start from -.01 om deep settings
  2. sorry ,go to deep settings and set top to Z0
  3. contour finish toolpath ??? ANGLED_HOLES.mcam
  4. master80

    Rotary table
  5. master80

    strange toolpath request

    thanks for your time
  6. master80

    strange toolpath request

    Ok ,my question was ,Can I run this back and forth like on this video use 5 axis toolpath on mastercam???I do not ask for you time and program .simple question yes ore no
  7. master80

    strange toolpath request

    I asked what 5 axis toolpath I can use for get same thing like this .I am not 5 axis expert .When I try morph 5axis I can finish only one side (wall ) the make other one for other side .This sample show ,haw you can finish this part run both sides . thank you Rich
  8. master80

    strange toolpath request

    Thanks Rich ,I now this method .Foe simple stuff this will be work ,but I thought more complicate parts .Like this have variable pitch and I like to machining all surface .
  9. master80

    strange toolpath request

    this is about toolpath to , haw I can get same result on mastercam .This is 4 axis option from other cam software .I now I van use morph toolpath and finish one side and use other toolpat for finish 2nd side .But I like to run back and forth AUGER_(1).mp4
  10. master80


    thanks ,I set up my z one more time ,looks good now ,but the wire broke all the time ,I slow down feed to 20 % and run slow .I will cut flat first ,then the 4 axis part I will set up for night thanks
  11. master80


    looks like the postprocesor calculate wrong angle on this the 2nd thing is limit stroke on v
  12. master80


    ok ,got it the u and v was not activate on the control ,thank s one more time for yours time
  13. master80


    ok guys ,I try run this on my wire machine .We have Sharmilles Robofil 690 and show me alarm " taper uv mode is not compatible with the program "There is same sething on the control activate this thing ?? this is mu codes O99 ( DET ) ( 4 AXIS PROGRAM ) N1 G90 N2 G92 X-3.3171 Y1.07055 I2.28684 J.26884 N3 M60 N4 G41 G01 X-3.17518 Y.87004 Z.26884 U.17472 V-.57472 N5 X-2.21736 U.57472 N6 X-2.20581 Y.86964 U.57484 V-.57473 N7 X-2.19423 Y.86842 U.5749 V-.57474 N8 X-2.18267 Y.86639 U.57485 N9 X-2.17119 Y.86356 U.57473 V-.57472 N10 X-2.15985 Y.85994 U.57453 V-.57465 N11 X-2.14871 Y.85553 U.57428 V-.57452 N12 X-2.13783 Y.85037 U.57398 V-.57434 N13 X-2.12726 Y.84448 U.57366 V-.57409 N14 X-2.11708 Y.83789 U.57335 V-.57377 N15 X-2.10732 Y.83063 U.57304 V-.5734 N16 X-2.09805 Y.82274 U.57278 V-.57297 N17 X-2.09148 Y.81649 U.57471 V-.57472 N18 X-1.41337 Y.13837 U0. V0. N19 X-1.40313 Y.12844 U.00369 V-.00343 N20 X-1.39259 Y.11881 U.00766 V-.00662 N21 X-1.38177 Y.10951 U.00052 V-.00041 N22 X-1.37067 Y.10054 U-.00135 V.0011 N23 X-1.3593 Y.09191 U.00282 V-.00202 N24 X-1.34768 Y.08363 U.00447 V-.00301 N25 X-1.33581 Y.0757 U.00256 V-.00161 N26 X-1.32371 Y.06813 U.00055 V-.0003 N27 X-1.31139 Y.06093 U-.00156 V.00092 N28 X-1.29885 Y.05411 U-.00377 V.00202 N29 X-1.28612 Y.04767 U-.00605 V.00302 N30 X-1.2732 Y.04162 U-.00147 V.00067 N31 X-1.26009 Y.03596 U-.00002 V.00001 N32 X-1.24682 Y.0307 U-.00236 V.0009 N33 X-1.23341 Y.02584 U.00246 V-.00083 N34 X-1.21985 Y.02138 U.00418 V-.00126 N35 X-1.20616 Y.01735 U.00191 V-.00051 N36 X-1.19236 Y.01372 U-.00036 V.00012 N37 X-1.17845 Y.01052 U-.00268 V.00061 N38 X-1.16445 Y.00774 U-.00506 V.00098 N39 X-1.15038 Y.00537 U-.00747 V.00123 N40 X-1.13624 Y.00344 U-.00234 V.00031 N41 X-1.12205 Y.00193 U-.0006 V.00008 N42 X-1.10782 Y.00086 U-.00404 V.00027 N43 X-1.09356 Y.00021 U.00112 V-.00003 N44 X-1.0793 Y0. U0. V0. N45 X.08425 U.027 N46 G40 Y.24565 U0. V0. N47 M50 N48 G00 X-3.3171 Y1.07055 N49 M30 %
  14. master80


    can you send me some video sometime ???

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