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  1. Hello all ,my IT guy want to install mc2023 in new machine ,what I have to do for transfer all my settings on new computer ? thank you
  2. Got it ,thank you ,thank you soooooo much !!!!!!!!That wats I am looking for !!!!!
  3. i am working on 2023 but I have also older version Sir
  4. when I try crate new work offset from the solid face looks like masercam tilt part both direction ,i am want find out haw I can tilt the part one derction and rotate other
  5. thank you ,yes I am use his file and I like to know how I can do the same on mastercam
  6. I am sorry Ron, when I am start this job I thought the one fixture with angle is not help me ,because you can see the packet is rotate 2 angles direction .But my ingenier use some function on creo and he set up this part on angle plate and rotate .What option I cane use for create the same on mastercam?
  7. Good morning ,how I can calculate on mastercam something like this
  8. The funny think is that we have a 5 axis table on ..... the attic, but the owner does not want to set up it because it is hard to spend 2000 $ but he will save $$$$$ on my settings on a vice:::))))))))
  9. I know that , i have square stock 3x3.2x1.76 I do not know how I can bite this ?
  10. Hello all ,can some give me some idea haw make fixture for make holes and packet on this part in 3 axis vmc thank you for any help detail_43_rev_a3__out.log.1 T10-450-43-Final-Knockout.igs
  11. Thank you so much for your help .I have instal 2023 beta so I can open your file and take look thanks one more time
  12. Hello All ,can some one can take look on my rough op. I dont now why I have many colision color on the stock ,and looks like tool dont cleanup all material .Thank you for any help t-10-1384-212 fix new 3d mcx -fnl-frm-pun-rev-b.ZIP
  13. Hello All ,question Can I set up and run 3+2 table on my Alzmetall machine with out OEM Kinematics’ My company get table and post for 3+2
  14. Hello All mastercam gurus !We are bit slow in my shop ,so I try play on same 4 th axis toolpath .I am try use rotary advance ,my question is ,why when I am use rouging option the tool make shorts cuts first ,then run around my parts ,This some thing with my settings ,or the toolpath work this way .Also when I use the finish option looks like tool make some stupid plunge on end of the toolpath .Thank you for any helping . This is my sample Gearless_transmission.zip

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