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  1. duckdogers


    so I have been fighting this issue all day with no luck ,decided to try a computer reboot and what do you know it now works
  2. duckdogers


    so I checked and the file is where its suppose to be it just seems like MC either cant find it or read it
  3. duckdogers


    never seen this before,when I go to verify this message comes up please help thanks
  4. duckdogers


    thanks guys I did not see that
  5. duckdogers


    why does my tool gouge into the surface ,the surface looks good and that don't happen on a flowline toolpath to often,Thanks mur.mcam
  6. duckdogers

    help please

    Thanks ron but we dont have multi axis,Just wondering you taught me about the direction feature how come i cant get the exit part
  7. duckdogers

    help please

    Thanks jp i,m at home now i will check it out tmo when i get to work.I was trying to use the direction feature but couldnt quite get the exit part
  8. duckdogers

    help please

    I need some help with the exiting of the cutter I have the lead in fine cant seem to get lead out without it retracting into part.Thanks mur.mcam
  9. duckdogers

    Need some advise from the experts

    I totally agree with fixturing if more than 1 part
  10. duckdogers

    Need some advise from the experts

    can you start with bigger piece ,clamp on outside,machine everything but outside ,move clamps to inside then machine outside profile
  11. duckdogers

    spindle warning

    that's exactly what we are doing now
  12. duckdogers

    spindle warning

    we have had 2 spindle bearings fail on hass machines in the last 3 weeks.Hass tech said it was something in the oil so we phoned oemeta and they said we got a bad batch of oil.At 10,000 $ apiece we are trying now to get the money out of their insurance.Just a warning if anyone else is using oemeta oil you might want to look into it
  13. duckdogers

    plane manager

    thanks jp got it
  14. duckdogers

    plane manager

    how do I access the plane manager in 2018 I cant seem to find it.Thanks
  15. duckdogers

    hass spindle

    sorry I should have said exchange through hass

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