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  1. Hertz

    2D HSM

    Hi guys, been awhile since I've had to use a dynamic toolpath and I'm not sure if I'm just out of practice or on dope but this toolpath would seem to be simple but I'm not sure how to do it. I have a block that has an open ended slot in it. I want to use a dynamic toolpath to cut away the slot. Basically a peelmill toolpath but with one end closed. NM I got it. lol
  2. Hertz

    Mastercam is laughing at me. (Cutter comp)

    Stand corrected. Forgot about the entry.
  3. Hertz

    Mastercam is laughing at me. (Cutter comp)

    One helixes and one doesn't. lol Pretty straight forward. If you have a solid piece of steel and you need a pocket, and you're using the endmill for it, helix down to depth, then finish the pocket. Circle mill in this instance wouldn't work. Circle mill is ok if you have a pre drilled hole.
  4. Hertz

    Tool defaults on Mill

    Good info Thad. Thank you for that.
  5. Hertz

    Tool defaults on Mill

    Morning guys. I was wondering if there was a way to set up tool defaults for my linking parameters. Example for arguments sake and an easy example, lets say I have a spotdrill. This tool will always drill with a retract value of .25 and a depth of -.125 and a clearance height of 1" So I know I can set up my defaults to have those linking parameters set, but if I wanted say my 1/4 drillbit to have an r value of .1 and a clearance height of 3". Can I set these 2 tools individually somehow?
  6. Hertz

    Update to X9

    I believe IT has done so already. I will have to see if he will give me that user and pass. Thanks. And Thanks Mark
  7. Hertz

    Update to X9

    Premium members only.
  8. Hertz

    Update to X9

    IT just updated my computer with an X9 update 1 but I didn't get to see what the update addressed. Is there somewhere I can see what was changed or updated? If I go to whats new, it just shows whats new in X9.
  9. Hertz

    Chip breaking while turning/boring

    ^^^What he said. Push the feed hard. Test different DOC's as well.
  10. Hertz

    Starting contour from a drilled hole

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip Colin. Worked great.
  11. Hertz

    Starting contour from a drilled hole

    Here is a sample of what I mean. They are not always holes I need to make. In this sample is a slot. Without adding geometry to the part, if I select to drill on the center arc, can i get my endmill to contour to start at the same place? I have use entry point selected in lead parameters but I'm not sure how that is supposed to work as it is not going to the drilled hole. CONTOUR TEST.mcx-9
  12. Morning guys. I have making a lot of parts recently that use an endmill that cannot plunge (Fiberglass specific) The part has a bunch of various sized holes. I use a 1/8 fiberglass drill to make a pilot and then come in with a 1/8 endmill to contour it to size. Of course I need the contour to start at the placement of the drilled hole. The problem is I have been doing it (I'm sure its the wrong way) by putting a contour path and then back plot and write down the placement of the plunge, then I add points to those locations and that is where I add the pilot drill, thus preventing the endmill from plunging. So the question is, can I pick an entity to drill and then have the contour plunge in that exact location before it contours? Hopefully I explained that clear enough.
  13. Hertz

    Alt T and Alt S

    Wow, figured it out. It was something I had changed in my workspace. I don't know what in the workspace did it, but when i loaded a different one, everything worked good. If I reload my old one, it stops working again. Thankfully it was something easy.
  14. Hertz

    X+ for X9 PC1

    Not sure if that will do anything, but I will try it on the laptop later.
  15. Hertz

    Alt T and Alt S

    So what is the alternate way to toggle the toolpath and the model on and off besides the Alt shortcuts?

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