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  1. Chuck Haigler

    Mastercam Lathe

    All of these ideas will work, I like the U value the best may I add that if you would put a variable in the U address you could make it adjustable and you could adjust the variable if any more adjustments were needed and not have to edit the program and allow the operator to make his own adjustments. example U#510 then just put the adjustment amount in register 510.
  2. This should help someone passed it on to me a few years ago. Fanuc Variables.xls
  3. Chuck Haigler

    Fanuc control thread cutting problem

    Up in the top left comer where it says Nc code format change from Box to Canned and you should get a G76 I think that will figure all the passes for you
  4. Chuck Haigler

    Newbe needs help with rest mill tool path

    Thanks Chris that is what I was looking for I had not got to the finish pass yet. Thanks Again Chuck
  5. Hi Guys Hope someone can help me I am a new MC user using Ver 7 doing a 2D High Speed (2D Dynamic Rest Mill) I have a 2.5 dia hole I am milling it out to be a 2.515 square with .5 radius in the corners. When I post out the tool path I get a whole bunch of XY moves on the return path it makes the program very large is there any way to suppress these XY moves and make the program smaller or there a reason for them that I am not seeing. Thanks for the help (T239 - 1/2 FLAT ENDMILL - H239 - D239 - D0.5000") G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. (COMPENSATION TYPE - COMPUTER) T239 M06 ( 1/2 FLAT ENDMILL) (MAX - Z.25) (MIN - Z-.74) G00 G17 G90 G54 X-.9519 Y-.0507 S12000 M03 G43 H239 Z.25 G94 G61.1 G05 P2 G01 Z.1 F500. Z-.74 F200. X-.9805 Y-.1157 F500. G03 X-.99 Y-.161 I.103 J-.0453 G01 Y-.1875 Y-.2051 Y-.2226 X-.9894 Y-.2325 All these XY Moves X-.9883 Y-.2432 X-.9869 Y-.2545 X-.9851 Y-.2663 X-.9829 Y-.2785 X-.9804 Y-.291 X-.9775 Y-.3038 X-.9743 Y-.3167 X-.9708 Y-.3297 X-.967 Y-.3429 X-.9629 Y-.3561 X-.9586 Y-.3693 X-.954 Y-.3825 X-.9492 Y-.3957 X-.9441 Y-.4089 X-.9388 Y-.4221 X-.9333 Y-.4352 X-.9276 Y-.4482 X-.9216 Y-.4612 X-.9154 Y-.4741 X-.9091 Y-.487 X-.9025 Y-.4997 X-.8957 Y-.5124 X-.8888 Y-.5249 X-.8816 Y-.5374 X-.8743 Y-.5498 X-.8667 Y-.562 X-.859 Y-.5742 X-.8511 Y-.5862 X-.843 Y-.5981 X-.8347 Y-.6099 X-.8263 Y-.6216 X-.8176 Y-.6331 X-.8088 Y-.6445 X-.7999 Y-.6558 X-.7907 Y-.6669 X-.7814 Y-.6779 X-.772 Y-.6888 X-.7623 Y-.6995 X-.7525 Y-.7101 X-.7426 Y-.7205 X-.7325 Y-.7308 X-.7222 Y-.7409 X-.7118 Y-.7509 X-.7013 Y-.7607 X-.6906 Y-.7704 X-.6797 Y-.7799 X-.6688 Y-.7892 X-.6576 Y-.7984 X-.6464 Y-.8074 X-.635 Y-.8162 X-.6235 Y-.8249 X-.6118 Y-.8334 X-.6 Y-.8417 X-.5881 Y-.8498 X-.5761 Y-.8578 X-.564 Y-.8655 X-.5517 Y-.8731 X-.5394 Y-.8805 X-.5269 Y-.8878 X-.5143 Y-.8948 X-.5016 Y-.9017 X-.4888 Y-.9083 X-.476 Y-.9148 X-.463 Y-.921 X-.4499 Y-.9271 X-.4368 Y-.933 X-.4235 Y-.9387 X-.4102 Y-.9442 X-.3968 Y-.9495 X-.3833 Y-.9545 X-.3697 Y-.9594 X-.3561 Y-.9641 X-.3424 Y-.9686 X-.3286 Y-.9728 X-.3148 Y-.9769 X-.3009 Y-.9808 X-.287 Y-.9844 X-.273 Y-.9878 X-.2695 Y-.9887 G03 X-.258 Y-.99 I.0115 J.0487 Cutting here G01 X-.2404 X-.2227 X-.2051 G03 X-.0943 Y-.897 I0. J.1125 X-.125 Y-.7985 I-.1108 J.0195 F100. G01 X-.7974 Y-.1171 G03 X-.897 Y-.0853 I-.0801 J-.079 X-.99 Y-.1961 I.0195 J-.1108 F500. G01 Y-.2226 Y-.2402 Y-.2579 Y-.2662 X-.9896 Y-.2749 X-.9888 Y-.2845 X-.9876 Y-.2948 X-.986 Y-.3057 X-.9839 Y-.3171 X-.9815 Y-.3288 TEST.MCX-7

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