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  1. ravidahiwala

    change 4th axis rotary output

    Ron, Limiting Rotary travel gave the error instead of reversing the direction. and error comes in all 3 options of signed continuous, Signed absolute & Shortest absolute. Thanking you, Ravi.
  2. ravidahiwala

    change 4th axis rotary output

    Colin, I tried " signed continuous" too but got same output. I am attaching some of the post settings screen shoot used with signed continuous. Thanking you, Ravi.
  3. ravidahiwala

    change 4th axis rotary output

    Thanks Jeremy, I tried it all but same output comes. My default Machine is set at " Shortest Direction, absolute angle 0-360 deg ". Even i tried changing direction but same results with opposite sign. i think post has something which overrides.
  4. Hello!! We have modified MP master X4 vertical mill 4 axis post, set B is rotation around x axis and CW is positive. For simple index drilling two holes at B20 and B-20, post gives continuous output of " B20 and B340 ". I tried changing all rot_type 0, 1, 2 in the post but didn't get desired output. how can i get B20 - B-20 type output. Sincerely, Ravi.
  5. ravidahiwala

    parasolid r kernel interface error 922

    Thanks for the replies, We changed in 2008 from Gibbs to Mastercam. Well Familiar with both the Cam systems though. I didn't modify or moved any files from "PSLD DATA" folder and it dose have 87 files. We do have solidworks 2016 installed but that's long time ago (1 year ?). Sincerely, Ravi.
  6. Hello! Friends, All of sudden today, i have started getting this old error " parasolid r kernel interface error 922 " at importing parasolid files. even i tried to import old parasolid files which i opened previously but same error message comes. seems like something might have changed that i don't know and now i can't open parasolid files. i checked my configuration settings ( solid , tolarances, converter etc) and nothing seems to have changed then how that could happen? i will be thank full for your help. i did find workaround to open in Gibbs 2016 and export as STEP, mastercam works fine with step then but its not a permanent solution. Thanking you, Ravi.
  7. ravidahiwala

    Find Drills

    Thank you Jparis . Appreciated.
  8. ravidahiwala

    Find Drills

    Hello Friends, I need help for very simple thing which i did in past, Now i completely Forgot. I have a plate with more than 500 different holes. There is a way to insert table or Dimensions in the graphics area which tells how many holes you have of particular size. see the attached file. I can do FBM Drill and analyze the model to find it but there is something more easy and we can put it in graphic area automatically forever e.g .125 x 40 holes, .1875 x 70 holes etc. Thanking you, Ravi.

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