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  1. Solidworkscadman

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    thats some clean lookin toolpaths ron
  2. A lot of people dont know about this R8 quickchange product If your still in the market for a knee or bed mill, its a slick alternative
  3. Solidworkscadman

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    I run both stand alone and MC4SW They both have their place and i like having both the options. they rolled in MC4SW with the standalone
  4. Solidworkscadman

    Mill Turn You Tube video

    this looks promising!
  5. Solidworkscadman

    End Mills for 304SS?

    Guhring Endmills with the firex coating is the best results I have had, the endmills have a small break edge on the corner to hold up
  6. Solidworkscadman

    HELP! Hyundai WIA

    Try a G28 H0 at the begining of the toolpath
  7. Solidworkscadman

    MasterCAM for solidworks or CAMworks?

    The decision of mastercam to include the Mastercam For Solidworks seat with the purchase of a regular seat is great. I actually based my purchase around it. Althought MCFSW has some flaws it is still a good product that I use to complement the standard mastercam seat.
  8. Solidworkscadman

    Eurotech lathes

    Did Eurotech switch to Mits from Fanuc servo's and Drives? Nice machine
  9. Solidworkscadman

    dynamic mill entry

    select the entry point in addition to the chain

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