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  1. Chally72

    Master Cam slow down

    For clarity, here is the contents of that KB article. I don't think about Groups much, so this is definitely something I would have to read the KB article to understand. PROBLEM: Some large files are caused by having many groups. CAUSE: Groups have lots of geometry in each one. SOLUTION: 1. Display all levels. 2. Open the Groups Manager and select some of the groups. 3. On right side, select Remove from. 4. The graphics area is opened. Window select all the geometry. 5. Control returns to the Groups Manager. 6. Click the Delete option.
  2. Chally72

    Plane Association MC 2020

    I just tried this workflow in 2021 and yes, this does work with wireframe entities. It does not work if trying to associate the plane to a solid autocursor point, and if you do accidentally click on a solid autocursor point while trying to associate the plane, it will permanently break association functionality for that plane. The workaround is to create a plane "From Solid Face", whereupon solid entity association works as expected. That's all the 'gotchas' I know of- hope that helps.
  3. Chally72

    Plane Association MC 2020

    Yes, you can. There are still some caveats to what you can associate a plane to, depending on how the plane was created. For example, dragging out the dynamic gnomon to create a plane will allow you to associate to a point, but cannot associate to a solid autocursor point. Creating a plane via the Planes pane dropdown and "From solid Face" will create a plane type that can be associated to solid geometry.
  4. Chally72

    Heidenhain Cycle 32

    The default angular tolerance for our corporate post is 0.5 degrees. The default linear tolerance value is somewhere between 0.003-0.005", off the top of my head. We have a TNC 530 control in-house and we've never had cause to tighten it further than the default on Finishing mode, but of course, this depends on what kind of product you're making and what results you're expecting. Heidenhain's Cycle 32 is quite fantastic in terms of taking non-optimal point density/spacing with simultaneous motion and making it look buttery smooth. I've had the angular tolerance up as high as 2 degrees as pullo mentioned to really make some paths fly.
  5. Chally72

    Reading angle of a plane

    If you right-click on the plane and select Report, you can get the transformation matrix for the plane/get an idea of vector. Dynamic analyze on an entity in that plane will also give you IJK vector values. Neither of this is an actual angle, which you'd have to measure relative to another planar component. These are just the two tools I use to examine plane vector.
  6. Chally72


    Hey Corey, that crank program (and also the stock model issues related to it) is a file that I've actually looked at and is a separate issue (with a separate Defect #) unrelated to the fix I'm speaking of here in Update 2. For reference, this is another thread with example on the specific move that Update 2 fixes:
  7. Chally72


    A little late to this thread, but 2020 Update 2 has a fix for issues with Verify/Simulation tool diving to center move at the end of a toolpath, which it sounds like is the issue here.
  8. Chally72

    Dynamic undercutting - Slot cutter

    Optirough does not allow undercutting, no. BUT- on a shape like this, where we just have to avoid the lip around the boundary, we could just neglect to tell Optirough the lip is there, set our Minimum depth to be the underside of the lip with a stepdown of the thickness of the slotting tool, and add in large entry and exit values in the Linking page, and voila- dynamic rest roughing with a slotting tool that also properly clears the lip on entry and exit. Now, this is just using a Roughing Tool setting in Stock rest material. If we have a complex stock model, with maybe some variable stock in floor areas, we'd need to somehow remove the 'lip' of stock to allow this method to work correctly and ensure Optirough continues to ignore geometry and stock higher up than the lip. In a case like that, we could use a ghosted facing operation to 'clean' the stock down to the underside of the lip, and then generate a stock model for our Optirough based on this ghosted facing op.
  9. Thanks for the example. I can see exactly what you mean here, and that it occurs only with safety zones and Circle Mill. It looks like it was already identified as a problem and it is fixed in 2021: As a workaround in 2020, we could do something like Circle mill the groups individually and use a Multiaxis link to generate the exact same safety zone and get the correct feed move between them. I attached an example file. Test_Example.mcam
  10. Chally72

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    If I understand this issue correctly, it's not the normal operation/plane transition motion case that is causing these cuts. As mentioned, this behavior change appeared starting in 2020.
  11. Right. Can you strip down the file to just the three holes and a single toolpath and post it here? Or perhaps make an example file that does the same thing?
  12. Chally72

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    Corey, I know you posted in the official forum on this one too. I don't have access to that Defect report, but I believe this one is related to stock models and Rotary Axis positioning and the transforms going on in the background. There's no good workaround if you have to use that rotary axis switch right now. Did your reseller provide any more information on the specifics to you, or would you like me to try and dig that up?
  13. Can you post a file? If you're using Safety Zone, and both your lead-out and lead-in feed moves do not violate (exist outside) the safety zone, then no feed moves will be inserted. This is a little difficult to explain in text form. A simple fix would be to expand the cylinder or decrease the lead amounts to make sure that the feed moves end within the safety zone and thus trigger the insertion of safety moves, which would occur at feed rate if you had that option checked.
  14. Chally72

    Machine solid models

    The model is actually directly available from Haas on their webpage for the TRT100:
  15. Chally72

    Model Transparency

    The Materials toggle is an all-or-nothing toggle, so there's no way to turn Materials view on just for individual solids. The default glossy materials can get a little hard to look at depending on geometry, so sometimes I'll change them all to something like a dull plastic material so that I can still comfortable view them along with the things I need Glass materials applied to.

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