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  1. Chally72

    backplot a and or b values

    Just to expand a bit- that requires knowledge of the machine/post, and is outside of the scope of backplot.
  2. Chally72

    Trouble with install

    I would strongly suspect antivirus or user permission issues to be the root cause, especially with an overeager IT department that is doing things like blanket restricting downloads.
  3. Chally72

    changing multiple diameters

    Using the Push-Pull feature on the Model Prep tab, Ctrl+clicking on one of the 0.078 holes will select all holes of the same diameter, and you can then change them all at once to your new desired diameter.
  4. Chally72

    Legacy toolpaths take hours to complete

    If not a direct file, can you make and share a representative example file with typical paths/geometry/settings that are producing the long regen times? It's hard to discuss anything other than anecdotal suggestions otherwise, and it leaves us without any direct comparisons to make on what times are expected and what times can possibly be improved somehow. Just one example of the possibilities otherwise- a recent thread on the official Mastercam forum noted that surface blend paths were taking an excessive amount of time to generate with a Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, 32gb Ram, i7-7820X and NVidia P4000 graphics card. Driver issues were a culprit:
  5. The shortcut Ctrl+E will toggle through the different expanded and collapsed states of toolpath manager groups and operations, and affects either the entire manager tree or just the operations/groups you have currently selected.
  6. Chally72

    Mastercam Lathe Stock Setup Dialog Box

    There was a recent thread with the same issue, located here The last suggestion on that thread was: Is display scaling on? Right click on your desktop and click Display settings; if the value under 'Change the size of text, apps, and other items' isn't 100%, try setting it to 100%.
  7. Chally72

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    The bolts did have threads simplified, but still quite a few surfaces per bolt, and the models for springs and such were pretty heavy. We're talking a 300+MB file here from geometry alone.
  8. Chally72

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Just to update after exploring this a little further with Tim- the culprit in the file was mainly hardware- springs and bolts and such- that was accounting for a massive chunk of the load time. Exporting this hardware to parasolid simplifies it in some manner that we don't do with optimize or other tools, and allows us to reimport it into the file and reduce load times to more reasonable levels.
  9. Chally72

    Multiaxis Deburr toolpath issues

    Can you post the file, please? I'll take a look.
  10. Chally72

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Are you referring to RAM/Repair file? That still exists, on the info menu as soon as you click file...
  11. Chally72

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Gcode is saying to open your problem file, export the geometry as a parasolid, then, with the problem file still open, delete your geometry and then use File Merge to bring the parasolid geometry back in. Then, save the whole ensemble.
  12. Chally72

    mastercam 2019 slow at opening files

    Is the file you're opening actually on your hard drive, or are you opening from a network location? Have you tried deleting or moving your config files and letting Mastercam recreate the defaults, and then attempted to open? (C:\Users\yourusernamehere\Documents\my mcam2019\CONFIG) What kind of solid state hard drive? The words 'SSD' do not always mean lightning fast depending on what was purchased and how it is interfaced. If you are happy with file open times in other softwares though, I would consider this the least likely culprit.
  13. Chally72

    Surfacing Arc/Line Tolerances?

    If you can post the file, it would help in giving you specific feedback.
  14. Chally72

    Flow 5 axis 2019

    I'm running a beta not released to the public. Aaron is correct. All is well! (Updated my signature to reflect how I know these things.)
  15. Chally72

    Flow 5 axis 2019

    I did get it to regen correctly with my version of 2020. So the fix is in, no worries...

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