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  1. Chally72

    Long Post Times

    If you can, shoot me an example zip2go that does it and I'll take a peek.
  2. Chally72

    Verify graphics on arcs in compare

    It's a result of tolerancing. The verify model that you're seeing is a faceted mesh in the background, and on smaller arcs, there aren't as many facet faces to make up that arc as there would be on a larger arc with the same tolerance/facet size. As JParis said, you can tighten up the tolerance to increase the number of facets on the mesh, but calculation time goes up commensurately.
  3. Chally72

    Long Post Times

    Hey Mike- There were improvements in posting times in 2019 Update 2 to avoid potential *near endless* loop scenarios. If you install Update 2 and still have an issue, please feel free to message me with an example zip2go.
  4. Chally72


    I believe this is dependent on your post being able to handle this orientation change- Most posts do not give you the ability to force a rotation.
  5. Chally72

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    We've drilled with it already here in the manufacturing lab. It's one of the new features I'm most excited to use. No more point to point to quickly get out a quirky drill op!
  6. Chally72

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    Yeah, the 2019 and 2020 behavior is that during pecks, it is feeding full depth for each peck, which means shallow pecks on deep holes for example get the backplot time blown up. I'm happy to say that this is fixed in 2021 currently.
  7. Chally72

    No more entity selection for drill in 2020?

    The Tool tabs that you get in 2020 upon selecting entities can be turned off if you right click, customize ribbon, go to Tool Tabs on the righthand dropdown, and unselect the Wireframe Selection, Surfaces Selection, Solids Selection, Mesh Selection, and Geometry Selection tools checkboxes. I like to customize them to add/focus them to commands I commonly use when working through multiple actions/commands on a single select set, and I find it saves me time, but for those who don't like or expect the ribbon to change when working in "Object->Action" flow, you might want to turn them off.
  8. Chally72

    Backplot VCR bar above the graphics window

    First step- is 2019 still set to use the dedicated graphics card and not the integrated graphics? You must force use of the dedicated graphics card for the Mastercam .exe in the Nvidia (or other) control panel. Your IT guy should know how to do this if you're unsure of how to verify.
  9. Sure, and for that kind of file/process I'd revert back to Pmeshes and unlink setups to some degree, because at that point associativity can become more of an anchor than a help. The fact that solids exist at world top is the key thing to understand here when trying to expand from single part setups to multiple vises, simple tombstones, etc, and if you've never done it before, you might not even know that it's possible.
  10. Chally72

    Wierd stock model behavior

    Here's a thread I just posted, with a file and video of one way to approach tombstone stock models:
  11. Hey guys, Because I've seen this question a few times and because this is so difficult to explain, I thought I'd make a video on dealing with tombstone machining and in-process stock models. Linked below is a video showing one method of tombstone programming, wherein we use a single solid body as stock for all tombstone ops, and transform the in-process stock models across different faces of the tombstone. Attached is the file from the video. The resultant NC files utilize different offsets for each individual tombstone part instance, and everything is associative- no PMesh usage. The WCS for each operation is also not tied to the stock in any way. I hope this helps expand upon one way of doing tombstone programming! Tombstone Stock Model
  12. Chally72

    Wierd stock model behavior

    As mentioned, the plane will usually be Top. Note that the below all applies to Stock Model Operations, and not Stock Setup. (Which I often completely ignore for mill programming.) If you're using a solid body as the stock for the stock model, always use Top for your plane. This is because all bodies that exist in the file are considered to be in World Top, and the solid body is already likely rotated/translated into position around your part, so you do NOT want to apply a translation/rotation by changing planes. You can do some trick plane changes in subsequent stock model ops to then rotate that stock model around to mimic if you were flipping the stock to a second vise, or rotating about a tombstone, but this is difficult to visualize. I recommend not adding source operations and playing around with just changing the planes in the stock model op and regenerating to understand what the rotation is doing. Programming best practice (excluding tombstone machining or vise flips with things like dual vises where you want to see both orientations at once) is usually to keep the part model/stock model in one orientation in space, and 'rotate' the fixturing around it as necessary to mimic setup orientation changes. With this in mind, and starting from a solid body that you'll be using as stock, always use Top for plane orientation. Hope this helps expand a bit on plane choice reasoning for Stock Model Orientations!
  13. Chally72


    By default, the templates to create these reports live in C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared McamXXXX\common\reports\ (where XXXX is your version) for 2019 and under, and C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 2020\ for version 2020. If you had these changed to read from a network location, you probably have to change them back by going into FILE | CONFIGURATION and changing the folder path locations on the Reports tab. See image below:
  14. Chally72

    Tool path deviation

    I don't have anything as old as X7 installed, but simply regenerating this path with no changes, in 2018 and up, gets rid of this hump.

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