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  1. Chally72

    Morph Advanced options

    The Smoothing Distance that you see in the Cut Pattern advanced options for Morph is applying essentially a corner rounding effect to the actual generated cut pattern to smooth out sharp changes in direction on the surface. It blends the direction change (defined by the break angle field) over the distance you enter. When you say choppy, what do you mean? Is it only choppy when rotary motion is added in? Does the choppiness get better or worse when you increase point density in a given path? Can you upload a path example? Have you played around with the Maximum Angle Step field in Tool Axis Control? Some machines really don't like seeing large angle transitions and not giving them enough 'resolution' in terms of angular change points density to see a clear acceleration/deceleration path will cause choppiness. Some machines are just the opposite, in that loading them with so many points will cause the control to choke. The solution for you could be any number of things, from machine-side adjustments to a different programming approach to get smoother code out of the gate, so getting a little more detailed on what works/what doesn't on a known example will allow us to help you.
  2. Chally72

    stock model from wrong cutter size

    The least intrusive/fastest method that I can think of would be to send the original toolpath through a Convert to 5 operation, which would allow you to swap the tool used but otherwise keep cutting motion unmodified. Then create a new stock model based on this Convert to 5 and run a compare against the original stock model saved to a level.
  3. Chally72

    Stock flip in Mill-Turn

    Lathe stock flip in MT is not directly supported, unfortunately. The easiest way of going about this is to save the stock after the first side work is done, saving the resultant stock geometry to a level, and using that and a copy of the part geometry to drive a 2nd machine group that does the flipped side.
  4. Chally72

    optirough 2021

    Also, for non-center-cutting or inserted tools, ramping into the material is never going to be an option. Check out this video for the Skip All Pockets option added in 2021 to keep the path safe for these types of tools: Additionally, anytime you can create in-process stock models that represent things like predrilled holes or removed material, you're going to get benefits in Optirough/Multiaxis roughing/etc. Any path that offers the ability to turn on stock is going to get motion and efficiency improvements by adding intelligence/making the path stock-aware.
  5. Chally72

    Pencil toolpath

    And in 2022, you will no longer have to create surfaces from the solid first! You can directly pick individual solid faces to thicken within Stock Model.
  6. Chally72

    Multiple Surface

    Check out Overflow UV in 2022 to create a single patch surface with a consistent UV direction draped over multiple surfaces. This moves the work of the Surface Finish Project path to the CAD level and allows you more options for toolpathing.
  7. Chally72

    Does Mcam do this? (Arc feed adjustment)

    For those seeing this that work in the multiaxis world, there's an entire options page for surface radius based feedrate adjustment to achieve similar results:
  8. Chally72

    Convert Mesh to Surfaces Chook

    There are a few cool instances with 2022 where I've found myself turning my surfaces into a mesh to do the model edits I want, rather than desiring the other way around. The smoothing and refinement possible on organic shapes is amazing. Specifically, I had one scenario where scanned intake port data for reverse engineering, and resultant wireframe cross sections, were resulting in some ripples in the NURBS surface that was swept through them. Send it out to mesh, use smoothing commands to remove ripples, path directly on the mesh, and done. Much simpler than syncing nodes and tweaking sectioned wireframe loops to try and smooth surface propogation. I finally gave up and swapped my musclecar carb to EFI a few years ago after getting tired of cleaning the bowls and jets of ethanol jelly every spring and then chasing idle and mixture adjustments from spring to fall. The future is now, old man!
  9. Chally72

    Simulation Stock Options Resetting....

    I believe the multiple sessions are squashing each others' settings and resulting in it resetting back to default. Mastercam 2022 also does a better job in saving these defaults between instances in some cases.
  10. Chally72

    dynamic contour, be careful!

    That minimum toolpath radius is controlling the roughing motion of the path, not the finishing. In what situation is this causing a problem? Have a picture or file? My guess would be that you had it set to a large value, the roughing left a lot in the corners because it was respecting that value, and then the finishing path came in and overengaged and perhaps broke a tool?
  11. Chally72

    5x peel mill

    Yep, if I remember correctly it's an incorrect transformation matrix being applied to only the static toolpath display.
  12. Chally72

    5x peel mill

    This is not right and I'll forward the file along. I, too, forget the specific thing that was causing this. The static toolpath display should match the backplot. In the cases where I saw this, the backplot was always correct and the posted code always matched the backplot.
  13. Chally72

    5x peel mill

    Here's an example from the Tech Exchange showing a 2D Dynamic (which could also be set to zigzag) on a variable pitch lead screw using axis sub on a regular Mill license:
  14. Chally72

    Toolpath not correctly orientated

    In the newer versions of Mastercam, we also pay closer attention to how your machine definition is set up. IE, you used to be able to create invalid physical axis combos in older versions and then program to them without any sort of notification or warning. Because the Machine Definition setup drives a lot more of what's going on in a modern post, it's much more important these days that it's set up correctly, than say it was in X4. There might not be a posted code issue if you dragged up your post from X4 as well, but that warning is a sign that you should probably do some poking around to make sure things are set up properly.
  15. In 2022 you can copy machining and avoidance geometry groups and tolerances by right-clicking and dragging from the geometry dropdown of one toolpath to another toolpath or group of selected toolpaths in the operations manager. In this way, if you open your Operation defaults file and edit one operation, you could then drag these groups down to all the other 3D operations you might want these groupings on.

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