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  1. Chally72


    By default, the templates to create these reports live in C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared McamXXXX\common\reports\ (where XXXX is your version) for 2019 and under, and C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 2020\ for version 2020. If you had these changed to read from a network location, you probably have to change them back by going into FILE | CONFIGURATION and changing the folder path locations on the Reports tab. See image below:
  2. Chally72

    Tool path deviation

    I don't have anything as old as X7 installed, but simply regenerating this path with no changes, in 2018 and up, gets rid of this hump.
  3. Chally72

    Dynamic Boundary Violation

    Some reference info- Air region extent is 4x tool diameter. I imagine overlapping region trimming is tough because we have knowledge of only the input chains, and then each region would have to be cross checked against every other region and some intelligence applied to the result. I'm sure this will see many improvements in the future- the ability to add multiple air regions was just introduced, and the functionality will continue to evolve release to release. For now, giving the path a little more knowledge of surrounding geometry is enough to get a good path.
  4. Chally72

    Dynamic Boundary Violation

    What is happening here is that there's a sliver of air region from the extension off of the middle jaw island that exists beyond the lefthand machining region: Air region extents are automatically sized based on the diameter of the tool selected, and that sliver is being created as part of the air region extents of this chain, perpendicular to the chain edges: Since the toolpath has no knowledge of any geometry except what we're feeding it for chains, it sees that sliver as a valid air region. A solution is to simply add the top left jaw face as an avoidance region to eliminate the air sliver, which gives you this: The ability to add multiple air regions also adds quite a bit of complexity in how overlapping regions are dealt with, so avoidance regions start to become more necessary to control motion around and between the desired areas. Hope this helps!
  5. Chally72

    Finish Constant Scallop vs. Equal Scallop

    If the uneven bands are areas where the tool is changing tilt to get away from the walls, you needn't worry- the displayed path is showing the tip position, not the tangency contact point. Thus, when the tool tilt has to change for avoidance, the displayed path will show a widening or narrowing gap even though the actual scallop stepover remains equal. Verify results should give you a good idea of the final surface condition if you have concerns about the finish in the areas with tilt.
  6. Chally72

    Dynamic Boundary Violation

    What is your toolpath tolerance set to? Can you post the file?
  7. In the transitions page, have you zeroed out your Skip Pockets Smaller Than value? Posting a file with example path would allow us to provide some focused replies.
  8. Chally72

    Stock model work planes

    The processing time being extraordinarily long is a good clue that your planes are probably not correct in your stock model operation. The stock is likely sitting right where the tool/holder pass through, and that starts to cause major stock calculation headaches when it results in things like driving the holder through the entirety of the stock body at odd angles. No need to let it run all weekend, especially if you know that a similar stock model generated in 2 minutes- stop the processing and then take a look to see what's wrong with your planes. A good sanity check is to create the stock model with your plane setup, but without applying any Source Operations to make sure that it's starting in the position and orientation you actually want. Then you can go back in and add Source Operations back in- maybe even one by one, allowing you to diagnose if a particular operation is causing a stock model calculation hang. It would be helpful if you could post a file that shows how you're setting up your ops and stock- even if it's on a simple sample rectangle- so that we can provide you specific feedback on what you're doing.
  9. I believe Terrance's issue is that he has machines that have perhaps been migrated, and the files physically exist in the folder, but do not show up in the machine list inside of Mastercam when he goes to Manage List to add them to the machine dropdown menu. I've seen this happen occasionally when users manually copy/paste the machine folder structure from an older version, and also if there was a hiccup in migration.
  10. This usually occurs when the files are manually copied, for example, from /Shared Mcam2019/ into /Shared Mastercam 2020/ instead of migrated using the migration wizard. When you see this problem, have you tried doing an advanced migration and specifying these two folders as source and destination?
  11. Chally72

    mmd & control files

    The possible axis combinations in Machine Definition manager are based off of what machine components you have set up, and how you have set them up, in the Machine Component manager- which you get by double clicking on any component in the machine configuration 'tree'. Jim, you can get in touch with me by clicking on my username and then clicking "Message" on the next screen, or by emailing me at [email protected]
  12. Chally72

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    It is climbing to avoid contact with the wall avoidance surfaces when the toolpath puts it right against the wall surfaces and it thinks the tool is interfering, be it actual interference based on stock to leave or even a loose tolerancing issue or unseen sliver areas/non-perfect surfaces in the avoid selection.
  13. Chally72

    mmd & control files

    The migration process to 2020 rebuilds the axis combinations available for machine def. In some cases, this will turn off invalid combinations and will require you to create a valid axis combination. Make sure that your axis Machine Coordinate dropdown is not set to Macro for axes used in your axis combos: It is important that machine defs are cleaned up and fixed going forward, as the settings here are driving more and more things. If you're having issues with a machine def, feel free to message me and we can take a look at what's going on.
  14. Chally72

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    Hey Dan, You don't change speeds and feeds when you first initialize the point toolpath. You first choose your point(s) and create the path, then you can go into Parameters or Geometry to change speeds/feeds or point geometry. For drilling a single hole with a slow entry and then a feed change, I would end up with two point operations in the toolpath manager. One drives the drill from my initial clearance point to the end of the entry move, at my slow feedrate, and the second drives the drill from the end of the entry move to the full depth of the hole, at normal feedrate.
  15. Chally72

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    Once the initial points are picked and the toolpath is created, dive back into the parameters and you have quite a few more options to play with:

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