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  1. Chally72

    wireframe divide question

    Are you referring to the current ability to click and drag in the Divide command and 'swipe' over the elements you want to divide? That's what I would call 'freehand' use of the command.
  2. Chally72

    Forcing 2019 to startup in mill 2D, not 3D

    For those who don't remember the configuration switches or aren't as familiar with modifying the shortcuts, there's also the Mastercam Launcher, where you can configure the launch settings to the license configuration you want, and then create a shortcut on your desktop with this configuration. Search Mastercam Launcher from your start bar or look here (for 2019): C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mastercam 2019\Utilities\
  3. Chally72


    That's a ~19mb .dll file located exactly where the message says. It is necessary to run verify/machine sim. Check your recycle bin and search for MachSim.dll and see if you can find it- it was deleted or moved somehow.
  4. Chally72

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    You can use them to quickly toggle your view state between different wireframe/shaded selections. IE- shaded with contrasting edges, shaded with no edges, translucent, etc.
  5. Chally72

    Tool Edit Causes Mastercam to Freeze

    The integrated graphics card will have major issues with tool graphics and the standalone tool manager. Once you get a standalone card, you need to be sure to point the tool manager to the standalone card. See here:
  6. Chally72

    2019 tool manager DXF files

    Click the assembly button on the ribbon in the standalone tool manager. This creates a new tool assembly. You can see the assembly tree now down in the bottom left. Then, go to your holder library, and drag a holder onto the assembly tree. Then drag a tool from your tool library onto the assembly tree. You now have a holder/tool as an assembly, and if you open this library in Mastercam, it will show as an assembly. (See radio button options on lower right half of Mastercam tool manager in a file to filter between just tools, tools with holders (assemblies), or both.) To set projection (stickout) of an assembly in the standalone tool manager, hover over the holder in the graphics display. When you see the little up/triangle icon appear, hold Ctrl and click on the holder, and then you can drag around and set tool projection. This way, this is all set up in your library when you load it into a file- no screwing around with holders and projection distances when you first start creating operations.
  7. Chally72

    Tool Manager not displaying correctly

    When you say you have to move the dialog from screen to screen, is the behavior such that it always works on one monitor, but not the other? Or that dragging it across screens, doesn't matter which way, changes the dialog visibility?
  8. Chally72

    5 Axis Tool Cutting Into Part

    Also, even with a standard tool definition, remember that there is the Run Tool dropdown in the Tool Axis Control that can still cause you to run to the center of the tip instead of compensating to the edge you want. See image below.
  9. Chally72

    2019 issues with high speed hybrid paths

    This is a known bug. Sometimes playing with the Z stepdown can remove the double cutting. Equal Scallop is a good alternative while waiting for the fix.
  10. Chally72

    Peck Drilling with a dwell on each peck

    That would vary wildly by tool. I always skip over HSS and use cobalt. Just as a guess, your SFM might be too high for HSS. I go all the way down to 18SFM in some stainless parts to get the best drill life and hole quality on low quantity parts. Also, don't drop down to a 0.1" peck until you're deeper in the hole. Only peck when you need to in order to eke more life out of that drill!
  11. Chally72

    Peck Drilling with a dwell on each peck

    Yes, this would be a custom cycle, as Haas G83 peck drilling only supports a dwell on the last peck. If it's only a few holes, just do a normal G82 drill cycle with a dwell, and copy and paste the operation a few times and set the depths successively deeper. Then at least you can try the dwell at each peck without writing out a long form cycle. By the way, I have read the same thread you posted and used the knowledge within for stainless and Inconel. It helps. I was doing more damage with IPT feeds too slow than I was with not having a dwell- just some advice. Another tip for saving the tip, if you will, in stainless- use a 142° spot drill and not a center drill to spot the hole location! Too few people do this.
  12. Chally72

    scallop toolparh

    Under the Cut Parameters | Steep/Shallow tab, you just need to uncheck "Use boundaries as machining curves, then collapse." This will keep it from jumping back and forth trying to machine the bottom opening loop and the upper areas as it works its way in.
  13. Chally72

    Tool Manager crashes in 2018

    I have seen this issue occur on laptops with integrated graphics. The Tool Manager, for whatever reason, tries to use the Intel integrated graphics first, and when it needs to draw something on the screen, like when you double click on Cutting Tools or Holders after opening a library, it instantly locks up. I went up and down driver revisions for the Intel integrated graphics on my laptop and couldn't solve the issue that way. The solution is to force the use of your dedicated graphics card for the Tool Manager application. This applies to desktops with integrated graphics as well- This is the process for NVIDIA cards: 1. Right click on the desktop and choose Nvidia Control Panel. 2. Go to Manage 3D Settings on the lefthand side. 3. Choose the Program Settings tab on the right. 4. Select Add under "Select a program to customize", and navigate to the location of your tool manager. By default for 2018, that is C:\Program Files\Mcam2018\Extensions\ToolManager.exe 5. Under "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:", select High-Performance NVIDIA processor to force Tool Manager to open with the NVIDIA card and skip the Intel integrated graphics. 6. Hit apply in the bottom right corner. Repeat these steps for any other installed versions of Mastercam to ensure each tool manager version works with the dedicated card. You should now immediately be able to open up the tool manager and view libraries without crashes. See the attached image for reference

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