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  1. Hello is there a way to set this in the System Config file? "To selected Operations"
  2. Changing common parameters like coolant settings makes dynamic toolpaths dirty which is annoying.
  3. Hi Guys thanks for all the help, I ended up getting it to Engrave S.N 230001 and sequential increasing by 1 each cycle start. The engraving was done on a Tilted plane. 200 ;TOOLPLANE NAME - ENGRAVE 201 TOOL CALL 14 Z S15000 202 ;2MM STANDARD LENGTH BN TOOL - 14 DIA. OFF. - 14 LEN. - 14 DIA. - 2. 203 ;HOLDER - SK DIA 3 SHRINK FIT X 120 204 TOOL DEF 15 205 CYCL DEF 247 PRESETTING ~ Q339=+1 ;PRESET NUMBER 206 L Z-0.1 R0 FMAX M91 207 ; 208 FN 11: IF +QR2 GT +QR1 GOTO LBL "ENGRAVE" 209 QR1 = 230001 ;START VALUE 210 QR2 = QR1 211 LBL "ENGRAVE" 212 QS4 = TOCHAR( DAT+QR2 DECIMALS0 ) 213 CYCL DEF 32.0 TOLERANCE 214 CYCL DEF 32.1 T0.05 215 CYCL DEF 32.2 HSC-MODE:0 TA1 216 M3 217 PLANE SPATIAL SPA+0 SPB+56 SPC+180 STAY SEQ+ TABLE ROT 218 L B+Q121 C+Q122 FMAX 219 L X+21.5 Y-30 FMAX 220 L Z+185 FMAX 221 M8 222 CYCL DEF 225 ENGRAVING ~ QS500="S.N" ;ENGRAVING TEXT ~ Q513=+7 ;CHARACTER HEIGHT ~ Q514=+0 ;SPACE FACTOR ~ Q515=+0 ;FONT ~ Q516=+0 ;TEXT ARRANGEMENT ~ Q374=+90 ;ANGLE OF ROTATION ~ Q517=+50 ;CIRCLE RADIUS ~ Q207=+800 ;FEED RATE MILLING ~ Q201=-0.15 ;DEPTH ~ Q206=+400 ;FEED RATE FOR PLNGNG ~ Q200=+2 ;SET-UP CLEARANCE ~ Q203=+172 ;SURFACE COORDINATE ~ Q204=+175 ;2ND SET-UP CLEARANCE ~ Q367=+0 ;TEXT POSITION ~ Q574=+0 ;TEXT LENGTH 223 L M99 224 L X+21.5 Y-10 FMAX 225 CYCL DEF 225 ENGRAVING ~ QS500= QS4 ;ENGRAVING TEXT ~ Q513=+7 ;CHARACTER HEIGHT ~ Q514=+0 ;SPACE FACTOR ~ Q515=+0 ;FONT ~ Q516=+0 ;TEXT ARRANGEMENT ~ Q374=+90 ;ANGLE OF ROTATION ~ Q517=+50 ;CIRCLE RADIUS ~ Q207=+800 ;FEED RATE MILLING ~ Q201=-0.15 ;DEPTH ~ Q206=+400 ;FEED RATE FOR PLNGNG ~ Q200=+2 ;SET-UP CLEARANCE ~ Q203=+172 ;SURFACE COORDINATE ~ Q204=+175 ;2ND SET-UP CLEARANCE ~ Q367=+0 ;TEXT POSITION ~ Q574=+0 ;TEXT LENGTH 226 QR2 = QR2 + 1 227 L M99 228 LBL 0 229 CYCL DEF 32.0 TOLERANCE 230 CYCL DEF 32.1 231 M9 232 M5 233 M140 MB MAX 234 PLANE RESET STAY 235 L Z-0.1 R0 FMAX M91 236 M1
  4. Hello and thank you. I downloaded the Tombstone Sample file and it has no toolpaths?
  5. So WCS stays Center of Rotation but you can then set a Top T/C Plane on the part? How is this Handled on the Machine? It's been a long time since I ran and programmed for a Horizontal and I have a new Mori NHX arriving next month. The centre of pallet rotation would be hard wired into the machine is that G54? Then if I set a T/C plane on the part what would the G5? be in the posted code? Any chance you could send me a Horizontal file to see how you go about it? Thank you
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but say I set my WCS to Center of the pallet rotation and I face the part as it sits in Mastercam. Say it might be Z350. Then if the Billet was a little short in its height and the billet did not face, wouldn't I have to re-program everything again in Mastercam? My concern is second OP's where I might have to set a WCS off a machined feature from OP1. My Other Question is to Get B0 are you using Front or Top T/C Plane? Thank you.
  7. Do you use TOP WCS and Front T/C Plane for B0? Do you leave your WCS at the Centre of rotation of the B-axis? I just bought a Mori NHX 4000 with G68.2 so I can set my WCS anywhere.
  8. The Machine Sim reads the G91 G28 Z0. at the end of NC file but not during cutting. G91 G28 Z0. (DOES NOT WORK) G00 G90 B90. X148.5 Y542.861 . . . M05 G91 G28 Z0. (THIS WORKS) G28 Y0. B0. G90 M30 %
  9. The code is good it has a G28 Z0, Before the B axis rotation. G00 Z165.833 G91 G28 Z0. G00 G90 B90. X148.5 Y542.861 How do I get the machine Sim to read the Z Home move?
  10. I have tried the Integer #4 on and off but when I ran machine sim the machine crashes when going from B0 to B90.
  11. Hi guys when using the MP Master Horizontal post is there a way to get the z axis to home before each B axis rotation? Like when I use my 5-axis posts the Z axis will retract to home position before a 3+2 move. Also what does the Misc Integer # 4 (Safe Index) do? Thank you.
  12. I have a UMC 750 SS and the first machine delivered was taken back as it was not accurate and covered in rust. The second machine has had th spindle replaced, Z axis ball screw replaced, the transformer replaced, the B and C axis clamping updated, the air conditioner in the electrical cabinet replaced. I will never buy another HAAS. The next 5-axis I bought was DMG MORI DMU 50 and it's amazing.
  13. Tool call 0 will empty the spindle? Yes you need to lengths in the Tool Table.
  14. Hi guys I'm playing with MPMASTER for a Horizontal and I noticed that if I post toolpaths programmed with Font T/C plane I don't get a B0 in the posted code. If I translate rotate the front toolpath 90 I then get a B0 and B90 output in the code. Why is there no B0 if I just toolpath using the Front T/C Plane? Thank you
  15. Hi guys it's been about 12 years since I programmed a Horizontal. I am looking at a Mori NHX 4000. I'm currently looking at programming some exsisting parts I run on my DMU 50 onto the Mori Horizontal. I have downloaded the MPMASTER which uses Top WCS and Front T/C Plane for B0. Which is how I used to program a Horizontal. Is this still the preferred method? My reseller gave me a Machine sim for the Mori Horizontal but it uses Top for B0. Is there a way I can change the Machine sim Machine so I can test it with the MPMASTER an the way the post works with front at B0? I can't currently run Machine sim because of the conflict between the post using Front for B0 and the machine sim wanting B0 to be Top. If I use the generic Horizontal Machine sim supplied with Mastercam it all works. But I want to make sure everything for the Mori will be OK before I purchase it. Thank you.

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