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  1. I figured it out. Thank You for all your help
  2. On second thought I could eliminate this line all together ;T2215 - EMD2215 - DIA 25.4MM - CORNER RAD 1.5
  3. Kalibre, The sample you gave me has me close. I have been experimenting with the code and I am getting spaces in the output. ;T2215 - EMD2215 - DIA 25.4MM - CORNER RAD 1.5 G0 T=" EMD2215" I have tried making minor changes but still cant seem to get rid of the spaces. ptoolcall #Tool change code toolno =t$ #if home_type = m_one, pbld, [ if strlen(strtool$) < 1, n$, *sgcode, "T=",no_spc$,*toolno, e$ #because you may want to just post the tool number if there is no tool name else, n$, *sgcode, "T=", no_spc$,34, no_spc, *strtool$, no_spc$, *toolno, no_spc$,34 e$ #forgot the $ ] pbld, pn, *smtlchg, pe, pms else, pbld, n$, *sg50, pfxout, pfyout, pfzout, e$ any help with where the spaces come from would be appreciated.
  4. Kalibre, I finally had a little time to try this and I am not sure where to add this text. Do i put it in with the ptlchg$ ? And if this works can I put the letters in with the tool number on the parameters page?
  5. Thanks for the replys. I will give this a try.
  6. Yes this is for a siemens. How the shop is set up we name tools by the holder so we could have different types of tool outputs in the same program.
  7. Is there a way to adjust our post to not only give us a 4 digit tool number but at times we also use letters to identify our tools. we currently get a standard 4 digit tool code. example T1234 M6 in some cases we would like T="ABC1234" M6

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