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  1. Mhoppe

    Amada Laser

    Try M99 instead of G99
  2. Awesome suggestions guys. I will look into all of them. I downloaded a demo of CIMCO and it worked fine on a 50mb file. Then I got greedy and made the mistake of trying the 3d feature. Insta-lock. But the backplot function did its job The material removal feature could be interesting and having access to it might be more useful then I anticipate but that would definitely be icing on the cake. Some of the features I am machining are on the single digit to sub micron scale so they are typically difficult to render properly, at least that has been my experience. I'm mostly interested in issues resulting in damage to the machine or tool. And a cursory glance at the plotted profile will generally show 95% of those potential issues. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions..
  3. Hi noob, great question. However, those files are generally only for one to three tools as is. If you saw the majority of the tool paths you would laugh. These aren't crazy jobs like I have seen many here working on with a bazillion tools and holes all over at odd angles. My hats off to you guys in that arena. Many of the parts I cut are very simple aspheric surfaces for optical injection molds. Nothing particularly novel or worrying there. I run into particular trouble when cutting certain freeform fresnel lenses on 25" plates, or other weird things like simultaneous 4 axis lathe work. Much of the software used to generate such code is developed in house, by me or others, so it would just be nice to have a code double check prior to running on the control for these sorts of parts. I can probably divide the files and plot piecemeal, not a bad idea actually. I am just hopeful that there is a more elegant route is all
  4. Hello Guys. I have a question regarding g-code backplotters. I have tried a variety of backplotters but am having a difficult time finding one that will plot files in the 50MB to 2GB+ range. That is a tall order, I know. Many text editors don't like such files either. I generally use good ole ncplot, and it is amazing for what it is but it seems to choke on files larger than about 10-20MB, which is fine for 95% of my work but there are those edge cases where I am working with massive files and I would love to be able to verify them prior to running them on the control as the majority of the tools we use are $1700+ and even a relatively minor crash can result in thousands of dollars pretty quickly. I have a great setup in terms of RAM(256GB) and other hardware. Does anyone with experience with vericut know how it handles very large file sizes? It is probably overkill for what I am trying to do, and crashes here even without simulation are very, very rare but some of the machining cycles here might take 100-300 hours. I would sleep much better at night knowing that everything looked good prior to pressing the start button. I work in the optics industry, and I am able to do some verification by reducing the resolution of the parts I am trying to cut and simulating that surface but would prefer to simulate the actual surface if possible. Thanks for any input you all might have. Martin
  5. Darn. Too bad I don't know enough to help out. You guys aren't too far from here.
  6. Mhoppe

    Looping Question

    An M98 should work within a G65 call. I believe you can typically nest 4 levels deep but that is control specific. The CNC Macro programming book by SK Sinha says 4 levels of nesting. He goes into a good amount of detail on the subject. The pertinent info begins on page 30, if you have the book.
  7. Mhoppe

    Looping Question

    To my knowledge you cannot jump into the middle of a while loop using GOTO, if that is what you are asking. On my control (Nanotech 350FG), I can use a while loop with an M98 between the WHILE / END without issue. In fact, I am doing so right now. Logically speaking, it is pretty straight forward to do this but whether your specific control will allow it is the real question..and for that I have no answer.
  8. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  9. Well, I just spoke to the programmer and he said they have no complaints with the machines. The only drawback, if you want to look at it that way, is the MMR is fairly low as you are limited to a 6mm cutter. He said the service has been great (service based out of Chicago), the accuracy is great, ease of use/programming. I misspoke earlier about the controls though. One has a siemens control, the other has a Sodick control which he claimed was easy to use. The Fanuc control is on our Makino. The programming is done in Open Mind. I am not familiar with that software, and I cannot say how much work getting a post for the machine might be in Mastercam but overall he says it performs great for work in its design envelope. The machines we have are labeled as 650 Linear machines.
  10. We have a few sodick mills at work. Two 5-axis machines alongside a nice 5-axis Makino. I believe one of the machines has a Siemens control, the other a Fanuc. I was told that the Sodicks we have, as currently configured, are the only ones in the US for some reason or another. They hold very close tolerances. When I get back to work on Monday I will look at the model numbers to see which machines they are specifically. I don't use them personally, I am on the diamond turning side of things but I know the guys in the mold shop that are using them have nice things to say about them. I will gather their input and pass it your way on Monday.
  11. Mhoppe

    Turning rare Plastic Matl.

    You looking to mill it, turn it or both?
  12. Mhoppe

    Ever Use These Before?

    Yeah, I remember a coworker telling me a story once of his time at another shop. A guy had used the edge of some nice calipers as a scribe. The boss apparently didn't like that. When confronted the guy said something like, "What do you care? They are my calipers." "Yeah? Well they are measuring MY parts!" Not sure what happened afterwards but the moral of that exchange has always stuck with me.
  13. Mhoppe

    Ever Use These Before?

    Maybe the machinist a few feet down has a pair you can try
  14. Mhoppe

    HDMI vs VGA on laptop

    Might be a bad HDMI cable. I had that problem when I bought a cheap $13 cable at bestbuy to hook up a kindle to my television before screencast became a thing.
  15. Mhoppe

    Ultra High Precision Surfacing help.

    We do diamond turning here but I am on the Moore Nanotech side rather than the Precitech side of things. Correct. Generally, no polishing is required though with the proper single crystal diamond tooling from a supplier like Chardon Tool or K&Y Diamond. We direct turn <5nm finishes all day long in copper and aluminum. Milling is a slightly different animal but it is still possible with a precision machine from Precitech or Moore Nanotech and the proper air bearing spindle with less than 50nm of runout. Do you have any pictures of the part as it currently looks? I might have a few ideas on how to improve the finish but also as a fellow diamond turner, I just find what are making very interesting

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