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  1. Tinyfxds

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    I use a Razer Naga Trinity https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice/razer-naga-trinity I can set each of the number buttons to perform a different macro. I absolutely love this mouse. It saves me a ton of clicks throughout the day.
  2. Tinyfxds

    Export points as Vectors?

    Just point entities. Our CMM program can take .txt files and use the information in that file, which is vector data, to probe points on our parts. I'm trying to create a program that will probe our magnetic pallets that we use to machine parts on. This would basically let me know if we are "dishing" our pallets over time. This is just a little project I'm trying in my spare time.
  3. Tinyfxds

    Export points as Vectors?

    I have a set of points that I need to export with vector values. The points need to have an x,y,z,0,0,0,0 values to them. Is this possible thru Mastercam? I need these points converted to vectors to run an inspection program in PC-DMIS. Below is an example of how the points need to look in order for the CMM to read them properly.
  4. Tinyfxds

    Mastercam's System Resource Utilization

    Does Mastercam support multi core processing? I know that some software limits the number of cores they use for crunching. So in some cases maybe a dual/quad core would be better than a processor with 6-8 cores? We have the same problem with Cimmatron right now. Toolpaths take a long time to crunch but the software itself only uses one core to do the processing. We have 8-core processors so we aren't really maximizing our computers resources.
  5. Tinyfxds

    What is that really fast 5 Axis mill?

    Personally I am blown away by our 3 axis Yasda cnc. We are always talking about getting a 5 axis one because the machine we have now is so accurate.
  6. Tinyfxds

    engraving small num,bers and letters

    We used Harvey engraving tools for some of our hardened blocks but we also used 1/32 ball mills. Most of the stuff we engraved only had to be legible so .005" - .010" was the deepest we went. Some of our customers had really strict "tolerances" on their logo so that's when we went with the Harvey tools.
  7. Tinyfxds

    Dynamic MIll Spreadsheet

    Nevermind just found it. Hiding in plain sight
  8. Tinyfxds

    Dynamic MIll Spreadsheet

    There was a page/spreadsheet on here where users could input their settings for the dynamic milling tool paths (opti rough etc...) , is this page still around? I lost the link to it and so far my search has turned up nothing. If anyone would share the link it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  9. Tinyfxds

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    I use wear but at my old job I used neither. The owner didn't believe in cutter comp. All adjustments made were by the programmer and the program reposted. This is one reason why I refer to it as my old job.
  10. Tinyfxds

    Dissolving medium

    I would second JParis' idea. We always used plaster to hold our parts when having to machine undercuts or for multiple setup prototype parts. However, if you have to pour it into a cavity or "bottle", you would have a very hard time getting that stuff out. We used wax a few times to hold parts but we never had to melt it to remove it.
  11. Tinyfxds

    Anyone still using pattern makers foam?

    We always used body filler for joining pieces together. It works great and we also used the body filler to "build" up areas where we may have missing foam.
  12. Tinyfxds

    3D cutter comp

    As far as I know that option is not available.
  13. Tinyfxds


    Open up Mastercam Simulator - Home - Stop Conditions - click stop on collision
  14. Tinyfxds

    Looking for work

    I used Surfcam before Mastercam and it was very easy to transition from one to the other. IMHO Mastercam is much better but Surfcam does have some nice features. I don't think you'd have a big learning curve.
  15. Tinyfxds

    Best Finishing strategy for this part?

    The Hybrid Tool path will give a nice finish with few lifts. .005" on the z depth and .005" on the stepover and it looks like this :

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