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  1. MetalSlinger5

    Creating grid?

    Thank you for all the great input, I ended creating a straight line adding points along that line and then transforming the points on that line as needed. the c-hook option looks like it would have done the job as well. Thanks again all
  2. MetalSlinger5

    Creating grid?

    I can see the "grid" on the screen, I am trying to create a grid of points, like if I wanted to drill and tap a grid pattern, need the point geometry....
  3. MetalSlinger5

    Creating grid?

    I cannot seem to find this function in MC2020? any help?
  4. MetalSlinger5

    2019 Lathe tool libraries

    I need advice, I am really getting frustrated or not getting the whole tool library thing for lathe. I have built and maintained libraries for or VMC, UMC, & HRZ machines with seemingly great ease, why does it seem to be so difficult in lathe!! Can anyone offer advise or the actual steps, or point me in the direction on any info to begin creating a library of inserts, holder, live tools (axial and radial) any and all help will be greatly appreciated
  5. MetalSlinger5

    2019 Lathe Spindle not restarting after tailstock retract

    The force tool change does work, thank you for the advice, now to get this post worked on...
  6. Is this a post issue or is there a setting I am missing? maybe a misc. integer? This is what I get when I post the whole program... M22 (Retract Tailstock) M00 (INSTALL THREAD COVER) (PART OFF) G97 S784 G50 S1000 G96 S400 X1.95 Z-4.0625 G01 X1.7537 This is what I get when I post just that operation (PART OFF) G00 T1212 G18 M8 G97 S784 M3 G00 G54 Z-4.0625 X1.95 G50 S1000 G96 S400 G99 G01 X1.7537 F.002
  7. MetalSlinger5

    Lathe tool manager?

    Is the Tool manager program (not inside mastercam) basically setup for mill tools only? When I open the stand alone tool manager program to create new or edit a tool database, I only see mill tools, holder, etc. nothing related to lathe tools.
  8. MetalSlinger5

    Lathe tool manager?

    am I missing something or is the Matercam tool manager useless for Lathe tools or what?
  9. MetalSlinger5

    Creating static & live tool holders for lathe

    Great, I will do the same, since they are currently getting about 10k from us to build us 2 new machines for vericut, maybe they will comply...
  10. Anyone have experience creating or importing lathe tool holders into the tool manager for verification purposes? I am trying to create static and or axial & radial live tool holders, etc. for use in Vericut verification software. I have been able to do this successfully with all of our milling machines, but can seem to get the lathe holders.
  11. Colin - you seem to have a lot of knowledge on the subject of in-process on the machine inspection probing using mastercam. This is something our shop does using PC-DMIS currently and I am trying to get the probing programming of the CNC machines moved into the programming dept. instead of being done by the quality dept. I am interested in training and configuration of the software to get this done. What do you offer as far as training and configuration? Thank you, Tim
  12. MetalSlinger5

    Default material 2018

    doesn't look like the "operation defaults" is in the 2018 version
  13. MetalSlinger5

    Default material 2018

    Awesome!! thank you.!
  14. MetalSlinger5

    Default material 2018

    Is there a way to change the default material in the machine group properties? I cant seem to find the setting for this anywhere..
  15. need help getting post to spit out M73 (on) M74 (off) for thru spindle air?

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