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  1. Hello friends! I would like to be able to paint the folders in the toolpath tree with different colors. This is necessary for visual control of an important folder, for example, the boring head in the program processes different holes or the same drill Chuck should be used with different drills. After opening such a file after some time, you can determine by folders that there are some important settings. For Windows there is a program that does this very well, it is FolderHighlight
  2. hlibhlib

    Slash in the tool change line

    Thank you, I just put a slash in the first call of the tool change and it suited me. Thank you again.
  3. hlibhlib

    Slash in the tool change line

    I realized it was a bad idea. Thanks for your help. Very sorry for the lost time.
  4. hlibhlib

    Slash in the tool change line

    Thank you! I know that, but I want the post to do it. I think it is possible.
  5. Hi guys! How to add a Slash in the program start line with M6, if the program has only one tool, or the number of the last tool is the same as the first? Thank you!
  6. hlibhlib

    Mastercam 2017 is released

    Somebody make C-Hook for user creation of the tools Panel in the Old style in 2017 Pease!!!
  7. hlibhlib

    Operation defults in X9

    Use the Migration Wizard. Just click the File and Migration Wizard. Or go to *Machine Type* , choose machine (The machine must be selected), next *Settings*, *Control Definition Manager...*. On the bottom left you will find *Operation Defaults*.

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