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  1. Hi all, I just want to share a story with you guys. My tool supplier highly recommended a Korean brand ER tool holders called P******, he told me it had very good runout and we got some before I came to this company. Last week I ordered ER16 1/8 3/16 1/4 collets 2 of each from him of the same brand. When I got the collets, I tried one into the same brand nut and then I couldn't put my tool into the collet! The collet got pushed by the nut and the hole was too small for the tool! I tried all the collets to the same nut, none of them I can put my EM in (all K********* EM) I EVEN TRIED THE GAUGE PIN!!! So fxxk xxxxty quality, I called the supplier to the shop and showed to him, he got so embarrased, and took all collets back. I will never buy Korean tools any more. Regards
  2. Thanks JParis, I was confused by the rotation direction. I will try to use axis-sub rough the part first and then curve it. Thank you!
  3. Had mill 1 training before(with certificate) :'( I made a axis-sub part 2 months ago and found the problem at that time, I used CW direction and made the part. Now when I use CCW direction which is correct for the machine setup, even curve give a wrong direction output, but the plane work gives the correct degree! Pls help me :'(
  4. Hi all, I'm a new mastercam user, and trying to build something in mastercam now. The project is like this , I unrolled two lines to xy-plane and made a pocket. My pocket toolpath setting is like this and because I unrolled it CCW first ,so I chose CCW here. My rotary table is sitting at the right side of machine table and head to left, which has a CCW positive direction, so I use MD like this But when I posted the G code, I got a code like this , I used incremental to see it clearly, it's conventional cutting! If I change the MD to CW which is opposite side of my rotary table, I can get climb cutting but it's not right code! If I use a CW direction ,when I build a plane to work on, the G CODE is mirror like 10 degree plane it will give me -10 degree to work on! I'm using MPMASTER post. Pls help me , I have to finish a job before Tuesday otherwise I will be fired

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