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  1. Thanks everyone for helping. Gladly to hear some advice from everyone .5th axis CGI, oh really, welcome to our country. Drop me a message if you come here again. Im staying at Penang. But do we have any specific reason why this transition mark happen? I thought before to use flowline as the passes transition is at the end of surface. But anyway, do we have any specific reason of this issue happen? Is it because of tool deflection cause it to vibrate? If that so, if i clamp tool shorter it would eliminate this issue right?
  2. Hi everyone, Good day, i have one issue with transtion mark on 3D surface when using Equal Scallop. Please refer to the picture below. Tolerance is 10 micron.
  3. Omar_IME

    Cycle time ?

    Hi mates, Lets say if i want to output only total time at header. Then how should i do?currently im using your idea but in when i output the nc file with subprogram ,then it would be problem.
  4. Omar_IME

    overflow buffer alarm

    normally buffer overflow caused by your stop bit and data bit. do check back your machine parameter. the DNC setting must tally with machine parameter
  5. Omar_IME

    Coolant After G43 move

    maybe it because of you have customize the post. Standard post won't do that..
  6. Omar_IME

    5 axis machine simulation error

    It's ok.. got the answer already
  7. my 5 axis machine simulation got an error for driiling operation. I'm using 5 axis peck drilling. Can anyone help me?? I don't have idea anymore to solve it...
  8. Omar_IME

    X7 sp1 verify problems

    I think it is one of the bug Mastercam X7. If you are using MU1, You should upgrade it to MU2.. good luck
  9. Omar_IME

    .igs to G code

    Can but definitely it will not accurate unless you have to make some modification. Current mastercam got a function called FBM ( Feature Based Machining). It is a function that read your solid part and generate automatically to 2D toolpath. But, anyhow you have to set up some parameters and tools. Also, you can specified tools you want to use. It is the easiest way to generate toolpath. But normally, I will use for simple part only.
  10. Omar_IME

    Machining time estimation run too far.

    I try to get the program so that i can try in my computer, but due to the file considered as confidential so, i can't access it. same goes to Z2G. they resist me to take their setting. Already 2 months pending this case, I already check some of their program setting. We use Metric as our units. Feedrate : 40-600 Plunge rate : 10-200 Spindle speed : 8500-15500 Tool time change : 2.0s Dimension of stock : 100*50*10 mm stuck with this. someone help me
  11. Hi, I had a case that i cannot solve even until now. The time estimated in Mastercam X6 run too far from the original.(about 6 hours longer than real machining time). He's using contour toolpath for all of his 6 toolpaths for this project. As far as i know, if drilling/bore toolpath, it would make a large time estimation differences rather than real machining time. But in this case, he only use 6 contour toolpaths but the estimation time has 6 hours differences from real maching time. Can someone help me with this?

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