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  1. "it has the older Mazak Fusion 640 control." I guess I'm older than I thought
  2. This continually happened to me on a VF6. I requested the oil pump be replaced - that was it, no more errors
  3. I have an IPhone video, as crude as it is, but it does show a brief glimpse of how things should be done. Where do you want the uploads? 45 mins against 18 mins and, the procedure was stress free Before was a 390 Coromill (11mm insert) 1.25" dia. endmill that started bucking as the depth increased (due to radial loading and recutting chips) - still one of my favourite tools! After was a 3/4" TiAn solid carbide end mill that just ate this application up. The video was recorded so that our programmer could see this example of dynamic milling in a real application - which was actually ours. The intention of this video was not for any other reason. Kudos to Jason Sheldrick of Elliott machine sales in Oakville Ontario for programming it for us. BTW, the Matsuura MX520 sold 11units in the last 3 months - now that's a quality statement that really delivers!
  4. I ran an application using 3/4" solid carbide, 100% depth and 7% step over, axially 1.75, radially almost 2" This resulted in virtually stress free results and an increase in productivity of about 300% over plunge and feed cutting; I never would have believed such claims until I actually ran it. This dynamic milling is really something
  5. I guess I'm going to be the first one to throw this out there. This is a pipe dream for most of us with 30+ years of experience. New to cnc machining, lights out operating, a little bit of hard milling (RC60)? Come on guys, throw me a fricken bone here I say, purchase all three machines or just cut to the quick and go with 3 Toyoda horizontals. Such are dreams.
  6. I've been on one of these for 4 months now. Bulletproof - clearly the smoothest (20K) spindle I've even run. We have the Renishaw tool laser measurement and probe - this bad boy holds microns day in and out. Couldn't be happier
  7. I just spent two weeks on an MX-520 - excellent machine btw
  8. It's a shot in the dark but it did happen to me once. Servo Top card error (defective) causing jerking motions - switched with X axis top card and proved the fault.
  9. Wow Joe, you came out of this almost hostile, settle down and talk it through so that we can all learn from the question put forth. PS, no danger or slight intended Best Regards, Jack
  10. What was the feedrate? It looks as if the servos could not keep pace with the programmed feed IMHO BTW, Gcode is correct about I,J, & K vectoring which makes considerably more code than R values and will slow the interpolation down a bit. Mazak does make a quality machine tool - you might also float it by Mazak as an open question as well. Best Regards, Jack
  11. Thanks, yes I'm still self employed, for the next few months at least.

  12. Good to see you around Jack. Still working in shops?

  13. Good buy on the camera - nice machine as well Best Regards, Jack

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